‘Aquaman’ Review – Stop Forcing Romance into Action Movies!

What up, YouTube Peeps! Welcome back to another Tony Baker Movie Review. This time, I’m reviewing ‘Aquaman’ starring Jason Momoa and Amber Heard.

Have you seen ‘Aquaman’ already or do you plan to see it? What do you feel about DC movies? Let me know what you thought in the comment section below.

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Danielle Markham says:

I do think that the romance scenes were forced but…bruh…their relationship is canon with the comics. Mera is his wife and friggin queen of Atlantis and has been for years. She holds a pivotal role for Atlantis and Arthur Curry even in the comics.

victor pickett says:

Yo lol who’s mans is this. Aquaman was tight bruh.

kmax1223 says:

You kinda need the romance in this movie though… Aquaman’s relationship with Mera has always been important to his arcs in the comics

Tami Hayes says:

Thaaaaaaannnkkk you… some movies don’t need all that syrupy crap. I didn’t need Amber Heard kissing anybody. I could care less if she and Aqua Man got together. I wanted Aquaman to keep doing that sexy look over his shoulders like he did on that submarine! Lol
Really though… I didn’t need that slip either.

Muggs625 says:

All I can say is that DC needed a win after the debacle that was Justice League, and Aquaman delivered. It certainly doesn’t redeem DC in full, but it helps put the DCEU back on course.

As for the romance, I respect how people can be tried of it being forced into action flicks but I didn’t get a forced vibe. If anything, I thought it was cool that there were no damsels in distress; both Atlanna and Mera could hold their own in a fight. The cast overall did a good job, and I was digging the underwater scenes.

Personally, I’d give Aquaman a 4 rather than a 2.5, but that’s just me.

Joseph Adams says:

Yeah bloggers trying to find everything wrong with a DC movie don’t you but as many holes that be in these Marvel movies I don’t pick none of them

vImprOv says:

Temuera Morrison (A.K.A Jango Fett) NZ Rep FTW tho

Kuda95 M says:

wow…you hatin

Zack Elliott says:

2 and a half? Damn tony wut hell

MrAramis02 says:

Not to be that guy but the cgi in this movie is ps2 quality at best

But out of all dc movies, this is on par with WM

dean d says:

The “red head girl” Meira is his wife in the comics so i guess they felt it was a point to boo them up, incase it didn’t make bank.

Jessimus Prime says:

Thing is though, Mera is his queen and ride-or-die in the comics. So maybe it could have been done better but they do end up together

boiblu01 says:

I aint feelin it lmao

Fin Berry says:

Idk this sounds a little marvel stan-ish, I agree Mamoas lines could’ve been better but I think it’s still a 4/5

Son Da-On says:

People who say “the romance was forced” are obviously drunk

Thegawd VEGITO!!!?!! says:

Bruh that’s his wife in the comic lol it’s not forced

Ms. A says:

You are hilarious! I love it!

Ice Nova says:

Luv your vids n I just want to know how you feel about a Vixen n green lantern John stewart

Edward Chatman says:

Watchmen was a waste of time. Horrible movie.

vanyadolly says:

It would have been so much better if they just built up their friendship, because that was actually believable.

Fakindafunkpnay says:

How come no one ever mentions Man of Steel? Like that’s a pretty legit DC movie.

marcellius sample says:

WOW… this is the only one of your reviews i actually disagree with on the saxes. i woulda at lease gave it a 4 sax. AQUAMAN is the best one in this new universe of justice league universe so far. Wonder Woman is a close second tho… the action and visuals was just incredible! the villian was better, the acting was eeeeeehh, the story was clear and to the point…. BRUHHH

Wayne White says:

For Aquaman you can’t have him without a romantic relationship with his future wife they are a given

NetSunJin says:

The Romance was DEFINITELY forced. We don’t wanna see Aquaman fall in love. Lol. We wanna see him wildin’ out. Jason was amazing. The script was off.
I don’t even remember how he met his teacher or the intro. Just seemed like their were holes missing in the story.

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