Black Panther – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Black Panther, starring Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Martin Freeman, Daniel Kaluuya, Letitia Wright, Winston Duke, Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, Andy Serkis. Directed by Ryan Coogler.


Browning Bros says:

Chris Stuckmann, the only film critic that I actually enjoy watching and/or listening to. Plus the only critic where I truly respect his opinion.

Soma says:


Cold Arts says:

I’m pretty sure the reason no ones giving this movie a bad review is not just because of the hype. lol I think we all know what the reason is.

Achilles Son says:

You thought “Creed” was a good movie??? Are you smoking??? That movie is trash smh I’m now questioning ur critiques on these movies

Bob Mob says:

The virtue signalling this film has precipitated is off the charts.

james staggs says:

Best not say anything bad about it. People are watching.

Jack Rabbit says:

“Then it becomes a marvel movie”


Dennis Dwomoh says:

The mountain scene wasn’t cgi. The people were actually there. The mountain was also built for the scene. Please check the behind the scene footage. I do agree that the cave scene wasn’t the best in cgi.

darkerca says:

I really didnt like it… Oversaturated, cheesy as F… and even cringeworthy at times. I was really dissapointet 🙁

Donald Gorth says:

A black city that is thriving…….that is fantasy…..

Tony Montana says:

of course its being overpraised, if u dont overpraise it ur a racist, the first avengers film the dark knight which are two great films have never received this much love. black people will always support anything black, doesnt matter if its good or not, but if its good they gna overpraise the shit out of it

Roy Thomas says:

Chris you are my favorite film critic and loved the honest review but I was a little disappointed how you didn’t mention Kendrick Lamar’s soundtrack.

Volo says:

thank you so much chris for assuming the unbiased attitude

Conor O'Sullivan says:

Liked this review. I’ve seen BP already- don’t necessarily agree with the CGI comments but that’s fine. Overall for me an A- Also please note this review is somewhat spoilery so be aware!

arnold manuel says:

Chris was right. This movie i really good, but not as good as how the critics say it is, stating that it’s the best marvel movie. Again, it’s a really good movie, but it’s not better than Iron-man or Winter soldier.

amber lopez says:

Looks like just another hate-filled N-word movie spouting one sided racist propaganda. I think I’ll skip it.

The Xmoda says:

Lady Bird > Black Panther

Ricky D says:

It’s so great that you can get a preview of Chris’s review just by his facial expression in the thumbnail

PissedFechtmeister says:

If you don’t give this movie an A+ then you’re a Nazi.

Shaun Benjamin says:

This is a good and fair review. Sounds exactly how I figured the movie would turn out!

Kyle says:

review end of evangelion EDIT: pls

Alex Gutierrez says:

I’ll see your review after I see the the movie on friday

Max The SNL Trump Loving Dog says:

I’ll wait for the $3 theather

Hero Hour says:

biggest flaw is that the movie is hella boring

Xrey 0321 says:

So your girlfriend from Wakanda and she rolls in a Honda but there ain’t no motor in back of her Honda MY ANACONDA DONT WANT NONE UNLESS YOU GOT BUNS HON!

Utada379 says:

This comment section is cancer. People, esp Black people, don’t have an issue with critique. The issue is when people automatically ASSUME that the movie is trash because it’s primarily Black so say something negative just to say it. The issue then is racism. From the previews alone, I said to myself “Damn, the CGI is trash and the fight choreo isn’t the best”. I’m EXPECTING those flaws, but I’m tired of this “WE wuxz Kangz” shit. It’s not funny. It’s racist and in poor taste. Tbh, these alt-right asses mad because Black Americans and Africans (hell Black people across the disaspora) are excited about this film, are literally the saddest people on Earth. Y’all can have Superman, Captain America, Spider-Man, etc., but it’s an issue if people that look like BP are excited about Bp? Yet, we’re the race obsessed ones? Slowest line of thinking I’ve ever seen. Trust, most of the Black people doing this corny shit like “Omg, Marvel needs to donate 25% of the money to us” or just outlandish mess, are paid dust by most Black comic fans. The racism around this movie is really pathetic.

Nolin Hitzeman says:

Are you planning on reviewing altered carbon???

Jacob Young says:

Happy Valentine’s day Chris. Can’t wait to see Black Panther.

J H says:

I’m happy Marvle didn’t screw over black panthers director like they did Edger Wright (judging from the review). Excited to see the movie.

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