BEST Live-Action Cartoon Network Movie? (ft. Diamondbolt) | Tracing the Border #16


What happens when a cartoon series about aliens gets so “alien”, it tries its hand at live action?



Kuro The Artist says:

DON’T FORGET: Watch Diamondbolt and I review the sequel “Ben 10: Alien Swam” over on his channel:

Marchy Reacts says:

Suck a dick sponge bob

ZEROweapon says:

Benman kinda looks like shazam2019.

Dorong says:

Being a ben10 fan since 2009 i am offended by the reboot

Jake says:

I still look at this movie and say wow it’s been years original Ben 10 was awsome

dethtu 99 says:

that isn’t a crowbar, it is a pipe wrench.

NBK Vamp says:

Ruined my favorite childhood movie? Quick dislike lol

Nanix says:

I have this strange addiction of saying “ah man” whenever stuff don’t go my way.

I blame Ben 10

ayy lmao says:

Oh yeah yeah

Sice says:

I remember renting this from blockbuster and breaking the disc then having a mad cry sesh

MisaelDoesAnimation says:

I remember being really excited for that movie when I was really young, and I nearly died of excitement when Ben 10 alien force was announced

Kye Dysarthria says:

I don’t think anyone likes criticizing the child actors, it’s just so easy to. I’m also suprised that you didn’t bring up the implication that eon is ben from another timeline.

K8nk says:

I remember even as a kid being pretty disappointed with this film. Looking back now it’s… yikes.

kennieth jimenez says:

It looks like uncle max is wearing a maga hat

zooz ie says:

i dont understand why theyre shitting on a movie that was made for kids

Ninja jack 64 says:

Hmmm, I watched a bit of it and got bored. Maybe I’ll give it another chance one day

Creepy Lancelot says:


SnapDragon Ferocity says:

16:14 made me laugh so hard that I had a stroke out. HE KNOW TO MUCH, I HAVE TO TAKE HIM OUT.

Victor Nkwonta says:

0:26 take that spongebob

Misael V. says:

13:33 Do you know what a crowbar looks like? How have you never seen one?

Mmmm Mmmm says:

Oh my god I remember this movie fuck me

Hardin Origins says:

I actually enjoyed race against time

wildcλrd says:

he diamond has yangs gauntlet

Minigun101 says:

TBF, classic cartoon Ben & Gwen didn’t seem 10 either, which is one thing the newest show seems to do right, I guess.

ZEROweapon says:

Atleast this one had 4 alien transformations. The alien swarm only had 3.

Siboniso Buthelezi says:

I recently rewatched this film, and I was thinking of rewriting this film. Making medium changes that would have made this film WAY better. Like, having 8 aliens in this film (except Grey Matter and Ripjaws. ), the film’s length being 1 hour, 35-45 minutes, Max visibly hiding what he knows about Eon, Eon having a darker story making him more relatable, the darker tone making the film PG13, way more fight scenes and a huge ending fight ala, the Avengers. Unfortunately I don’t know how to use a webcam and upload videos on YouTube. But I’ll find out somehow.

NZ lee says:


nerfdude1129 says:

That’s a wrench.

ONEMANARMY 412 says:

15:10 I don’t know why, but I just lost it there.

The Meme Guy says:

Principal White can kick Aliens X’s ass even at 100%

ryudragon7 says:

I gave it a 6/10 when I first watched it. Now, I give it 4/10.

Cheesy as hell, not enough alien action, and an uninteresting villain. Even after they explained who he and his acrobat ninja cronies were in Ultimate Alien, he was none to interesting.

bashenga the black manta says:

Next do a review of ben 10 destroy all alien

Nancy Munson-Ellis says:

Level up was a good show though

ZEROweapon says:

16:26 Max is not only home less, but also hatless! He is finally his true self!

s a m says:

Ion is just basically mysterio

Thats funny

Gavin Hickson says:

Oh my gosh it’s working

Ocarina Dude13 says:

What was with the Scooby Doo sound effects?

Kevin Hughes says:



I legit can’t decide which one of you is funnier

The great Gold gamer says:

your right, if the phrase “FUCK YEAH” was a cartoon, Ben 10 would be it

Simply Izustic says:

your jokes are cringey af

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