Aladdin – “Special Look” Trailer (My Thoughts)

A new trailer or “special look” for the live action ALADDIN movie has hit Youtube. We get our first look at the blue Genie, as well as Jafar….yeah….here are my thoughts on both.

Watch the trailer here:



Jack Flank says:

Had Jeremy been drinking for this one? Not that I really care. Just never remember him slurring his words before.


plot twist : Thanos is a genie

xox_SaltySiren says:

The trailer, or sneak peek, whatever it is was extremely underwhelming. I remember way back when Tim Burton’s Alice came out, and I thought, hey wouldn’t it be super awesome if Disney remade all of their classic films as live action films? Yeah…kind of wishing they’d just stop at this point.

Liam Cowie says:

Good prisoner impression dude. Yeah they should have stayed away from the hole live action, there classics that shouldn’t really be touched unless it’s panto

darkshadesofblue says:

I can’t look at that thumbnail without cracking a smile. Lol

Seina Kimura says:

Disney isn’t even trying their best with these live actions, and you can clearly see it. They aren’t even using that much money or effort to make them the best they can be. They’re just being greedy for more money, instead of caring about us that has been supporting them for how long?!

Michael Stütelberg says:

idea! Jamie Costa!

Carl Ginland says:

when you need good CGI, you ask for Andy Serkis’ team

Amanda L says:

Will Smith is quickly becoming Nicolas Cage

Dilburger690 says:

Yaaaa! It’s *genie* time

InkHeart17 says:

If there was ever an appropriate time to genderbend a classic character, it would be here with the genie. Will Smith is usually very charismatic and I won’t judge his approach to the character until after I see the movie, but if the film makers wanted to keep comparison to Robin Williams’ version to a minimum, then changing the gender would’ve been a start.

Jackie Martin says:

Guy Ritchie was the wrong choice for this

William Trejo says:

What to do?… Oh I don’t know, make it look good?

TjSpidey says:

I am the lamp

Brad Silvers says:

uh oh this is gonna be dogshit…squared

Ser Winzzalot says:

Whats wrong with the cgi…i thought its incredible and finally a great melding of a digital body with an actors head…that beingsaid this movie looks like shit..meaning the acting is terrible and uninspired the film or digital video looks plain ad hell very uncinematic and will smith looks stupid fat and we are so used to seeing him thin or muscular. The cgi is good if not great. Its the artistic direction that sucks ass

Brandon Condron says:

I love Jeremy Jahns!!!! You are my hero!

Russian Bot says:

Ok. Why does everyone have such high expectations for Disney? Disney has produced nothing but garbage for the past decade, with a few exceptions. Also I can’t wait to see Jafar as the red genie at the end of the film Oh wait I wouldn’t watch this movie even if it was free.

Raul Rogel says:

They couldnt get an older dude to play jaffar??

Sukoshi 13 says:

I feel like the reason Disney uploaded that much more impressive Frozen II teaser was so we could cleanse our eyes from this Aladdin teaser.

Kniga Worm says:

I had to rewind five times to make sure that was supposed to Jafar… Like, what the hell is that guy?! Apu could easily kick his ass. Jafar is supposed to be like Scar from the Lion King, but you know, human. And this guy is like… nothing. The Genie looks awful, and that’s not the way to introduce this iconic character. Where’s the energy? Where’s the dazzle? Even for Will Smith this is lukewarm. What a disaster.

Películas/Movies HD says:

Frozen 2!!

Richard Carte says:

Honestly I don’t know why people are so upset. What did they think they were going to do with the genie. And I like where they’re going with your far. The villain should have a soft soothing voice, to easily draw the hero in. It’s obviously bad CGI,. But again it was always going to be CGI or did people really expect?

Adam Jd says:

I grew up with the original Aladdin and no body will ever replace it ever there. Some movies you never mess with

Jesus Christ says:

Will Smith wasn’t the right person to cast for this role. This looks horrible.

SystemRichie says:

He chose to be the Genie but turned down being Neo

Carl Ginland says:

About those live-action “remakes” : what’s the point? Beauty and the Beast was basically a shot-for-shot copy of the animated one but with real people…

Elle West says:

I thought jafar turned himself into an old man and befriended Aladdin to go in the cave….either way I not impressed


Jafar was supposed to grab him by the shirt and make him scared…..this is my childhood y’all better not fuck this up

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