Ant-Man and the Wasp – Movie Review

Ant-Man is back, this time he’s teaming up with The Wasp to take on a villain who can phase through walls. Here’s my review of ANT-MAN AND THE WASP!


Nolan lime says:

is it just me or does the cover look like a star wars cover

TheFikri136 says:

Speaking of the villains. I like Sonny Burch more than the Ghost, I don’t know why. I think Sonny is one of the best vi…. Oh

macabremariah says:

Honestly, I feel like Ghost wasn’t really a ‘villain’. That moment where she COULD have crossed that line, she was stopped by Bill Foster. I would argue she was an antagonist at most. The only ‘villain’ in this movie was the Birch, and yeah, he was hilariously hammy.


Nah, Ghost was good. Her motivations were clear, she wasn’t a carbon copy of Ant-Man and his powers, you can understand why she did what she did.

PazmanTV says:

I thought it was great but the Goggins storyline was completely useless. Other than that I thought this movie had some of the best visual effects of any Marvel movies. They made them look incredibly real in incredibly normal surroundings. They did an amazing job of using the shrinking & enlarging as a battle tactic. The scene where the van enlarges under the other vehicle & flips it into the air looks great. And the fight sequences. The slow motion shot where she shrinks & spins around the knife blade was great too. And I think Evangeline Lilly is going to have a strong future in this genre. Come along was from her Lost days. She has this chiseled look but still feminine. Looks like a women that could handle herself.

571danu says:

I think Ghost was a good villain, not great but better than the villains in thor 2, ironman 2, ironman 3, guardians 1.

fvillag1 says:

Sorry THANOS was a whiny villain, Fans I know he is a great menace.
But not in the movie.

Venom Wolf says:

I was actually really disappointed in the film. There were some moments that were really good but the writing and characters felt really weak. Did anybody else find this?

Michael Solis says:

Sorry, Jeremy, I have to disagree with you on this one. I walked out of the theater pretty underwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t hate this movie, but I think I would’ve liked it a bit more with my best friend, Jack. Daniels. The villains just irked me for one. It’s like yep, we get it, you’re the bad guy. And… and so are these other two people. Neat. Michael and Paul, I would say saved this film from being worse than it was with the humor we come to expect from a Marvel film. But really all the stuff we saw in the trailer to anticipate we already saw in the trailer, they really didn’t do much to further the scenes. All in all, I would give it a 7.5 out of 10.

jonbap426 says:

Ghost was a Spider-Man villain right before the newer Secret Wars from 2014.

RobertTC009 says:

You didn’t talk about the element that everyone is chasing (won’t spoil it). Ghost needs that “element” to cure her quantum problem before she dies. Walter Goggins and co. are chasing the “element,” because they want the technology. The FBI are chasing Rudd, because of the whole home arrest thing. Then there’s the ticking clock to rescue “element,” before it’s lost forever – a personal goal that I thought brought a lot of heart to the movie. Overall, found it an enjoyable movie (and always love your reviews).


Black Panther was the one that put their post credit scene in their trailer. It was the conference scene

W Lee says:

I really enjoyed the movie, it was almost more of a comedy rather than your typical superhero movie and most of the theater audience was howling at a couple laugh out loud scenes “truth serum for one” including me. I disagree with one part of your critique and agree with the other. First I thought Ghost/Ava was very sympathetic as well as being a real badass. It probably wont happen but I would love to see her again the final Infinity War film. I do agree though the villains were weak especially considering that Ava/Ghost was the daughter of Elihas Starr who is none other then the infamous “Egghead” in the comics “read it somewhere as I’m not that geeked out in comic book lore”. Would have been more interesting if he was using his twisted superior intellect to fake his death and turn his own daughter into Ghost just to get revenge on Hank Pym but I guess that would have diverted too far from the Infinity War 4 path that everyone is on now. The ending credit was good but didn’t make sense as if it was taking place while Thanos was attacking the earth why wasn’t Ant Man and Wasp helping the Avengers and if it wasn’t how did everything go from normal to ash in just the 5 seconds he was in the Quantum realm? Unless he had already entered the Time thingy that Hank had mentioned? Overall though another great job by Marvel. At this rate they must be getting some real haters over on the DC movie team side by now???

Daniel Hodge says:

No end of review rating :0

SkarletSpeedster says:

I dont know if anyone pointed it out yet, but it was the jurassic world 2 movie that put the post credit scene into the trailer. Im pretty sure…

Wahid Ahmed says:

That happend in the black panther trailer

Sliider says:

DC cinematic universe is still ongoing? fooled me.

Seargent363 says:

I kind of like the Villain in this. Sure they are not as good as the recent villains, but still better than most.

Kelvin McBride says:

Bigger flop than Solo. Lmfao

Muhammad Zain says:

They can set the third movie in the Micro verse with Hank Pym’s old enemy Egg Head as the main villain as he has a grudge against Hank Pym , Edgar Wright can give him depth to make him a compelling villain

mateo f says:

Movie was a tad too dull
Okay humor
Weak villain
Seriously dislike how they all pretty much became friends at the end

Rell B2 says:

This movie wasn’t that good.

ArArArchStanton - says:

The villain is not a flaw. I don’t know why people think if the villian isn’t some highly detailed character that there’s something wrong. There isnt. We get what she’s doing. That’s all that needed to be done. Every villain doesn’t have to have some deep focus.

Dee T says:

Going to have to say the mob boss was in the movie to give Ant-man’s friends something to do with extra comedy. They didn’t really have a purpose in this movie either. Overall disappointed in this movie, could have been way better than it was.

Alexander Ciavarelli says:

I’m truly amazed by how many people liked this movie. This is most likely Marvel’s worst movie, absolutely atrocious dialogue, pacing is painfully slow, absolute garbage half assed plot with every single conflict in the movie being filler and ultimately inconsequential. Not to mention every scene with a child actor is almost unwatchable mainly because none of the dialogue written for them is anything even remotely realistic to what a child would say. It’s not even funny! My god what is wrong with you people, I understand whether you personally like a movie or not is subjective but there are SOOO many problems in this movie that are simply objective faults that people like Jeremy should at least be aware of. I’m amazed by how bad a movie can be while still being praised, especially considering the previous two marvel movies (infinity war and deadpan 2) were exceptional.

Don The Movie Reviewer says:

Ant-Man And The Wasp > Ant-Man

Matthew Osman says:

Which Ant-Man movie is better the first one in 2017 or the 2018

Sondrol Productions says:

2018 being the year of marvel villains, aka killmonger and thanos, ghost was a huge disappointment

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