Ajin: Demi-Human (Live Action) – Movie Review

We talk up ‘Ajin: Demi-Human’, the live-action adaptation of the hit anime and manga, directed by Mitohiro Katsuyuki and starring Satoh Takeru and Ayano Go.

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Bunga Cintya says:

Where do you watch this? And can I have the link online?

Rockart9 says:

It seems like the same problems in the amine got translated to the live action. Its the same problem with the protagonist. Kei Nagai is not as strong a character as say Kenshin is. He’s certainly not as likeable which is kind of a shame since Takeru can do a lot with a character but not when the writing isn’t there. But who knows… there’s a new season of the anime coming up and we may see more character development for future movies

Bunga Cintya says:

Which one do you think is better? Tokyo ghoul live action movie or ajin live action?

Frozen Era says:

kind of disappointed as nakano is not in.
For non-anime fan or did not watch the anime, will get confuse at some part.

Jardin Jumat says:

Its another garbage like aot live action. I just watched it 2 days ago. Just abit was taken from S1 as intro, most part of the movie was from S2. It was too rushed. Character just pop out. No time for character built up. Fight scene was shorten and too simple. Towards the ending was a resident evil live action. Totally not what you seen in the anime. During credits scene, most of us otaku was shock of what we have just seen.

Asian Movie Enthusiast says:

Same action choreographers as Rurouni Kenshin.  Oh boy, I’m ready for this one!

Nate Hitpas says:


Bunga Cintya says:


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