Another (Live Action) – Movie Review

In this week’s video I check out the live action Another movie from 2012. Is it any good? Well, not exactly.

Deleted footage:


G Pad says:

Another great review, I’m always surprised by how live action adaptions of anime fall flat.

adcof says:

Hey man from one reviewer to anther I have to say I really dig your style! You have earned yourself a subscriber my friend!

USERZ123 says:

Most live action adaptation sucks for some reasons and not just for manga and anime too video games as well. i don’t even want to think about the ghost in the shell live action movie…

anime enthusiast says:

to answer the sky in the video I think they were trying play it off as a premonition it may not have been a dream that may be why he saw mie misaki before he met her

Sneha Nad says:

11:00 does that even happen in the anime ? How is it possible that the anime is *more* realistic than the live action movie while it should be opposite ! I just watched the movie (I completed the anime 2 days ago) and I completely lost interest in the movie when they just showed away the biggest secret that Reiko is miss Mikami at the starting itself…. I’ll rate the movie 3-4/10, the anime 9.5/10… Basically 0.5 cut because at some parts, there’s too much talking… And manga 10/10 !

Jay Ar Keita says:

I just finished the anime just couple of minutes and I very liked it. Then, I searched youtube to found out it has a movie adaptation which I was very excited at first to see if the movie will at least be as good as the anime. Then I saw this – your review. And after watching this, I just wished I that I didnt know that the movie was ever existed…. damn, the acting was not even at par, the tweak in the storyline was horrible, the way how the students was stupid to watch. ughhhhhh this was soooo bad

The Guardian says:

What’s manga?

Mortiphasm says:

This is a good video that effectively covers the movie’s many problems

Out of curiosity, does Akazawa appear at all in the movie? I understand that they cut/changed the portrayals of many characters, but Akazawa is fairly important, so it’d be difficult to gloss over her entirely.

TaigaShark Gaming says:


Lmao, I loved the anime for the dumb deaths i.e. death by umbrella and that elevator one.. but mostly the umbrella xD I didn’t even know there was a live action thing, whaaaaat is thiiiis -_-

Also ‘A contact lens’ made me laugh so hard HAHAHA nice video dude

Bilel Slimani says:

who wants watching the usa version its called (final dastny)…..hhhhhhhhhhhhh

The Gunman says:

St1ka sent me, I shall have a look around.

anime enthusiast says:

actually the live-action movie was not that bad it was pretty good given that it was a live movie will say it was a good day anime no will I say it was good as the manga heck no but it was still fun to watch I would give it a 6 out of 10 rating it is still worth seeing and I could honestly watch it again now the anime I would give it a 9 out of 10 rating and the manga because it’s the best I would give it a 10 out of 10 rating

anime enthusiast says:

I wonder how good a live-action movie would be if they actually made it more based on the manga

Cardboard Robots says:

Good to know that I can skip over this one. it sucks that a lot of great manga/anime are getting live action adaptations. Got to grab that cash cow I guess when they can.

CorpseRecon says:

What’s the link to the live action?

A Piece of Rhys says:

I’d be interested to hear your views about the upcoming Death Note US movie.

Princess Oshawott says:

I really liked the anime and I want to read the manga. I didn’t even know this movie existed until now

GlassPattern says:

Lol 10:58 always gets me.

I’ll admit I watched this movie as soon as it was available to me. The anime was giggle material and this was no different. I think you nailed it around the 3 min mark; 80% of these live actions don’t hold up because visually, stuff that looks cool in anime doesn’t look cool irl and–through composition, lighting, production values–scene after scene just falls flat.

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