Action Point – Movie Review

Here’s my late review of ACTION POINT!

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Alex Meyer says:

I’ve never been a fan of the Jackass crew, so I’m glad this movie flopped hard.

Jake Voronkov says:

Never seen anything related to Jackass so I have no motivation to see this anytime soon.

Jake Voronkov says:

Do you have a cold, Austin?

Nick Gorvokovic says:

Will u be reviewing Oceans 8, Hotel Artemis, Superfly, or Tag on your channel?

PuckettJp2 says:

This movie is a sad reminder of how Ryan Dunn’s passing affected them. It can be really hard to retain that spark when you lose somebody THAT close to you

teababe27 says:

I was never into Jackass. I thought this looked like a Jackass spinoff, and it might as well be since it’s Johnny Knoxville. Definitely not planning on seeing this one.

Howell's Hollywood Reviews says:

Awesome review bud! Yeah the movie I enjoyed a little just because I grew up watching Jackass and Viva La Bam. Anyways mindless fun lol.

jack harrington says:

Yeah good video sir I am just going save my cash for upgrade or sicaro 2 day of the saldodo

deadpool says:

I thought This movie looked like a jackass ripoff when I saw adverts for this but never heard of it before and also what’s your thoughts on Xbox and Sony’s e3 press conferences

t donahue says:

I enjoyed the movie but the jackass movies are better

The Irishman says:

Great review man, but that`s a shame, I love Johnny Knoxville and Jackass humour, I may watch it down the line when I have no comedy to watch, other than that I`m glad to know to not get my hopes up for it

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