Best Action Hero Ever? MOVIE FIGHTS

This episode of Movie Fights is brought to you by Mortal Engines, in theaters and IMAX on December 14th

The greatest action movie character of all time is decided along with more MOVIE FIGHTS #1 CONTENDER MATCH (Winner goes on to fight for the belt)

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1. Who is the greatest action hero in movie history?
2. What horror franchise should be buried for good (no more sequels, reboots, revivals…no more movies at all from that franchise)?
3. Pitch a Disney Princess team up movie

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Hosted by Hal Rudnick
Fact Checker: Lon Harris
Social Media Ambassador: Danielle Radford

Produced by Billy A. Patterson
Writing/Research: Lon Harris
Production Engineer: Josh Tapia
Production Manager: Ryan O’Toole
Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand

Best Action Movie Character Ever? MOVIE FIGHTS


Ryan Toxopeus says:

Could the rules be changed so that the audience poll only comes into effect if there’s a three-way tie between judges? I just don’t trust the audience reaction isn’t biased (and am tempted to do an analysis of the data to support my hunch) and I think that would limit the impact.

Paul Bunting says:

I am kind of sick of Clarke Wolfe, she just seems like a person that would annoy the hell out of everyone at the party

Jason Voorhees says:


Dylan Hockley says:

Hal you are a great mediator. I really respect whenever you come in to stop a cyclical argument or know when to cut to final thoughts. Keeps things somewhat orderly

Erik Glueck says:

I don’t think Clarke knows what action means.

Psychotic Bob says:

“Joe Hallenbeck” played by Bruce Willis in the movie The Last Boy Scout and “Samantha Caine” played by Geena Davis in the movie The Long Kiss Goodnight.  Also, “Morgan Adams” also played by Geena Davis in the movie Cutthroat Island.  Safe to say Geena Davis does not get anywhere near enough credit for her outstanding performances in these and other movies during her relatively short career.

Atto Rajah says:

This was painful

TheGore1021 says:

James Bond has actually been in 24 films.

OddTheOdoubleD says:


Malachi Megiddo says:

How do we listen to the marijuana conversation after the show?

SDF 2003 says:

Do us a Christmas present and start with the Honest Action series again, they were amazing.

Erik Glueck says:

Clarke, you stink.

GLJohn Stewart says:

Hal looks like Groucho with that mustache.

killbot_factory says:

Indiana Jones is definitely my movie hero

Mikko Amour says:

Greg is my favorite fighter movie fights ever has. i constantly agree with all of his fights!

Charles Tookes says:

Do Peter rabbit!!

Erik says:

chomp chomp!!!

Swapnil Chavan says:


MrLaxinator says:

Marc pitched Once Upon a Time didn’t he?

Maksym Tarnowski says:



Kanadian Kropotkin says:

Joe Braven is the best action hero.

GLJohn Stewart says:

I don’t think we want to see someone else play Leia. Carrie Fisher is and will always be the only Leia.

Kim Nis says:

Ridly? Sarah Connor? Dorathy? Mary Poppins? Etc etc. Way better than Leia.

GLJohn Stewart says:

I am surprised no one Indiana Jones for best Action hero.

Michael Layco says:

Saying the Scream franchise isn’t about commentary on Horror is so mind blowingly backwards and wrong, how can Clarke say she is a fan and expert on horror? She should really watch the movies before saying something stupid.

Nicolas Bertin says:

Leia ? It’s just feminism here, too often the female guests just pick a woman for the sake of picking a woman. But they don’t really believe in their choice… Leia has no “action” scenes it’s ridiculous. Pick Uma Thurman in Kill Bill if you want, but not Leia…

GLJohn Stewart says:

I want Friday 13th to go away.

kelly Niszczak says:

Do a krampus honest trailer

Eric Smith says:

The gender politics got really old, especially in the third argument. The pirate princess story was awful because it turned into gender politics instead of actually talking about the story. Clarke kept criticizing the end game of the princess saving the prince, but she never clearly said what the princess pirate end game was.

Kazama Jas says:

Kinda late but will perri get a chance at the belt too? I feel like she deserves one

Ginanjar Putu Wijaya says:

Leia is a great character,… not necesaarily the best action hero character tho. Sorry, she lost the battle when the name even came up.

My pick for this battle should go to Ethan Hunt. Yes, Bond might be the one that inspired other spy characters, but just because he is the first, that doesn’t make him the best. It all comes down to the incarnation of the character in the end of the days, and Ethan Hunt in the recent incarnation really shows the best quality of what an action hero should be. Also, I think that many iconic characters are almost always associated with certain actors playing them. So, it is not a sin if Ethan Hunt equals Tom Cruise irl.

Now, if we start talking about the best in terms of what they do and who they are, I’m sorry to bring this up, but Bond, according to the latest incarnation only, does a terrible job at being a hero. He is impulsive, often jeopardizes the safety of innocent people surrounding him. He relies too much on cool styles. He makes jokes after killing. He often fails his missions. His success rate often relies on pure luck rather than actual skills. His fights are also often about himself. The women around him died because of him.

Compared those qualities to Hunt, and we can totally see the difference. Yes, one may argue that those qualities are what distinguish Bond as a character, but those at the same time, are not really the pre-requisite of the best action hero. Note that there is the word “hero” there, which means a lot. Hunt easily represents that word. He never sacrifices people. He kills only when necessary, and never jokes about it. He almost always completes his mission successfully, like a hero does. He puts everyone above himself, and he relies on actual skills to pull it off.

Also, because we are talking about movie here, don’t forget about the elements of filmmaking behind the character. Well, I’m not going to elaborate it too much because it is obvious who the winner is. It is Hunt, easily, because the action, the stunt work of the actual actor really shows in the front of the camera, and in the end, that is what matters. How can anyone not appreciate that?

An action movie hero should embody the element of the action, the movie, and the hero, and Hunt has all of that. So, Ethan Hunt ftw.

Roberto Carusi says:

Jason Bourne better than James Bond

Jasmin Garcia says:

Honest trailer for supernatural

soumya dham says:

All her choices and arguments were total garbage.

Aarya Benguluri says:

Ethan hunt yes

W Sqwad says:

Please do Spongebob Squarepants Movie 2004 honest trailer.


So we apparently can’t trust the fact checking guy? Dr. No is from 1962 NOT 1958!!!

GLJohn Stewart says:

Yeah I Was rooting for Greg.

Ninja says:

Such a fun a close matchup! Cannot wait for the title match.

Damien G says:

Do alpha pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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