Are Trailers Ruining Movies?


Chris Stuckmann talks about the current state of movie trailers, and whether or not they’re ruining our filmgoing experience.


Jinahh says:

This video should be 3 seconds long. Intro, then YES.

Rassan Ferhadi says:

6.023×10^(23) google it bitch

Matthias Bruhin says:

This video was made 4 years ago. I’m not sure (did no research) if this was already a thing, but every movie nowadays has minimum 5 different trailers, each about 2-3 mins long… what about that?

gregg benac says:

Totally agree. I used to see just about everything that came out. So many trailers now make me say” Well, I don’t need to see that one BECAUSE THEY SHOWED ME THE WHOLE MOVIE AND ENDING ALREADY!!” Seriously Hollywood, NOTHING FROM THE LAST HOUR OF THE MOVIE, DAMMIT! If I know too much about the movie, I wont go. It’s that simple.

Brandon Waldo says:

Sadly nothing will change.

xedra says:

Trailers that spoil major plot points and endings. Trailers that show all the funniest parts of comedies. Trailers with scenes not seen in the movie at all. Trailers that depict the movie as a completely different genre (Gosford Park).

Deus Ex Machina says:

The original Jurassic Park movie trailers were amazing. I think I saw a couple similar variations on them. They were short and showed very little, but they also looked really good and helped to build up suspense, leaving you wanting to know what was going to happen.

ericsbuds says:

marketing generally ruins everything

Screaming Rabbit says:

I never bother watching trailers

Cory the Norm says:

For me, the worst example of this was for Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2. That shot where Paul gets kicked by a police horse is the LAST SHOT OF THE FILM, and it was in EVERY TRAILER. Completely ruined the theater experience.

L.J. L.J. says:

So true on trailers ruining films. Got to where I try not to see anything after the teaser,

rant osaurus says:

Well done trailer: star wars: the force awakens
Badly done trailer: batman vs Superman: Dawn if justice

Lesley C says:

That Owen Wilson “wow”.

Raymond Gilbert says:

And what about Rogue One, in which the trailer was basically a completely different movie.

NostalgiNorden says:

I disagree with the Spiderman 2 stuff.
First of all not everyone hasn’t read Spiderman.
And even if they have it’s not clear that she is going to die. It might be a tease.
Becuse you know, she doesn’t die in a clock tower in the comics.

Hae Yun Min says:

that’s why I usually don’t watch trailers

PrincessNia says:

I know this is like, a 4 year old video, but there’s one trailer I have to mention.

I saw the trailer for Super 8 and it didn’t tell me fuck all about the movie, but the world had me so curious!

I went with my cousin to see it at the Drive-In and was blown away with how entertained I was going in knowing less than nothing.

With a movie trailer, less is more.

Hell, the teaser trailer that I saw for Frozen was literally just a reindeer sliding around on some ice. I loved the visuals and the animation, and when I actually saw Frozen I really liked it.

A lot of trailers for movies nowadays are structured like “Here’s everything that happens, but how will we get there?”, which is fine in its own right, but not when it’s seemingly every single movie from every single studio.

Jake Kim says:

Watched BladeRunner2049 thinking it was an action move. Now I liked the style or a detective story, but my friends hated it….

nothosaur says:

Watch the special edition of Back to the Future. They tell us the story of how the test audience was shown the film without knowing anything about it. At the end, everyone was giving the film was standing ovation. I’m jealous of that audience. They walked into the film and saw the opening scenes and thought they were watching a movie about a kid dealing with the difficulties and fun of high school and being a teenager. So, naturally, the plot of time-travel to the 1950s knocked them off their feet.

I wish I could have that experience when watching a movie. So, I’ve basically sworn off trailers.

LKJ Slain says:

I recently came across your videos and I’m so happy with them. <3

My dad always says, "Yeah... thanks for showing me the WHOLE movie, there..." Yeah, commercials definitely reveal too much and I have also thought the same thing you mentioned here that there must be times when they film things for the commercials to create "intrigue" that are not actually in the movie.

Chris Evans says:

I saw the trailer for “Adrift” yesterday. Now I know the entire plot.
“Godzilla” was a good trailer. It outlined the themes perfectly, yet didn’t reveal much story.

Drew Arnold says:

my chem teacher doesn’t watch star wars trailers or marvel trailers because of this.

Señor Steffan says:

I wish they didn’t show Spider-Man in the civil war trailer, it would’ve been so cool to see him for the first time in the cinema.

Simon Payne says:

Oh god, so true. A classic example of film ruined (which took me many viewings to get back to fully appreciating the film) was Captain America: The Winter Soldier.The trailer shows Shield turning on Cap in the elevator which removes all tension from that scene and even that he will become a fugitive. It then also shows the helicarriers being destroyed and crashing into the Shield building.It’s like the people don’t understand that including memorable shots in the trailer, means that you remember them still when watching the actual film and are factoring in their relevance for what you are seeing.Oh, what’s going to happen to Cap – oh of course, they’re going to turn on him like in the trailer.Oh, what’s going to happen with the helicarriers, will Cap be able to take them down – oh of course, I saw them getting destroyed in the trailer.

Shayheed Williams says:

I think movies should only do a teaser and a trailer one.

Life with Mastiffs says:

Movies ruin movies

stanley lee says:

The latest example of this is Jurassic World. The Trex coming back and killing the Carnosaurus and the thing with the Raptor

ACIDesignsUY says:

I NEVER EVER NEVER watch a trailer.

Osiris Black says:

I only watch the first teaser trailers for films, if that.

Wander Bear says:


Nate Saldutti says:

Mad max fury road is great example of a good trailer. Every single shot in the trailer is in the first 30 minutes of the film.

JackieR 30 says:

When the trailer for Maze Runner: The Death Cure came out, I was super excited! It had so much action in it and it looked like the perfect ending to a series! Well, as it turns out, the first 20 minutes of the movie was 95% of the trailer. That caught me really off guard, especially since the movie was another 2 hours. Not saying I didn’t enjoy the movie, I did! I just wish they did something different with the trailer.

Emil Macko says:

One minor thing that always annoyed me was how the trailer for Age of Ultron ended with a shot of the defeated avengers and a broken captain america shield, which signified the strength of Ultron since Cap’s shield is supposed to be near indestructible.
But then within the first half an hour or so, it turns out to just be part of a hallucination performed by Scarlet Witch / Wanda Maximoff.

Robert James Adventure-Lifestyle-Travel says:

I feel like they’re doing this with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. I can see several scenes that are already spoiled in the preview.

Nicolaj Vangsgaard says:

Im lucky i watched cast away before the trailer. The trailer shows fucking everything

James Brewer says:

Two words.

Terminator. Genesis.

All that needs to be said.

Drew Arnold says:

Meet the Robinsons trailer literally shows adult-Lewis.

Guide theLight says:

The SKYFALL trailer still bothers me to this day. I had seen it before but when I saw it on the premiere night the theater played it on a screen directly above the line of people waiting for the ticket counter to show up

Payton Is My Baby says:

My favorite parts are when the trailers say “#1 Movie of the year!” or “These people say it’s great!” and when you watch it you realize it’s a piece of shit

Aye Canals says:

I always avoid trailers because of this!

Lanier H says:

The professional liar believes their own lies.

James Dennis says:

If you have at&t uverse there is a channel that plays nothing but trailers, seriously that’s the name of channel. It also divides the trailers into the different genres.

NerfsDJ says:

I’ve stopped watching trailers for about 2 years

J C says:

Yoh know what is really ruining movies, not just the internet but Fucking Youtube. Its becoming a serious epedimic that is worse than the movie trailers. Because with atleast movie trailers you have the option to pause the goddamn button or click out of the video. But now you got youtubers putting thumbnails and titles of their videos as spoilers. And youtube is promoting the Shit out of it. Because you see an infestation of it on your recommended list. No matter what you do. So this has become a serious problem.

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