APOSTLE Movie Review – Gareth Evans Netflix Horror Film *Spoilers*

apostle is Gareth evans’ latest film over on Netflix and its, well, its a beautiful mess. here is my review of the pseudo horror movie and also a mild ending explained.

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Richard Valdes - Rasmussen says:

The actor from Legion sign me up

SEAL says:

Holy SHIIITTTTT! This movie is too good goddammit! I love you Gareth Evan

SithisHimself says:

I’ve been waiting for this film for years. It’s essentially a refined revision of Evans’ short for V/H/S/2.

I don’t think its category is confusing tbh. It’s clearly a horror film. Even the action has very particular context.

I beg to differ on Steven’s performance. His character is an addict, possibly suffering from ptsd, & a fucked up upbringing. He barely knows what he’s doing on the island too.

I only have problems with small inconsistencies like our protagonost’s sudden bravery, & prowess in combat, & other things.

Overall I really enjoyed this film. I hope there’s a home video release. It’s right there with Upgrade, as one of my favourite horror films of 2018.

Michael Gerrard says:

I disagree, I think enough was explained. I like some mystery and weirdness. I do agree that the river of blood under the village was odd seeing as they needed blood for the old woman. Maybe that was animal blood and she seems to prefer human blood now. Anyhow, these are small details, overall I enjoyed this film. I have already recommended it to others. The genre must be horror, some people have a rather grisly end. To sum up, it was a good film, I hope we see more like this.

John Larrabee says:

Really reminded me of The Ritual.

Tanner Hoschar says:

Netflix had some descent movies this month enjoyed apostle

Randy Madruga says:

Mr H, you summed this up quite well. I agree with your thoughts on this one.

Tony Burgos says:

Whoa! Will Rossatron be there, too?

OldLeatherHands&Friends says:

The only question I had from the watching this movie was who,why and when did they come up with and start that “purifying skull drill ” shit. I mean they only seemed to have been on the island maybe 15-20 years or so, but they have this crazy head drill wackiness which is even stranger because of the we don’t have or need weapons on the island because we are all family and free speech at the beginning.

Novad selir says:

( just finished the movie) It felt like an upgraded The Wicker Man.

elize swart says:

Good movie, sometimes its better not getting all the answers we want.

Ewald Wip says:

First thing I noticed was the cinematography. It reminded me of an old school western. Great review and I couldn’t agree more with the points made.

138boris says:

Loved it. Take it on face value…better than most horror films right now

Don Atello says:

Gd cults are like the new Zombies.-_-

Irish Batman says:

Maybe tell people you’re going to drop spoilers during your review…

GrobanWorld News says:

Great horror movie. Dan Stevens and Michael Sheen are fantastic in this movie.

Jeremiah Johnsen says:

Hour and a half? The one I watched was two hours and 10 minutes long I think you got your times wrong sir

Nik Burman says:

I agree there’s a greed story thread there, but it felt like patriarchy was forefront. SHE’S the God, but these men have chained her up and controlled her…just as they do with most of the women in the town. In the end it seems like the God takes the form of a man so that it doesn’t need an apostle any longer.

Jackie Santos says:

I should take a look at this movie and then not know this is on Netflix I feel like they can look it up Chase are watching Holly on the old Hellraiser movies the first and second are good

Glass jaw says:

Will check this out.He was great in The Guest. Cool movie

Lycan645 says:

Did I see Michael Sheen in one of those clips?

Who Knew 22 says:

From the trailer looks like the same torture porn stuff that was in Black Death which also had no answers as well I give this one a miss and watch Hell Fest instead dumb fun

Anxious Samurai says:

Personally, I loved it. I enjoy Dan Stevens as an actor as I think he tries to bring something a bit different to his roles. Michael Sheen is great as well. One thing I really enjoyed was that you can’t really fit it into any one genre. As far as the character of Thomas saying “pray for me”, I believe he had found his faith again by the end of the movie. An appropriate story arc given his backstory.

Steve Urkel Polio Factory says:

A lot of good ideas and set up but the whole loss of faith and redemption arc fell flat since it was barely developed

John Lowe says:

I’ve still gotta watch it, isn’t it just wicker man with some fresh ideas?

Charley Panda says:

Cool. Looks good.

mitch mitchell says:

I personally didn’t need or want any of the answers you did. I thought the mystery made it more interesting.

Unlimited Hatred says:

I didn’t have quite as many problems with it.

Diego Rivera says:

Thank you OK.

WelcomeHomePanama says:

hi in what language speak the godess and what did she said at the end

marcarsenal1 says:

I was thoroughly disappointed with the film myself. Like you said to many questions and not enough answers or even, seems like a film that has had 45mins edited out.

RealHumanKeane says:

1hr 30mins? I wish, the movie was around 2hr10mins… overall good movie but too slow paced. Not enough going on and like you said many contradictions and not enough explained, for example how did he even get the ticket to go to the island and why would they leave a red mark on it for him to get caught if the plan was to save his sister. It was only by him realising last minute he needed to steal someone else’s ticket. That’s just 1 example.

bgtx says:

I know you say you like it but all the things you bring up that make it suck, sound like deal breakers for me. Hollywood has a hard enough time coming up with anything resembling a story as it is. This thing sounds like a disaster that promised to be more than that.

Eddie Runcorn says:

Great film, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Grip Mastery says:

1 hour 30 minutes? The one I watched (on Netflix) was 2 hours something minutes. Anyway, this film was fantastic (not perfect, no film is 100% perfect), and personally, I liked that it didn’t spoon feed you everything, It left it up to your wits, and imagination to connect the dots in certain areas of the film… not that it left you bamboozled and totally confused lol. Finally, when the character of Dan Stevens says “pray for me” at the end of the film is a character development of sorts or rather, true to his own character throughout the film, because to me when he said “I don’t believe in God” his acting was conveying an emotion that of doubt due to the horrible experiences he went though, but not total disbelief, and the way he was acting throughout the film as this deer you described shows how he was possessed in some way, always disturbed… thus taking that medicine he did throughout the film to keep him sane/grounded, so when in the end he gets taken by the land, it makes sense, in its weird and twisted way. However I would have liked to know more about that “God” who was being fed blood, I was left a little bit unsatisfied with the amount that was given about that “deity” of sorts. Nice review though! 🙂

NKVD Citizen101 says:

Ive seen it on the list but im a bit skeptical, BUT after this review i will give it a try.

Frosty Venom says:

Hereditary was sooo good. Definitely up there in my top ten horror movies alongside Under the Skin and The Witch.

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