Blade of the Immortal (2017) – Blood Splattered Vlog (Action Movie Review)

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This week The Horror Guru reviews Takashi Miike’s 100th film: BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL!

BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL (2017) was written by Tetsuya Oishi and directed by Takashi Miike and stars Takuya Kimura, Hana Sugisaki, Sota Fukushi, Hayato Ichihara, Erika Toda, Kazuki Kitamura, Chiaki Kuriyama, Shinnosuke Mitsushima, Ichikawa Izbizo XI, Min Tanaka, Tsutomu Yamazaki.

Based on the BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL manga by Hiyoaki Samura.

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Mike White says:

Almost sounds like a live action version of ninja scroll. My interest is piqued

Jenna Tools says:

Since no one else seemed to notice, that’s a bad ass Black Dahlia Murder shirt. ..I have the same one.

Magna Ryuu says:

To me even Takashii’s sub-par films are still fun to watch

fogdragon23 says:

*gaaaaaaasp* It’s out already? Omg I need to watch it! I’ve been a fan since my friend showed me the anime 2 er, maybe 3 years ago?

jtilton5 says:

I wonder if Takeshi Miike’s popularity in the west among cult film lovers is the reason for the change to Manji’s (the main Character’s) costume. In the manga the back of his kimono has the “Manji” symbol which is a reverse image of the swastika. in the film I’m guessing they changed that because they didn’t want to have to explain to a western audience that it has nothing to do with Nazism.

valcliff b says:

Your auto-immune system is reinacting Blade of the Immortal as we speak! Struck down by the loathesome and tyrannical cold bug, you’ll climb out of your shallow grave, get your ass kicked some more, and finally beat it cause it’s not as versed in fighting dirty as you.

Ron Villanova says:

Hey Guru
You and Jack should check out the Mexican Anthology film
Mexico Barbaro
I think i mightve mentioned this in another comment before but
Here it is again XD
It makes some of the segments in ABCs of death look like kid shit lol

Jimmy Chen says:

He kind of sux at fighting to be honest
Away seen to go back to the fact he cant die to win fights lol

Raven Swartwood says:

UGH YOUTUE DIDN’T SHOW ME YOU UPLOADED! Didn’t show up on my subscriptions or anything, just popped up on my recommended tab on the home page.

GL Knight says:

I recently brought up Miike’s overall filmography with a friend (he was blown away when I told him), and we had a discussion about Auteur Theory, with Miike as an excellent example of it in action. Mainly because of 3 points he usually puts into his films:

1) Whatever the actions of the protagonists/heroes of the story, the actions of the villains are far more brutal and disturbing than theirs.
2) Whatever course of action the hero(s) take, the consequence of their actions is usually far greater than inaction, and in the grand scheme of things is worth more.
3) The concept of genre is something to be played with, but not adhered to (case in point: Happiness of the Katakuris, which for those that haven’t see it is a horror-comedy-slice of life-family-musical about a family run inn in the countryside where patrons begin to randomly die in rather auspicious ways).

jamel7781 says:

My wife would get so mad at me for collecting the manga… They use to be $20 a pop. Flashforward 11 years later and she’s more excited for the movie than I am.

LeadAnchor says:

Ordered the Arrow Video steelbook for this the second I saw it available, the steel is suitably badass for the film, can’t wait to check it out!

“To Save Her Life, He Will Take A Thousand Others”

TOMBZ23 says:

PLEASE WATCH VERONICA ON NETFLIX AND DO A BLOG. I’ve been a big fan of yours over the past year after watching your review on The Last Shift. I think you will really, really like this movie. It’s in Spanish BTW.

Satria Kurniawann Djaenal says:

Huh. I have a cold too, and I’m halfway across the globe.

By the way, the manga doesn’t visit that kill 10 evil men thing a lot, does it? It’s pretty much all about chasing the Itto clan by volume 20.

Also, have you seen 3×3 Eyes, Guru?

John O ́neil says:

Despite watching the Spoiler Section I am definately gonna watch the movie when I get to because it just sounds so awesome! Love me some brutal, bloody samurai action.

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