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WhatIsIn AName says:

You guys are out of touch with the realities… good for you.

Ajith Kumar Nair says:

Sub Inspector Biju wanted that lady who stole the jewelery off the hook as he found that her husband is in bad shape after an accident and unable to support family. Inspector suspects that this girl will end up in street in future.He was helpless and proceed with what law book dictates

Bhavana studios says:

Joseph trailer do

Haris Palamittam says:

Guys please watch maheshinte prathikaram and iyobinte pusthakam
2 superb movies
don’t miss these

King BiBiK says:

Nivin Pauly classics – Thattathin Marayathu, 1983, Premam, Action Hero Biju.

vivek n says:

Hi, Can you guys react to idukki song from maheshinte prathikaram

Arjun Raj says:

check out this trailer it is very nice

Arjun .A.S. says:

do watch ‘Maheshinte Prathikaaram

siva prasad says:

Would recommend you guys to watch the movie ‘ 22 female kottayam’

Anirudhan K M says:

@3:25 Please note that it is not a police academy.

In Kerala, Most of the School have their own Student Police Cadet wing. It is a project established in 2010, by the state government.

Rayin Ravi says:

sub standard orientalist movie..its not realistic. make more sensible reviews

twaght hammer says:

only indian cop movie that tries to tell the story from their point of view. There is a malayalam interview of the director on youtube. All Incidents where written based on true events. They ended up picking the lighthearted events. Lot of the ones they scraped where too depressing that they though the movie will tank.

Jithin Andrew Job says:

my favourite scenes is the comedy scene in the police station where they catches freken maaru and scolds them. I also liked the song scene in police station.
Guys watch and do review on Maheshnte prathikaaram.. it’s also one of the most realistic movie with very good direction.

N Ram says:

Hi, I noticed that you had an emotional reaction to watching “Thanmathra.” I believe you would have an even stronger emotional reaction if you get to watch the malayalam movie “Akashadootu.” It was a movie released in 1993. It won the national film award in 1993. Very emotionally charged drama.

Dhanraj kasaragod says:

that’s Malayalam film industry… we make realistic films … so don’t watch a Malayalam with expectations… take a breath .. relax… watch it.. waiting for maheshinte prathikaram … watch it 5 times.. u will find new new things.. such a realistic movie that I have ever watched..

Vyshakh Anand says:

This movie portraits exactly what happens inside a police station in Kerala without any exaggerated versions as we see in movies..This movie got much appreciation from Police department and the home minister of Kerala personally invited Nivin and director of this movie to congratulate them for presenting real life of a police officer in a movie..Glad you guys watched it..:-)

Kaushik Sankar says:

Most of the malayalam films are realistic… That makes malayalam film industry one of the best…

Sakkeer Huzain says:

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa shut,,,up….

I Myself says:

Will you do a reaction to mohanlal’s oppam? It is coming out to usa alongside oozham on next week

albert bmathew says:

the character who played as husband in the film is a national award winning actor…. actually he is a comedian in malayalam film industry….wht do u think about his role

Ansaj Anu says:

Its spot dubbed movie

Tony Joseph says:

its a pure daily life thing in KOCHI kerala… should visit there once… the movie realy touched everyones life

Jeesmon Varghese says:

OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD GUYS. I can’t believe no one has told you yet to watch the movie “Pazhassi Raja”. It stars Mammootty, perhaps one of the finest actors ever to come out of India. He is Dulquer Salmaan’s father. The film is LEGENDARY it’s from a director-writer-actor combo thats given malayalam cinema some everlasting classics and this was their last film together. Its a historical drama on a feudal king’s fight against British Imperialism. I swear to god you guys WILL NOT regret watching it, and make sure you do a review after (don’t worry if you actually watch it you surely will).

p.s. You guys are awesome 😛 I really admire the time you put into these reactions and reviews. Keep up the good work!

Juby Raj says:

i cried when Suraj(husband in the daughter’s custody case) kissed the child and walked away heart broken..

AbhiNav SuNil says:

Go to theatres near u watch both movies which released today OPPAM and OOZHAM both getting excellent reports all over

Rineesh kr says:

All the scene shown in the movie are really happened. The director wrote the script by sitting in the police station. The death of naval officer, while rescuing the mother was happened in 2014. See the link below.

AbhiNav SuNil says:


Unniyettan First says:

couldnt agree more with you guys….& it definitely not the best malayalam movie…but i feel confident making the statement It is the best malayalam cop movie ever…..u guys are passionate movie lovers..i suggest u to watch some old malayalaam will be amazed…

Nasru falcon says:

Oh.. Man if you you know the language malayalam. There are so many moments that you can’t stop laughing in this movie.

Aravind jiji says:


sreekant cp says:


Samuel Mathew says:

keep going… do more movie reviews that’s u guyzz’s plus point…

Annamma Varughese says:

I think this was the only movie I’ve seen where they show a realistic portrayal of cops and nothing over the top….

First aid says:

Plz consider doing movie reviews of MANAM, NENUOKKADINE, Eega

Bittas Sebastian says:

Hi. Please watch left right left and review . Its an amazing film.. Very realistic movie

Swaroop Varghese says:

most of the issues portrayed in the film were events that actually happened. especially that incident with the navy personnel

nfuel900 says:

Police in India have a bad reputation of taking bribes. But they don’t shoot and kill civilians like in USA.

JOFIN CJ says:

Pls review “maheshinte prathikaram” and “ramleela” malayalam

Parvathy vr says:

Hi Rajdeep.. Kindly make a review on movie “Neram” which is in Malayalam as well as Tamil..And Also “Eeram” which is a Tamil movie, “Saroja” that’s again a Tamil movie..but really very good movies..

lyric says:

the girl jumped of bridge and the navy guy saved her is a real incident happend in kochi

klsantoshn s says:

Raj pls watch Mohan lal kamaladhalam

Jis Roy says:


arjUn A.S. says:

Please do a movie review of Thanmatra film starring Mohanlal. One of the best films Of Mohanlal sir

BOSS 8055 says:

its not abrid shiney its shine

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