‘Alita: Battle Angel’ Review – How Does This Romance Even Work?!

What up, YouTube Peeps! Welcome back to another Tony Baker Movie Review. Today, I’m reviewing ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ from legendary director, Robert Rodriquez.

Have you seen ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ already or do you plan to see it? Let me know in the comment section below. Do you want to see Robert Rodriquez do another live-action shoot ’em up action movie?

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Raab Addler says:

first thing all you need to have a real good time is a working brain to “feel” good, so I suppose if she can run the body she has as she does, she can just as easy have sensation input into her head without needing fleshy bits in the real world, therefore Hugo could be rigged up the same way but just a usb port to the brain and the two of them could be as real as they want to be in their cyberspace closet.
honestly you could have dangerous amount of fun with an implant like that

Sun RA says:

I kinda agree they rushed her relationship with Hugo a bit. They could have put in just a bit of reluctance in the romance, but they eventually come together. There has to be a bit of a chase in it.

C47FORCE says:

I agree about the relationship it was a bit forced and the dude was a bit of a wet squib. However I still think Alita was one of the best kid friendly sci-fi films in the last 10 years. (I felt) it had a child inspiring depth and gravity that these type of movies have been lacking for ages.

MrDynamic44 says:

I still have the VHS of the anime, I really wasn’t expecting it to follow the source material fo fluently. Shout out to Jennifer Connelly as well, she killed it for her part. All in all one of the best movies of the year so far..Hey Tony!!

José Baby says:

oooh wait till you see Nova
in the manga he did things that would make you wanna puke

Twan Da God says:

Watch the anime

Alex Ryder says:

They made him a 5 ft long robodong, but the idiot went out and got himself killed before the good doc could attach it. Now Alita’s stuck with using it as a robodildo.

Cary Sanders says:

Big fan Tony. Actually liked this new movie review thing. You need to edit these down to 3-5 min. Make your 5-10 points and make it succinct! Keep it up. You’re a cool dude. Like your work!

jinbei49 says:

hope we will get the extended imax vers. for Alita. i’ll buy the highest resolution. really love Alita.

Isom Mallory says:

I actually liked the movie more than Captain Marvel. Great movie and I really really liked the way that it ended. It left me wanting to see more of it.

Antonette Johnson says:

I thought death proof and planet terror was torrentino movies…directed and all

MW 77 says:

Dusk til Dawn!

no2party says:

I’ll take Alita over the PMS Avenger any day.

Kristaps Jankovskis says:

Well she isnt a robot… that says everything… so she can feel emotions, she can love, she can be mad and happy. I like this movie and im happy to see that so many have the same opinions about this gorgeous movie. I would like to see a sequel. 🙂 In my opinion its way better than Captain Femi-Marvel. Alita 9/10, CM 6/10. The only thing why Marvel got a lot of money is because its Marvel…. without that this movie would be even worse. This just tells everyone in Hollywood that we are tired to watch MEH movies where they put feminism, politics etc. They destroyed decent movie with Brie Larson.

LordSesshaku says:

Spoiler: The romance isn’t supposed to work, it’s supposed to be creepy, awkward and fail miserably. The manga doesn’t shy itself from showing human relationships as they can be. She’s a teen, it’s her first love…it’s doomed. Then with Figure Four you get a more grown up kind of love-companionship.

Don Davis says:

Same grade as Captain Marvel? Ehhh… How do you feel about your Cap review after Alita? No change or do you feel different about it now? My opinion, I gave Cap a C, but after getting home and thinking about it, I give it a C-/D.

ghostcar says:

Sex dolls explained: buy Barbie doll (used) at the dollah. Store. At home you make believe (just like a toddler) that it’s alive. Call your friends over, and ask a priest to officiate the wedding. Sleep in the bed with the doll. Dream that you are copulating with doll. Ask stork (in dream) to bring a baby. That’s it.

cook j says:

Don’t sleep on spy kids 1

xman577 says:

Alita battle angel challenge is still going on let’s get a sequel

Raqkellz R. says:

I thought it was okay.. it was cute but I felt like they was doing too much in the movie…I like the action that’s its.. but the story went in a few too many directions for me

ManOnTheMooN20 says:

I was too young to pay attention to the film makers, but, the Spy Kids series was my thing. Pretty lovable. Also, you should never let age derail you from enjoying something. I learned that too many times from things that I once thought were too kiddy for me that I now absolutely love as an adult.

Hanniffy Dinn says:

Have you even watched blade runner ?

Rich B says:

This movies was a 9/10 for me. Probably my favorite movie in the past 3 years which includes are the Marvel movies. I agree about the love story. Alita was just a casual friend to Hugo in the anime, but she was crazy for him. All Hugo cared about was getting to Zalem.

XcN3 says:

She can suck

Grigoriy says:

>How Does This Romance Even Work?!
It does not, that is the point.

Typehazard says:

Read the manga, the backstory of the villain is done a lot better. They didn’t explain it in the move.

Rob Shotty says:

4 saxophones … the movie pretty much followed the anime

NEO1UP says:

People who say the romance between Hugo and Alita wasn’t deep, like underdeveloped, don’t remember how it was when they were young! When you are young, it’s very easy to fall in love and give a person your heart, bub! So no, i don’t think the romance was lame!!!

Steef Lee says:

Why didn’t you review A Star Is Born? I’d love your take on that.

Mic Morgan says:

Rumor has it he shot desperado in just 26 days

Debo4735 X says:

What about the love between Django and Brumhilda?

Pan Daimonium says:

Lol, if they’d put Hugo and/or Alita in the friendzone the fans (including myself) would have rioted. It’s one of the pivotal story beats in the manga. As for the villains, a lot of her foes in the manga were pathetic rather than truly evil — sympathetic perhaps, but in an uncomfortable way that reminds you of your weakness. Nova is a major exception, but you’ll have to wait for the sequels to see why; he wouldn’t have even had a part in this movie if they hadn’t written him in.

Dubble D Gaming says:

Alita had a way bttr amnesia tale then captain marvel!?

Joes Riady says:


James Denny says:

Her mouth is human… and she swolliws food

Light1of1hope says:

Please watch it, it’s a great movie, I went in a skeptic and came out a fan.

erick collazo says:

You didn’t understand alita most def

Justin Brown says:

No strong villains really? One of the villains killed a innocent dog that she originally met as soon as she went outside. Sorry but it felt real good when that villan got sliced in half. This guy obviously dosent watch anime.

Richardiba says:

Technically, that Berzerker body had nanite tech, so it could form the required orifice to allow for sex.

lawin says:

Am I the only one who thought the movie was just “eh”? I don’t understand how people giving it 9-10/10. It drags on way too long, the stakes are not interesting, the villian she fought the most often was extremely underwhelming to watch fight. The only props I got to give is that it wasn’t a complete garbage anime adaptation.

phantomgfx says:

If they just kept the tone of the graphic novel without placing it in the pg-13 container, you would get that wild Classic Robert Rodriguez hyper violence you are looking for. If you check out the source material, or even the first 2 anime movies from the 90’s you will see what I mean. If we get a sequel, I hope they push the boundaries further with that. It does benefit the overall tone of the movie and makes the stakes so much higher.

Problem with this source material is there is soo much content to cover. Very large universe. Anyway. Good honest review.

Popular delusions & madness of crowds says:

It was a great movie adaptation. The whole point of the relationship is that it is not supposed to work. 1st loves rarely do. To tell you more would spoil the manga or possible follow up films or projects. Hint: there are worlds layered upon world’s. Planet hopping weapons with eyes that adapt to different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum is an advantage in combat. Love your humor, Bro. New subscription.

Michael Car says:

Great action but the story was so so to me. Looking forward to part 2

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