Action Point – Movie Review

A merging of Jackass pain antics mixed into a movie about a theme park with no rules. Here’s my review of ACTION POINT!


Certified Destroyer says:

Johnny risked a concussion and his eye getting popped out for you guys, lol.

Sebastian Menendez says:

Not too many dogshits for a while thank you Jeremy

Past Present future says:

The advertisements were annoying so it makes sense the movie sucks.

James Lawner says:

The Jackass franchise was dumb Youtube videos before Youtube was invented.

Gabe Loar says:

You look like a hot greaser from Grease

WatchingWithMagnus says:

You are so right this movie definitely sucked

Paul Christian Show says:

Thanks for jumping on this grenade so that we don’t have to!!!

TheWisestWizards says:

Bummed about this, I hope they still do Jackass 4 though.

philly d says:

So this BioShock infinite spoiler review…

Epic Slap says:

Not bashing on your channel but dude when reviewing a movie don’t use other movies as a source of contending because some other mentioned movies kinda suck but yet that’s my opinion like this is your opinion however I just don’t think movie reviewers are what YouTube needs right now. It ruins the whole point of going to the theater and watching a movie whether it’s shitty or great. You go to get out of the house and you have fun.

Snicker Surpentine says:

I just watched the movie and for todays climate of shit and the same genres of remakes and reboots or superhero movies its a great movie to go to and it really does have some funny parts not even stunt humour but just awkward weird stupid characters that just give u a good bit of laughs throughout. Its a good movie if u wanna have a good time not have a suoer invested story line to follow but not a wild card and funny. Give a try im sure u guys would like it

Jake Ryan Lhotan says:

Bad Grandpa & the Jackass series was the best!

P-Mac78 says:

When the thumbnail says it all…

Kobalt3 says:

Knoxville deserves better roles.


My favorite Jackassish movie is Dumb and Dumber

David E Capps aka the starving artist says:

I feel this film will mostly if not only appeal to those of us 80s kids which survived and loved Action Park in Vernon, NJ.
I’m watching this movie for the funny nostalgia.
Those double tubes shooting kids out unto a lake…real ride
Tanks firing golf balls…real ride.
Tarzan swing into water spring…real ride
Those crazy go carts bumping into each other…real.
Lifeguards not giving a f… real, but worse, they were all teens.
Concrete alpine…so real and still have scars to prove it.
Long live Action Park

SamanDroid says:

I think the part you’re missing is that it’s based on a real place that was run by real drunk teenagers and real people died and got hurt there all the time

Alex Reeder says:

Jermey you are awsome

A B says:

I agree that I chuckled a few times but I was certainly hoping for something closer to their self made movies with a plot and instead this was a super done-before “they’re going to shut down the ___ unless we can get one big score!” movie with a few “stunts” putting mostly Knoxville through the wringer. Don’t see it on your own coin, if you have MP and want to burn 90 minutes feel free.

Bxn Trxll says:

they should leave jackass in the 2000s. now its less funny

Brandon Carney says:

This movie is based of an amusement park that I live 5 minutes away from, real name is action park

Milton2k says:

Dogshit….that was harsh…..

Ang Rza says:

the snake biting the dick is the best jackass moment ever

Sky Sweeper says:

Jesus, it’s dogshit? From the way you were talking i thought it was gonna be a forget that next day. But damn

Certified Destroyer says:

Would you say Bad Grandpa was better than this?

Kirsti Johnson says:

I’m going to see it on Wednesday

Raul Medina says:

You suck at reviewing movies, instead being a critic, you are an entertainer. So get your fact straight.

Jay Hardamon says:

It’s sucks to tell ya the truth.

Movies Now says:

Review adrift it’s way better than action trash


Just go see Deadpool 2 again that’s still way funnier.

Estevan Hernandez says:

Can you review the Lego Movie 2 trailer tomorrow??

Justin Clark says:

I respect your opinion Mr. Jahns, but totally disagree… NOTHING about that premise sounds fun… And the movie totally reflected that

Roni _82 says:

Jeremy thank you. I saw the film on boxxy software -Action Point for me is a quick and fun ride without brakes

JayGamerShow says:

Think we’ll ever see you and Nostalgic Critic team up?

mynamesmatty says:

I will always love Knoxville. he is a childhood hero and I don’t care his movies suck

Jonnathan Tinoco says:

Movie wasn’t that good. Knoxville still has it and I still want to see more stunt related movies but this one didn’t do it for me. Still a jackass fan tho!!

Ms Nobody says:

you can make a drinking game of how many times someone fell or got kicked in nuts but everyone would get alcohol poisoning

Phil K says:

Yeah I completely agree just saw it last night glad I didn’t pay for it it was so boring, I kind of thought it was meant to be a shit movie to be honest

ryan uzell says:

You the man jeremy !
The most real and ballsiest reviewer going on youtube and continue being honest about star wars if its shit its shit !

sal Bryant says:

You haven’t given a movie dog shit in a long time

Thank you

Solo Shit says:

The movement of jeremys jacket around his neck through out the video is really fun to watch

Swedish Otaku says:

He’s 47.

logandh2 says:

Knoxville had one of his eyes pop out of it’s socket after a failed stunt for this movie. The fact it’s awful is just… man that’s disappointing

Vidal Baca says:

Fuck in the passed couple years it seems like 90% of movies that have are boring I catch myself in movies thinking of something else n not the movie

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