Adrift & Action Point – Midnight Screenings Review

Brad reviews the survival romance movie Adrift, then he and Laura review the Johnny Knoxville comedy Action Point. Action Point review begins at 19:09

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THE LAB says:

Not as smart or entertaining as Brad

Adam W says:

You could not drink and go on rides at Action Park. But due to the basically anti physics designs of the rides you didn’t need to in order to possibly get hurt.

sonali perera says:

I saw the twist coming so quick. I even thought in the trailer I was like he’s gonna be dead isn’t he. I liked the movie still.

pickinboogers4u says:

Action Park was a total dud. I stared at my phone for most of the movie. I know it’s rude to do so but other than the lone fat party animal frat boy 10 rows in front of me I was the only one in there.

Mathieu Leader says:

Adrift is not like castaway or Gilligans island

Kristyn Belleau says:

also Knoxville poped an eye out for this movie needs more people to see it

Harold says:

That makes sense because the trailer seemed to imply he was dead, then he wasn’t.

Adam W says:

Brad gave away a major spoiler to Laura for Adrift. Why would she want to see it now?

firefly4f4 says:

I’m somewhat surprised that Brad didn’t figure out where Adrift was going. I had it figured out by about the half hour mark.

I thought it was fine for this sort of biopic. I do agree with what Brad said about the dialogue; at point it is really cheesy and cliche. However both Sam and Shailene delivered it quite well. The scenes on the boat I thought we were quite well done, and provided a good sense of both agoraphobia for how empty the ocean was, and claustrophobia for how confining the boat was.

Honestly the main strike for me, aside from the cliche dialogue, was that I actually did predict the ending.

Robert Mischief says:

I know you call it a twist, but is it really? The very first shot of the movie is Sam sinking with his red blinking thing.

Kelly H says:

Maybe I’ll see Adrift, if it’s nonlinear that would make it really fascinating

th3mdt says:

So… Adrift is basically Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life?

musicalnotextr says:

11:48 Somebody still likes U2!

artistwithouttalent says:

Wait, you were on an episode of Unsolved Mysteries??

SimoneProductions 135 says:


Adam W says:

Honestly Action Point from the trailer and this review sounds like a dumb slapstick comedy that Jackass fans will like. But has no real arc, story and tries to have heart but doesn’t really have any real dramatic center to balance out, or give an excuse for the dumb stunts. I’ll catch it on Netflix!

jdzencelowcz says:

I was gonna review Adrift as well, but my day job wiped me, so I blew it off. Hoping to review Hereditary though.

I read the real story, the guy actually died in real life, so they changed that.
………….never mind.

petey2crazy says:

19:10 for Action Point

Adam Featherston says:

Now watch as the music label that owns the song that started accidentally playing on Brad’s phone hit this video with a copyright claim.

Adam W says:

Adrift, great, yet another period piece ignored by the American public, and actually good! Plus an original script, if somewhat derivative. I almost wanna pay to see it because original movies really need to be supported at the box office these days! What the hell, Woodley is a great actress to tell the truth and I saw Snowden and one of the Divergent’s in theatres. But I think Upgrade needs support even more though! Action Point to a certain extent too!

FirstFallSnow says:

You move into a new house with your new wife and then you leave?! You’re going to come home and find she painted all the walls black or something

Adamsmoviechannel Movie reviewer says:

Where is Brian???

John Smith says:

This movie is better than Mountain Between us but not by much. The structure is a problem with the movie flash backing. It takes you out of it when it flash back to the past. Woodley has a nude scene at the worse part of the movie. Sam only had chemistry with Woodley after the storm. I am not sure I liked the twist. I did not find it that memorable.

Alexander Rebelle says:

The Wizard (World) of Oz… Zardoz…

The Flying Jew Productions says:

I kinda enjoyed Action Point, but I go to movies that advertise themselves as a Jackass-type movie for the Jackass stunts and crazy antics. The acting and character interactions between Johnny Knoxville and the rest of the cast, especially the daughter and granddaughter is good, but I there wasn’t enough stunts in my opinion and I could’ve used more of that.

ser6Ijvolk says:

Brad, how come you haven’t done a DVD-R Hell in so long?

HollyBlueAgitated says:

I wonder what Sarah would make of Adrift

Creeper3455 HD says:

*Ghost Sam Claflin*

Dunes8 says:

Ah yes the movie inspired by Action Park (aka Class Action Park)

overlookers says:

To the people wanting a full rundown of the full *deadly* history of Action Park, the real life place that inspired Action Point. Look up the *Defunctland* episode that covered it. Pretty insightful for a place that killed 6 people :/

_shills awwwaaaaayyyy!!_

Melissa Waddington says:

I saw a trailer for Action Point in front of A Quiet Place, of all things.

Blake F says:

Action Point made me chuckle a few times, but never found it all that funny. More than anything I was really disappointed that the stunts weren’t as creative as they used to be.

HeisenSaul says:

As far as the promotion of Action point goes, I saw a few commercials for it on tv, but nothing else.

nevet1212 says:

Brad isn’t punching above his weight.

futuremovieactor says:

Wayne’s World 2?

Glenn Welsh says:

Action Point was just meh. I’m a fan of the Jackass stuff because of how pure and unpretentious the humor is – it’s a bunch of stupid guys doing stupid stuff just to entertain us. But it kinda loses something when you try to apply an actual story to their insane antics because then it feels like they’re trying too hard to string the gags together to apply a purpose to guys punching each other in the nuts or launching themselves into the side of a wall with a big catapault for laughs.

culwin says:

The ending of Adrift made no sense. How is a polar bear on a tropical island??

Spongey444 says:

I’ve mostly heard pretty terrible things about Action Point so i was surprised you liked it lol.

HollyBlueAgitated says:

wow, double the Midnight Screenings? did Santa Christ come early?

also is First Reformed coming to you guys?

Ethan Sloan says:

I made sure to see Action Point on opening day, because I didn’t think it would be around long. I was one of three people in the theater. Had a good time, though. Knoxville is always fun, I liked the relationship with his daughter/granddaughter, the script could’ve used another draft to flesh out the supporting cast a bit more. Fun flick, overall.

J47fly says:

Holly mother of fucks, more reviews in the same day??? (my notification just popped up another one)

Campbellzilla says:

There’s a reason the advertising for Action Point has been so lackluster, according to a report on Deadline, Paramount thought the final version of the movie was so awful they tried to offload the distribution rights like they did when they sold The Cloverfield Paradox to Netflix, but in this case they couldn’t find any buyers that wanted it.

TheLoverboyz901 says:

I had a blast at Action Point. It was WAY fucking better than Super Troopers 2, and I loved that the daughter wasn’t written to be the stereotypical character who’s meant to be the more level-headed one and who’s just typically a wet blanket, but eventually comes around to the hijinks by the end. She was immediately down for everything, and that was a lot of fun.

Also, I loved the plot point around The Clash. It reminded me of a similar thing involving Judas Priest in Adventureland.

MartenFerret says:

@BRAD: Were you really in Unsloved Mysteries?

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