Anupama Chopra’s Movie Review of Rampage | Brad Peyton | Dwayne Johnson | Naomie Harris

Rampage is loosely based on a video game in which players get to be monsters who are destroying the world. You were rooting for monsters and the goal was destruction. But Peyton puts humans at center-stage and now the goal is to save the world – or at least Chicago where the three monsters are running amok.

Rampage veers between exhausting action sequences and eye-glazing exposition.

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Ashar Irfan says:

1.5 stars!!!!!!!!!!! shit

BreakroomBlitz Reviews says:

LOL You are so Cute! I really like the review. Its quick but informative and she says the worst things so nicely! lol

S Perfect says:

Movie is excellent….

anuj singh says:

Where is ready player one review

Joel knight says:

Rampage VFX looks so weak.

Liv Steward says:

No offence Anupama you called the writing lame
But your humour is lamer!

Azhar Iqbal says:

Home Production.. LMAO

GS S says:

it’s a mind numbing action movie.. with all the necessary thrills n tropes thrown in..

caution : even if u are an action junkie.. this movie is just a one tym watch. too predictable..

with elements of
King Kong, Godzilla, Life (space SciFi thriller), Jurassic World and what not. oh yeah Avenger/ Man if steel kinda building demolishing action sequences,

nothing more than 1.5/5.0
very true.. Silly plot line, just a pretext to give u an action pile up.


Divided by opinions
united by #BEFIKRE

Avi says:

U reviewed this pile of shit and not Ready Player One… disappointed

Farhan Khan says:

Mam i love you….. I really need you… In my life…. I watch this channel just because of you… M not intrstd in movies… M intrstd only in you… Pliz reply as soon as possible… M eagerly waiting for your feedback…. Just say hello to. Me… I wil be the king of the world….. You are toooooooooooooooooo gorgeous beautiful… SEXY looking .. So innocent… Killing smile…. I need you in my life… Pliz leave that fatty idiot budhau vidhu vinod chopra and come back to me…..


one who takes tickets to this one is not expecting an art just dumb fun this one gives you that.

balsara 675 says:


Dhruv Sharma says:

Please Review The Quite Place, Tomb Rider and Ready Player One

rocksrahul says:

Crap movie

TJ 5222 says:


Siddharth Ganguly says:

With Due Respect,

Completely disagree.. may be its not your kinda movie.
and did you say noisy movie ??? well what do you expect from a movie called Rampage ?
This is one good movie you should definitely watch guys, on big screen.

Sunny Shankar says:

Whats with hollywood movies and end of world theme???

Abhishek Sharma says:

Any movie with gorillas/apes/chimps is such an aversion… Tough to stand them.

hardeep singh says:

I knew you won’t like.

Derta Richards says:

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