Attack on Titan Live Action Movie Review

Just watched the live action Attack on Titan movie and here is my review!
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My review for the live action Attack on Titan movie after the world premiere at the Egyptian Theatre!

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Ashely Yu says:

Fuck the creators for leaving out Levi. Seriously, they just decide to leave out the badass character of the series

yoyo zxg says:

is ymir in it

Maya Balling says:

BAE ISNT IN IT…….(bae as in Levi)

jake Ryan says:

So I have reserved seats to see this Monday…Should i demand a refund right away?

Entertainment says:

WHEN IS IT COMING TO AMERICA??? I wanna see it in imax

Evonne Wagner says:

I really hated the movie everyone look the same you know all black hair they destroyed armin personality and hanji no everyone the blood was not right plus the lighting was so dark they had cars I hated the 3 dm gear scene was awful all the beautiful scene it was so bland  to mean and THERE WAS NO F LEVI YOU CAN NOT JUST REPLACE A PERSON IN THE SHOW this is why I really hate some anime turn into realistic movies I mean they had so many ideas but nnnnooooo they just threw that out the window



Markus Harris says:

wow, she sure sugar coated the hell out of that.

Joshua York says:

Ill KILL ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL THE TITANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

phil ca says:

All characters were shit :/ the hole thing was shit… A good laugh :,)

Burrito Kat says:

+Melonie Mac omg I’m jealous of you. All that AoT stuff. ^~^

Thomas Anderson says:

Word of caution for the nerds that think they’ve got a chance with Melonie; hot women like hot men….. that excludes geeks and nerds.

Good luck in life.

Richard Kitterman says:

I saw it on DVD last night, courtesy of a friend — if I weren’t already familiar with Attack on Titan and the movie were in the bargain bin for five dollars, I’d call it a trashy but occasionally fun tokusatsu B-movie. However, even from what little I’ve seen of the show, a lot got lost in adaptation and I’m in no hurry to own the movie.

Rixer Kitara says:

your review is kinda retorical or ambiguous because which side are you going to before making this review? you said kinda satisfied and sometimes you said it is not going to work, so I’m kinda confused here CMIIW XD

10 Xxnanaxx says:

Tbh this movie sucked

Bullet Park says:

Widen the shot and calm your hands down a bit.

Flurry Jo says:

if you post a negative comment about this movie, fuck you. I almost shit myself at how creepy those titans were and then jizzed myself at the final titan fight. nerds everywhere, DONT RUIN THIS!!! hahaha

Fable Smiler says:

I…didn’t like the movie…so…I probably won’t watch the second one

DeathBell Playz says:

They should keep it anime

Marlon Brian Ramirez says:

very pretty subscribing!! 🙂

Cherria 愛 says:

Posted on my b day

Buntalan Lucu says:

who in the heck read this over the top overly violent manga like the titan ? it is a disgusting manga and now it is made into a movie… what a sick joke

CyberArche says:

Why didnt americans make it

Sheep says:

This movie suck dont go see it go read the manga ore see the anime again instead, they are SO much better. Just my opinion

Melo says:

0/10 I could barely get through the first 8 minutes, which were extremely bland and mind-numbingly dull. Everyone is out of character, but the one that pissed me off the most was Mikasa because they took a strong female and reduced her to a crying, whimpering baby. What they did to her character is borderline insulting. And honestly, I didn’t think the titans looked good at all. I mean I didn’t expect the CGI to be amazing, but they looked extremely awkward and not intimidating in the least.

jetpaq says:

its ridiculous that they cant just make a fucking movie that follows whats ALREADY been made? I mean tell the truth.. did’nt everyone here just want to see a live action version of the anime too perfection? smh..swear to god movie makers are retarded.

Julian De Pontes says:

This is why I’m not excited for Ghost in the Shell movie. Hollywood are gonna F*** it up!!

Taron Clark says:

i said the same she would never had did that

Redlicorice XXx says:

i thought sasha ruined every scene in the live action

Bambi Matthews says:

the movie ruined mikasa ಥ_ಥ

grapes juice says:

Levi is importan

Indy Duffy says:

it was a chore to watch this shit movie.

Taron Clark says:


GTPRIME209 says:

The movie was badass, my only complain was the music.

Robert Fore says:

are they ever gonna show season 2 on tv in English i hate hate hate reading “mangas” it ruins it for me

Juliette Billet says:

I love attack on Titan

RegularDayTv says:

She sounds like Stan’s brother Shelly from south park

Jonathan Davis says:

WTH, from what I’m hearing. It’s a waist of time.

Mega Man X says:

Have you seen or heard of the series “Seraph Of The End”? If so, what do you think of it?

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