12 Strong Movie Review from a Former Action Guy

12 Strong Movie Review from a former action guy.

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Michael Stott says:

O.k I’m a bit biased and I think Chris Hemsworth is a great Actor. 
The movie and the true story behind it was an absolute brilliant display of courage no doubt about it.
I wish Australia would get on board and make movies about our own commitments to Afghanistan (We were the first ally to answer the call and our first troops were on the ground in Nov 01) I feel that as a contemporary Australian Veteran all we get from our media is PTSD and problems with our Dept of Veterans Affairs and the gap between us and the Civilian Community just keeps getting wider because we hardly show our Defence Force Members through our stories and coming from multiple tours there were a lot. Don’t get me wrong I loved the movie and will stand shoulder to shoulder with any Veteran from the U.S, U.K, New Zealand and Canada; it would be nice if the Australian Movie Business could tell our stories as great as the U.S does.

Bryan C. Bailey says:

Just got back from seeing it this afternoon… good movie.

Pen Game says:

my only issue i had was with hollywoods delusion that a 30 round magazine holds 14,000 rounds.. i only remember seeing one reload throughout the whole movie.. smh..

Josh Tubbs says:

Someone get this man a hammer

Mony ENT says:

what was your rank in the army john?

Ketchard Muschup says:

Excited for him to do a movie review for Den of Thieves.

BB Gunner says:

We would loved to see it. We really liked 13 hours… until they used my God’s name for a cuss word so much. I know that’s how people talk. I wasn’t born a Christian, but I don’t like to pay money to hear it. How is the language in this movie?(Which you really should include in your reviews).

Leonard Leveque says:


Is this deliberate?

Michael Taylor says:

Thanks for sending the true message about what military families go through. Their sacrifice is amazing.

Big6Duke says:

See the real movie “Legion of Brothers” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8aCtCQP_LQ

thealize808 says:

In my opinion you and mrgunsgear have by far the best personalities on youtube.

Jake Tillman says:

Had to make a hammer joke … I did laugh though!

Walter N says:

You should review den of thieves

Justin Rowan says:

Very great movie, now they need to make the book The Only Thing Worth Dying For into a movie!!

130bowman says:

Ebert could not have done a better review. You know cause you were there. Best endorsement. God bless you and all our vets who had to go through that hell hole.

TechReviewer 7102 says:

I just literally found your channel about 30mins ago and I just wanted to comment and say what a amazing, professional, and helpful job you are doing, hope you are recognized as much as you should be, with that said I’ve watched about 10 of your videos already, just came back to this one to comment since it’s the newest, anyways thank you very much for taking time out of each day and making these videos, I’m looking forward with being part of this channel for the future!

naba hrhhr says:

i’ve been watching your channel for like a month and i really appreciate it because your videos are professional and useful and it could actually help me if i ever got attacked so i really thank you for the videos

TrackSol says:

Chinnooks! Man! Not a high speed guy myself but been on plenty of them all around the ‘stan….

heeder777 says:

I was an USAF guy during that time and glad I was in the loading side of the weapons and not the delivered onto side. I truly appreciate the warriors like you John and all the operators, they are a special breed. One thing I feel that shows through your video is you say one thing but I feel I can read so much more from your eyes, smile and changes in your expressions. I’ve have several friends who are/ were in the same business. I guess it’s the modern version of the 1000 yard stare.

Jordan McCollam says:

If you haven’t yet, you need to read the book!

Wesley Clark says:

LOL I have been itching to watch this movie since I saw the first few clips of it. Looked really good, glad I got to hear your opinion of it first, thanks John!

Jason Hyden says:

I really enjoy how profound you are. Did you ever have a hard time coming home?

Frank McGowan says:

Filmed in New Mexico John. Come visit us.

opusthe2nd says:

Buddy was a mechanic on Chinooks. He said “never be under a flying Chinook for fear of being hit from the parts they constantly lose”, and that was 30 yrs ago, LOL!

Blake Patterson says:

I’ve had encounters where people say, “if you believe in God so much and that he’ll protect you, why do you need to carry a gun?” What’s your response to that? A video about it would be cool, if you haven’t already made one.

Tony Dowd says:

Several of my team and I are going to see the movie 28 January. Appreciate the review John.
Strength & Honor

1999C2996 says:

I’m trying to find the story that I had heard years ago that when our guys (which I thought were these guys) were closing in on Bin Laden in Tora Bora, the Afghan guys who were helping us track him, turned on them and we could have had Bin Laden weeks after 9/11… anyone else hear that??

Bosingr says:

Thanks for the review. Talked to a friend last night & we’re planning on seeing it this coming weekend.

Derick Gower says:

John, have you ever heard of the Seabees in the navy?

Sam Karr says:

Haven’t seen it yet, hope they don’t shit on the book like the lone survivor movie.

Travis Avenarius says:

I was hoping you would do a review on this!

Johnny Midnight says:

I’ve given up on Holly-Wood and refuse to purchase a movie ticket that goes to support their Anti-Freedom Marxist ideology.

Daniel Bush says:

I’ve noticed that movies of this type don’t usually get good reviews. My theory is that most people just can’t stand to see Americans kicking butt and saving the day, regardless of weather it’s historically accurate or not.

Noneya Bidness says:

Appreciate the reviews ! A small suggestion I would like to make ,is to review movies that are a little older as we would love to hear your take on them!

In Gratitude I Am says:

As the father of a SF soldier, I second what “Mrgunsngear” has to say. And what you said, John, long periods of not hearing from my son was tough beyond description. It got to the point where I could not watch a Wounded Warrior commercial.

Thanks for the review! You sound pretty good sped up to 1.5!!!

Todd Baugh says:

My helo squadron was one of the first Navy units in the area after 9-11. We heard about these crazy afghani guys on horses that had some American SF bubba’s with them but didn’t believe them at the time.

LaGary Carter says:

John, my wife wants to go see the movie……..only because Chris Hemsworth is it it 🙂

dirigoelectric says:

I find it ironic that Michael Shannon, huge sheet stain that he is , is such an anti 2nd amendment and anti american libtard. Yet he’s pretty happy to cash the check to play a gun toting American hero. I may watch this, but I’ll have a tough time choking it down knowing what a POS one of the lead actors are.

Dave S. says:

John looks at his watch….” it’s One in the Morning and i’m feelin’ kinda chatty” LOL Cool

wcw2793 says:

I enjoyed the movie, but man me and friends had a hard time not picking apart some of the gun stuff lol. Also, I hate to be that guy but when I saw the picture of the squad at the end I was disappointed that the filmmakers switched the race of some of the characters. It’s one thing to do that in a fictional film, but a true story? Come on now.

Wesley says:

Behind johns smile and friendliness are his killer eyes.

incognito says:

I can’t bring myself to watch these types of movies anymore but if you said you could let go and just watch it I think I’ll give it a shot

Vinnie G says:

One of the hardest was saying goodbye to my kids

Justin Freeman says:

Those ODA guys deserve huge props for pushing through…ON HORSEBACK!! But the real tough guys are/were the Northern Alliance factions who’d been fighting like this since puberty basically …some even before that probably … I took my eleven year old daughter who plans on following her grandfather into the Air Force instead of going Army strong like dad … My father in-law retired a Lt.Col & has a nice pension with a house here in Tampa & a house on the big island in Hawaii … I’d be more than happy with that life for my daughter … She’s been volunteering with dogs at our Humane society since she was six & will be old enough to join the Civil Air Defense next year & plans to … I wanted her to see what a very tough few who came before have done … Luckily she gets & appreciates what these men do … But like me she was very impressed with the Northern Alliance warriors toughness … Badass

Bryan C. Bailey says:

Thank you for your service brother…

WxGuy says:

Did they have Rip It drinks?

BH-21 BH-21 says:

It is a good movie. I can’t wait to read the book.

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