211 (2018) [Nicolas Cage Action Movie Review]

My review of “211”, the direct-to-video action thriller written and directed by York Shackleton, starring Nicolas Cage.
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lanfranco angelini says:


Torab Abdullah says:

Directing was shit. first half was decent. but the second half seemed like they just were in a hurry and just wanted to get done with the movie.
Anyone if gets shot on the leg and is losing blood quickly the basic thing you want to do is lie them down or best is to raise the leg so that blood doesn’t drain from the body. MIke Chandler seems to not know that.
there are multiple stupid shooting scenes. police responded to the shooting was like they never fired their guns before. terrible directing.
and did anyone see the ending when Mike comes home running? that ending was one of the worst i have seen

Tee NOLA says:

Check out “North Hollywood Bank shootout february 28, 1997” That’s the story the movie is made from. Searched “bloodiest bank robbery”

GamerSchmitt says:

Spoiler ahead: I have to focus on a few key issues. 1. Fillers. There was so much unnecessary junk thrown in this movie. I can understand foreshadowing that isn’t really revealed until later, but it felt as though there were a lot of fake foreshadowing going on. Now I can understand if they were trying to remain faithful to the true story, but all it seemed to do is disappoint me. 2. Questionable decisions. The backing up scene (which should have got them out of range fairly quickly, enough at least to do a 180 which cops are trained to do), the robbers not leaving after they had the money (it was never explained why they stayed! there was only 1 car outside, they had the money, they could have left!), and the ending of the robbery where they just chained the hostages up, put a bomb in the pocket, and sent them out, then just ran out into gunfire trying to escape. What exactly was that plan? Again, they should have just left right away when there were only 2 officers on the scene! 3. Pointless roles. Interpol woman? Maybe she was in the real life story, but she really did not contribute to helping the police in any way. She gave useless advice to the swat team. “Your plan won’t work, but I don’t have an alternative plan… just letting you know your plan won’t work.” I could go on, but this wall of text is big enough. Unless you are in the mood for a very vanilla bank robbery movie I recommend giving this one a pass.

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