24 HOURS TO LIVE Official Trailer (2017) Ethan Hawke, Action Movie HD

24 HOURS TO LIVE Official Trailer (2017) Ethan Hawke, Action Movie HD
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Londzale says:

This role isn’t for him. Admire this actor a lot but seeing him action movies is humiliating. He belongs in horror and Sifi genres.

Nigel Fortune says:

It was actually good

David Boson says:

CIA is only this good in the movies

vive a vida :) says:

Someone can tell me the name of the last song in the movie. What do you do while running the datasheet ???


Who else came here because of the Mase & Ruff Ryders song

Tiger Ji says:

sell out

Liam says:

arthur fokin shelby

Mr69hammertime says:

Fuck the hate this movie is good as shit. See it for yourself and make up your mind. It’s no John wick but it’s better than what Liam Neeson has been putting out lately.

Brian Bagnall says:

Murder Simulator 2017

Mark Andrew Tubog says:

john wick: …he took my dog.

gully vendetta mvp says:

They even woulding let me die in peace a seeing this movie really good

Udzo el-Batavie says:

vocalist of radiohead

Ama Rildo says:

Great movie !!

Brian W says:

I would end up taking a nap half way through. Wake up super panicked …

Kristoph109 says:

He reminds me a lot of Deus Ex

3err0 says:

ok so i decided to watch this movie after i saw a few good coments on imdb,.but hell with imdb,. this movie sucks big time./ wasted 2 hours of my life.. this shit is soooo unrealistic its a joke,.i have no words how bad this movie is.. im so mad

mang kanor says:

is he the brother of john wick?

Noel Nunez says:

This movie should have been number one at the box office. Awesome movie

Juan Chaclana says:

Ethan hawk a bad as in this movie if u r a action fan u will like Ethan hawk can play any role and pull it off

mohamad asyraf zainuddin says:

this movie sucks

archie says:

the onion knightt is here

Deacon says:

jhon wick cousin lol

ScienceOfLife1 says:

The movie is a waste of time

Rachel Leitzke says:

No you’re Ethan Hawke

NocturneKing says:

Nice to see Rutger in a film and Ethan Hawke although being a fine actor isn’t John Wick.

boxertest says:

Ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun or in this case guns!

Ian Pearson says:

Typical shit Hollywood garbage with no plot and just shoot 100s of people like terminator. Try watching some Korean movies they have great plots and drama.

Lichachron says:

“From the Producers of John Wick” They are producers. Not directors, not screenwriters. What’s next? We also have the cleaning lady from John Wick?

MCH1N1 says:

Really, I expect more from Ethan Hawke. Nothing about this strikes me as unique.

superalmond 6 says:

Honestly i don’t know whether this could be a great on the go movie like speed or just plain awful

John marko says:

Crank + John Wick 2 = 24 hours

danny dev says:

Ethan Hawke is so badass !

Navada Jones says:

I watched this movie and then decided to watch the trailer. A huge let down as the movie is way better than the trailer depicts. I hope you read this before watching the trailer, watch the movie first!

demetris scott says:

Glad to see lord Davos got his hand back.


Ok, like you guys said it before. Cliche, not original!
Still like to see it and i enjoy E. Hawk!
But it better have to be r-rated and completely crazy.

china22s says:

So, is this a BS like the John Wicks 2, 3 etc.?

Frankie Pizarro says:

I was going to comment on how bullshit this movie looks, but Alejandro Garcia did such a great job that all I can do is to recommend to everyone to read his comments, they are spot on.

Katy Katalin says:

seriously? they took the ideea form the ‘In time’

Faiitheless says:


Aniela Raissa says:

I talked with his mom on the phone at work. Wonderful lady!

talam baram says:

We boring from action stuff like this ..hollywood must update the whole ideas from show to the story

Sky Fall says:


Serhat Turan says:

Korsanı yok mu gençler izleyelim

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