Ant-Man and the Wasp – Movie Review (with Spoilers)

The first Marvel movie after Infinity War is finally out. Here are my thoughts on Ant-Man and the Wasp.

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Huppod says:

the movie sucked balls

XPriceFMD says:

Janet was able to cure ghost temporarily because she adapted to the quantum realm

《Justin's Nightcores》 says:

I kinda watvhed this video earlier then i saw the movie later but that post ending tho

Anuj Kondhalkar says:

Next video Marvel’s top 10 powerful characters.

Tyrese Okeke says:

I watched it last night so I could watch this vid!

Wyatt Christian Pinili says:

Why you put inifity war scond!!!!!!???????? Incredibles 2!!!!! Why!

Hell Hound139 says:

Could you do another video on Ezra Millers flashs speed, now that the full movie had come out so you can do a full analysis

bdonovable says:

1. Infinity War
2. Deadpool 2
3. Ant-Man and The Wasp
4. Black Panther
(have not seen Incredibles 2 yet)

Louis Infinite says:

1. Infinity War
2. Ant Man and the Wasp
3. Black Panther
4. Deadpool
5. Incredibles 2

Viral GG says:

That was definitely your theatre

Trent B. says:

Can you do a thicccccccccc kylo ren review plz

Alex Andrson says:

Can someone tell me the source of the sound effect from 5:16 please? I have searched it for so long

Zombie Slayer 1000 says:

my top 5 is the same incredibles infinty war black panther ant man and finally deadpool

Jack Ragan says:

More derp

Nyx Gaming says:


OmegaEvilZStrikerXII says:

@Gubz Do Flash (From The Flash TV Series) VS Flash (From The Justice League)

kirby march Barcena says:

In the Marvel/DC crossover, I recall Darkseid saying that the Infinity Stones doesn’t work in anoyher universe or dimension.I guess Scott evaded Thanos’ purge since he was in the Quantum Universe.

Dakota Stepe says:

That was just ur theater they played the intro they used in infinity war

Armando Rosas says:

5:15 LOL

Cat-47 says:

Shrek 5 will end with Shrek saying “Donkey I don’t feel so good *turns to dust*

Knightfall182 says:

They explained Janet’s powers. She was changed in the quantum realm, hence how she survived for all those decades. Her biology was altered. She isn’t human anymore.

CmG says:

For some reason, Ant Man is just a really cool character to me. I like him. I’d go as far to say that hes my second favorite superhero ever(No one can beat Captain America). It’s just the vibes he gives off to me.

Herbert The Pervert says:

5:16 someone pls tell me where i can find that anime or just tell me how to spell what he said becuz me don’t no Japanese

Austin Graf says:

Great review! Just uploaded my review on my channel!

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