🔥”What is this Abomination!?”🔥 Kim Possible Live Action Movie Reaction/Review | Trailer Review

I feel disgusted, repulsed and ASHAMED that this…THING is actually going to happen. Please join me as I completely rip to shred this new Kim Possible Live Action “Movie” Trailer.

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Trailer 🎥 | Kim Possible | Disney Channel Original Movie – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNRQT9ODqDI

Sneak Peek | Kim Possible | Disney Channel Original Movie – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTVVEViB2ww&t=1s

Cute Kim and Ron Moments – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpGmz_hl07o&t=165s

Kim Possible Theme – Epic Orchestral – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWpQqR1-NsQ

Kim Possible Opening (INSTRUMENTAL) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4Tf9queu2A

Call me, beep me (Instrumental/lyrics)~Kim Possible – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhOk2mfVfZE

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Mohammad Murie says:

After we get love in our heart the next day it will be broken

MrAnimefan18 says:

OMG first couple of 5 seconds into the scenes and I’m cringing so bad jeez that must be a new record for me!! 0__0;

Beast Bae says:

Where the fuck is rufes?

Sweet Cheeks says:

All Disney movies and cartoons are getting more cheesy and obnoxious. It’s not all in your head just cause you’re getting older

MrAnimefan18 says:

I’m cringing for the Aladdin movie XD T_T

Jacob Holly says:

I doubt that Rufus will be in this movie.

Mercedes Uchiha says:

Ok so this is basically the last place I can reach you im really sorry and i understand if you don’t want to talk to me again but yeah that’s what i wanted to say and also thank you for being my friend and for your advice and for being there when i had one all i ask is for your forgiveness and if you don’t want to talk to me i want you to tellme please

seth moss says:

I think everyone is overeacting. The movie has not even come out yet and you all think a trailer speaks for the entire movie. Why would Disney Channel intentionally ruin a show that it personally created with a movie just because it’s live action?

mr mackerpacker says:

To be honest I actually think it’s not bad I think I has a possibility to be good

Marii’s little Shorts says:


Shawn Luster says:

Disney Channel has become a channel for small children as to a channel for the family. I’m slightly older then most people watching this video. So I remember the really good shows from the late 90’s and rarely 2000’s. You should try watching SO WEIRD, THE FAMOUS JETT JACKSON, THE JERSEY. These shows were some of the shows my whole family watched together.

Mohammad Murie says:

Where’s Rufus

Ibo Bam says:

Oh and by the way why does this bonnie rip off or someone is wearing kims newer version of her mission clothes and kim wears the old ones? Oh my god this so bad I am so going to cry. *cries now and watching so the drama*

That Undertale and anime girl says:

I honestly felt the same way when I saw the trailer for it. Glad to know other people feel the same

Mags and Als says:

8:50 did I just see AVALON HIGH?!!!?!?

That was a frickn awesome movie btw

the Android gamer says:

I hate it when ppl see something and won’t even give it a try you don’t know if the movie is good it’s just a trailer

Your Pet grass says:

I thought I was the only one who did not like this. Cartoons should stay cartoons and when they end they end

Grace Futrell says:

Honestly Kim could act arrogant sometimes but it wasn’t on this level less you count that crossover with Lilo and stitch

Sergio Gomez says:

I’m just disappointed that my girl Bonnie isn’t thicc in this film

Cristian Dunn says:

I just started re-watching the whole series of wizards of Waverly place.and it reminded me of the good times and made me wish the series was still going because we need something in our lives to heal us from what is in the present.

Savage Chronicle XG says:

I got a joke

>What’s the Sitch
Me: The Movie

♡A C I D♡ says:

THATS NOT RON, THATS A… Tbh I have no idea. Help me out here

MrAnimefan18 says:

20:34 yeah good for u TVC seriously fuck this train wreck!!

Albedo says:

Why not make a sequel that takes place after Season 4?

Lovely Stitch says:

I’ve never seen this show but it looks like 3rd graders made it for a grade. DISNEY FUCKING OWNS MARVEL! The fighting is pretty shit. The costumes looks like they’re from goodwill. What are those sets? Lol I’m literally raging and I’m not even a fan! (Meaning I wasn’t alive when this came out. I don’t hate it lol)

Bittersweet Art says:

all of the props look like toys

BloodRose Reaper says:

I… I have have no words on this.
Nothing can put my thoughts into context. That’s how bad this makes me feel…

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go take a shower. Need to wash the cringe off of me…

Miguel Goud says:

Now I have high hopes for this movie

Apple Ooza says:

The cartoon community is trash. They won’t grow up. They cant move on. They’re entitled and selfish, rude and push excessive hate towards something they don’t like until it literally causes someone to delete their social media or even attempt suicude.

Zineb Gouram says:

Even the fan made trailers are better than the original… how dissapointing

Josiah Lau says:

The di di didi was nice.

Emma Mort says:

Sorty I am disgusted by u I like the show and I want the movie so HELL F***ING YES

Emmanuela Adebisi says:

This makes me sad, why would they ruin it?!?!?

Ibo Bam says:

You know i need a Retro review from Kim possible because you talking about this awesome show will be good.

Kithalie says:

Before the trailer I was low-key excited, then I saw the trailer and the sneak peak, and I wanted to cry this shit looks like it was made on Windows live movie maker.

ariel warner says:

I saw my first episode of Kim Possible when I was around five years old or younger. It was the episode where Kim and Ron get a job at Bueno Nacho. Now I would not mind the plot as much if only they would have GOTTEN THE MISSION OUTFIT RIGHT!!!!!!! Also the flight gear shouldn’t look like a shiny metal monstrosity and look a little closer to the animated design. I would’ve preferred if Disney had just rebooted the cartoon with the original voice actors for Kim and Ron at least because I know Will Friedle’s voice still reminds me of Ron Stoppable when he plays an animated Star Lord. Unfortunately, it seems like Disney might just pull off another movie on par with infamous travesty known as Jem and the Holograms.

Anita Bui says:

this video made my day you are HILARIOUS

Tia Pettigrew says:

I watch my childhood be destroyed as I watched the trailer. They ruined everything that was phenomenal about Disney. I miss the old Disney. The quality Disney.

Dtokyopop says:

Good review! I seem to be the ONLY one who’s alright with this live action. They’re remaking everything under the sun so it’s no surprise to me.

Premier Varitier says:

kim possible cartoon should get a reboot cuz this movie bites a**

Andy Fletcher says:

This girl doesn’t embody Kim Possible in any way. It’s as simple as that and only gets worse when we look beyond that.

DabbingBread says:

Abomination but kinda cool

credit one Bonnie says:

We had
Emoij movie
Cars 2
Sherlock gnomes
Sumrfs 1 and 2
call the movie exterminator

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