A Year of Action Films – 2018 Review

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How did action cinema fare in 2018? How did things compare to 2017? All of that and more, as we dive into a review of this year of action films.

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I am a full time video editor who has worked in the past as a director and editor on a number of small films, and have experience on films of all sizes. Over the years I have been lucky to meet and spend time with industry veterans and up and comers alike, and have learnt a lot about action filmmaking. Here you can learn with me more about action cinema.


One Crazy Gamer says:

Why did you not mention kingsman 2 for 2017, not a great movie, but amazing action

Purplederple says:

daredevils prison escape scene could have been this years only action scene and it still would trump every other year

Dinitha Gunathilake says:

This editing is godly. Incredible work

Riley James says:

oi man don’t give americans all the credit, Upgrade was an aussie film

Jethro Wegener says:

Who else thinks Jason Momoa is becoming the next great action star to watch? His work on Frontier is pretty fucking awesome, and he genuinely seems to have the charm and acting chops to become a great.

KeizerSoze says:

I know this is probably way too mush to ask for but could i get a list of all of these?

Baha B says:

Editing is on point bro

ammar Ahmed says:

Not just films, has anyone else seen Cobra Kai!?!

KayosWONER says:

is there a list of all these movies?

Painball666 says:

Just shut up please!

Mark Parkinson says:

Mile 22 was god-awful! I completely agree that this film vandalised Iko’s career, and The Night Comes For Us more than made up for this atrocity of action cinema.

Max S. says:

@Everyone: Turn on the subtitles, and you’ll know which movie each and every scene comes from.

mister x says:

Can you make a list? With a rating? Amazing, good, worth watching, some might like, not good, awful.

Dawbs™ says:

Can’t believe I forgot your captions hold movie titles. Now I have like eight movies to watch!

Kachowski_Games says:

It’s not a film, but Daredevil stands tall up there with the rest. Such amazing choreography and jaw dropping visuals

Hiram Caly says:

Though you might like my top 25 films of 2018, you can visit my channel.

drew9158 says:

I think you missed a chance to put a hidden joke in your thumbnail, by having the 2 0 1 8 as each movies rating

Reilpikram says:

I was pleasantly surprised by Upgrade. I really expected it to be intentionally bad-good, almost like trying to capture the datedness of og Robocop. Instead I found it to be genuinely good, good..

Matthew Lands says:

I didn’t realize China made movies like “Red Sea” and I was surprised to see “middle eastern terrorists”. In American movies they tend to be pc now and have undefined Europeans bad guys

LDS Drive says:

At 0:06, what movie is this?

Tiago V.S. says:

Avengers Infinity War, was the most epic theater experience I’ve ever had.

Overlord was similar to Kingsman, it was a really awesome surprise that represented peak blockbuster fun, and I loved every single minute of it.

The Night Comes for Us was by far the best hand to hand action movie of the year and I’m surprised that Rossatron managed to find some shots that aren’t filled with blood spraying everywhere. The story wasn’t quite there for me, but if you love the Raid 1 and 2, this is the most similar experience except they turn it to eleven. That appartement fight is so awesome fucking hell, I love this movie even though the writing is poor it just shows how good action direction can elevate a film’s quality.

Mission Impossible Fallout… Best, action, movie of all time for me. And let me explain why, the movies often regarded as the best action films of all time are all amazing but if we take Mad Max Fury Road, that movie only has car chases and hand to hand action. Both are amazingly done but still they only produce two types of action scenes. The Raid Redemption was my favorite action film of all time before Fallout, but they only have gun or hand to hand action. Terminator 2 has shooting action chase scenes and hand to hand. Aliens 2 has shooting action and hand to hand.
All these movies execute their respective action scenes with perfection, HOWEVER, Mission Impossible Fallout has, shooting action scenes, hand to hand combat, car chase scenes, bike chase scenes, helicopter chase scenes, on foot chase scenes, halo jumps etc… oh and everything I just said was pratical.

And every type of action scene is executed with perfection. Also the story is awesome, the writing is amazing and Tom Cruise is Bae.

Oliver Hollingdale says:

You lost me at Fallout being the best action movie…. awful mess with painful bad CGI overlaying over the amazing stunts!

WarlordRising says:

Upgrade, Mandy, and The Night Comes For Us are the most visceral and impactful. Fallout is old school decadence turned to volume 11. I still need to check out Accident Man, and the HK cinema films you recommended. Good list.

eddebrock says:

What was that movie with the mecha and the kaiju? 5:04

Stephen Jacewicz says:

This is one epic video. Mission Impossible: Fallout and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol are a couple of the greatest action films ever.

Flyster says:

Manhunt was bad

Nicholas Vittorio says:

You should watch Hold the Dark on Netflix if you haven’t already. Not really an action film, but has a super intense shootout that you might appreciate.

strelokblyat says:

The Villainess copied Hardcore Henry and was worse and somehow, boring. Plus Hardcore Henry was a passion project. There are so many more films from asia that destroy it.

Vanilla Coco says:

Why not wait for Aquaman ? Apparently the action scenes in that are incredible. Great vid btw

Brian Elia says:

Oh shit! ‘Operation Red Sea’ is available on Netflix. Tonight’s plans have been changed.

Marshall Zane says:

The Last Jedi red guard fight was slow and underwhelming imo.

Ignacio Borges says:

Great video man, as usual!

I would like to add season 2 of Iron Fist to the list, if I may, as it improved greatly on all fronts: storytelling, acting, writing, and specially stuntwork; man, there’s some amazing fights this season.

I think you’ll highly enjoy it, give it a go and let me know.

MI: Fallout and Daredevil season 3 were the highlights of my year actionwise. Pure perfection.

Nicholas Solomon says:

I feel like mandy coulda had much more. That being said i still fuckin love it

Casual Player says:

I like videos like these it gives me a list to go check out without sitting through a channel or a trailer channel with google tab opened to check every single action movie that came out each year. Next year is looking good for action movies.

Jonathan Abbott says:

The Night Comes For Us was such a huge surprise. I wanted to watch it as soon as I saw who the two leads were and, due to my love of The Raid films, I had to give it a watch. To my surprise, it’s my favourite film of 2018 and it comes pretty damn close to surpassing The Raid 2 for me in regards to being my favourite action film ever. I think The Night Comes For Us actually has better action sequences than The Raid films, but the story is kind of generic at certain points with the action really being the best vehicle for telling it well enough. The scene in the apartment complex alone was both amazingly fun and genuinely terrifying (I don’t recall ever going “HOLY SHIT!” so many times while watching a movie, it just had me on-edge almost every second). Speaking of The Raid films, Gareth Evans ended up directing Apostle this year as well. While I didn’t quite love it like I was hoping to, it was quite atmospheric and unnerving at times (especially in the latter half). Dan Stevens is great in the film, along with Michael Sheen, and it has some bursts of brutal violence and action that Evans is so skilled at delivering. Plus, it’s further proof, to me, that Gareth Evans would be the perfect man to break the video-game movie curse with making a film adaptation of either Silent Hill, Resident Evil or Mortal Kombat.

The Rocker X says:

Great video

Scott From Rally Subaru says:

Just heard of this movie Triple Frontier. Looks right up your alley. A – List cast too

ADVITIYA Shetty says:

I need a list of all these movies please

T. Nguyen says:

These transitions are out of control

Joe Tristan says:

Upgrade was a way better Venom

Rob16164 says:

Operation Red Sea is one of the most notable action movies of the year (both in terms of the film itself and box office), but it didn’t seem like many people, even among critics and movie fans, talked about it. I think you deserve a lot of credit for actually highlighting the film. The same could be said of your analysis for The Night Comes for Us. Although that film has received some good attention online and many great foreign action films only find niche audiences, I still don’t think Netflix did the best job of promoting it.

Thomas K96 says:

I bet Aquaman will have the best quarterstaff fight scenes in cinema history.

I know I know thay called Triton’s but it’s the same fighting style.

M.W. Ryu says:

Your video essays are amazing; so much to learn. Thanks again!

Rossatron says:

It’s not an ordered list, but these would probably be my favourite action films of 2018: The Night Comes For Us, Manhunt, Avengers: Infinity War, Upgrade, Mission: Impossible – Fallout, Braven, Accident Man, Operation Red Sea, Overlord, Mandy.

Will Mehle says:

Your editing is honestly the best

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