American Assassin: Movie Review by Former Action-Guy

2017 American action thriller, ‘American Assassin’ staring Dylan O’Brien and Michael Keaton, tells the story of an angry young vigilante turned super-spy-soldier. Due to the lack of tactical firearm skills and Hollywood imagined ‘specialized unit’ sociology, this gun-guy turned horrible-amateur movie critic gives the movie a ‘thumbs-down’.

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Jon Haynes says:

John, while I enjoyed the movie, I do not disagree with your review. One of the things that drove me crazy is that in the book, Mitch is established as a world class athlete when he was in college who took that discipline to his quest for vengeance, not a irrational (and unsafe) juvenile deliquent with an attitude problem and control issues.

azo says:

I liked it for more a blowing off steam kinda film, and there was delicious beer. I might be more critical if I saw it again with out the beer.

Sasmodog says:

My wife and I got our Texas warrior poet shirts today, love the feel of the material, very nice shirt 🙂

Jacob Schneider says:

Hey John Lovell what are your thoughts on the Springfield xd series?

Alex Gonzalez says:

When I saw the trailer and saw him hold a handgun I said no way.  The tea cup with the wannabe rapper gangsta look sort of turned me off.

juan Barba says:

I wanted to walk out from the moment they killed his gf lol… that was the moment i knew it wasn’t going to be good at all …

OneShotKnoxville says:

I agree that the movie wasn’t very good. Give the book, written by Vince Flynn, a try. The books are much better than the movie. Hate that they ruined it with Hollywood garbage.

bob smith says:

Say it isn’t so. You had your phone out during the movie? Movie foul.

Kano Daily - The Philippines and More says:

Even the books went over the top trying to beg for Hollywood attention. Half these series–even though I’ve enjoyed a lot of them–are just trying to go as far out there as they can with a reckless Dick Marcinko-type character who totally disregards chain of command and insert as much waterboarding and flag waving as possible to attract lots of kudos from conservative readers.

pollock56th says:

I gave it a shot . Usually September October is the “suck zone ” for movies this was a suck zone movie. They tore the book up here and used the characters names and added total crap.
When I saw the trailer after already reading the book I thought ok, they are putting a current event turn to it since Mitches trigger was the Pan Am flight bombing. I am GLAD WE USED FREE MOVIE PASSES FOR THIS ONE.

SPECTRE 21 says:

This movie was a total discredit to Vince Flynn..bad writing, bad directing and bad casting all around. NOTHING like the novels.

Brian Gibbs says:

Thanks you for saving me the 12 dollars, because I agree with your take on John Wick 2. Stay safe.

Russell Trotter says:

Wind River was actually good IMO. The gun fights were done well. Wanted my money back for American Sniper.

Panurgic 01 says:

Great review, saw this coming from the trailers… Thanks!

Saddlegait45 says:

It’s once again a case of Hollywood ruining a great book.

Poorfarmer 123 says:

I watched it and was just waiting for the part where America is the problem and then BAMM! The bad guy is an American!!! Wouldn’t you know it. Frikin hollyweird can’t help themselves!!!

rascalMatt17 says:

When i saw the commercial the first thought that came to mind was “inspiring Antifa everywhere”. Nope… don’t want to see another movie made by Hollywood glorifying violence and teaching hatred. Not a good thing IMHO.

Jacob Cox says:

John please do a 90’s movie Sniper. With Billy Zane and Tom Berenger

Kiddeth says:

It’s no John Wick, but it wasn’t a bad movie. I really liked the young actor he was likable, the action was fun and the story was better than most, 7/10

Ron W says:

Hollywood just can’t help themselves…of course the real bad guy had to be an American military man. Those innocent iranians are just misunderstood.

iBeachStudios says:

Excellent review. Yep, agree on all your points. Really to be expected when you have a gay-looking millennial try to play an operator. Lame… 15T30 OIF / OEF

Moz Zz not Zeee says:

Watching your review makes me wonder how much of a negative impact Hollywood films have on the non gun community, leading them to think ” wow look, guns are super dangerous ” as opposed to seeing something like your Gun Rules video and realising this is the Real Gun community, then thinking ” Hey, if that’s how there handled, Guns are super safe and not scary ” know what I mean ? Also, in case no one else Mentioned it in the comments yet, the phrase you were looking for is ‘ Zero to Hero ‘ , Train Smart.

John Dominy says:

Saw the movie and even though I dont have the background you had, I couldnt help but cringe at the excuses they gave to show him as an “expert” at anything.

Also bothered me how unrealistic EVERYTHING seemed to be. These people can be caught on camera and have their faces plastered on national news during a shootout and car jackings and killings and yet they somehow manage to be a grey man later on. The weapon handling bothered me too, trigger fingers just itching for NDs, muzzle sweeping, odd ways of holding guns, EVERYTHING! Still enjoyed it though 😉

Jay Ell Gee says:

I would love to hear your take on the Bourne Trilogy series. I got a kick out of your John Wick reviews.

Bug Outlaw says:

Aww, well damn. I was hoping for so much better. Really liked the books. AA was the first Vince Flynn book I read. It is excellent, and based on your review, follows the standard of the book being much better than the screen adaptation.

T R says:

Hi. Can you do a review on the new TV series on CBS called “SEAL Team”? I heard they used SOF consultants, but would like to hear your pov on it.

R Sjr says:

Thanks for the review. You just saved me about twenty bucks.

dee lindsay says:

Glocks, not Gluck’s but then again maybe that was the gun and it had a safety…he he h e.

S Dennis says:

Could not agree with you more! I knew I would have a problem with this movie from within the first 10 minutes, when Michael Keaton “slingshots” the slide. You are dead on, why not hire SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS? Hahaha

Literally told my wife that I wish I could turn my brain off for a little while and enjoy the ridiculousness….but I couldnt

fightclub81 says:

Saw this review first before watching the movie. when i got to the range scene i couldnt stop laughing because of your review! but the rest of the movie i enjoyed.

Svere Style says:

Well, good thing it’s a fucking MOVIE lmfao you expect them to be like military trained fighters but let me state the obvious..they’re not. 🙂

Scott Nelson says:

Just curious John what is your background in hand to hand combat?

fred best says:

Did it follow the book at all, Vince Flynn has a great sires of books, Mitch Rapp as the hero

AP Sound says:

Hollywood needs to clean up their act though. If they hired actual military consultants to help make military style movies, it would change so much with the public perception. for example, deepwater horizon (oil and gas industry) for me was made really well. They nailed all of the positions, interactions, technical terms which I’m sure most people wouldn’t have picked up on if you haven’t worked in that field. Some of it was quite Hollywood, but it stayed true to what it’s like in real life. Wish they did this with military movies.

ryan bulanier says:

best movie of the year so far for me,its very entertaining

spaceman063 says:

I thought I was the only one that saw how arrogant and cliche riddled this movie was from beginning to end, I am so tired of the rough around the edges militant, don’t give a rat’s ass loner with super sniper skills and Bourne identity kick butt fighting abilities , until I feel like screaming! somewhere out there is a nerdy balding pervert writing these goofy , wet dream stories and hollowed out Hollywood keeps trying to make a movie out of it .

Jessy Lee says:

I just saw a post about this movie online. I think it was jack Murphy on Facebook. Apparently they had a seal consultant for this flick. I was shocked!

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