BLEACH (2018) Live Action Movie Review

BLEACH (2018) Live Action Movie Review!
It’s better than you THINK!

Ichigo Character Development Video:

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Malika Sowers says:

Dude. They show her training him in the manga. That’s what they were doing at the park when Orihime got by a car. Also Ichigo is a martial artist. He never just swung his sword all Willy Nilly

Wakaran says:

Great to hear it. #SupportBleach

0ero says:

really want to see gin , dammit

aron Guillen says:

But it didnt even come out .

Liono Black says:

How can i see it

Jalen Ash says:

Was Chad big or nah

P.S who Da fuk disliked this video

vanguardduelist says:

Praise the heavens! I’m ecstatic that this movie is getting good reviews. I’m hoping it runs here in the states, cuz I’d watch it in a heartbeat

Vaali says:

awesome review jaymes i really really enjoyed it keep it up man

idk idc says:

Jaymes looking fresh no homo

Aigami soul says:



Also no cone?

B T says:

Will this movie get to the UK or will the UK get the shaft again?

iTAMi says:

Hearing that its good, makes me happy

Emanu Stark says:

Need this

PhantomHero says:

At least it’ll be better than Dragonball Evolution. I bet in the sequel, we will see zangetsu being summoned


Did this jappanse theater have subtitles?

Platinum Equinox says:

Ayee! Thanks for this Jaymes! 🙂

MG16NCP says:


OpalRoars says:

The lesbian girl name is Chizuru lol. Now I wanna see this movie.

Achumiアンガビ says:


AlphaQ says:

everyone is saying its a 7/10

Senpai Of Akali says:

They could add yoruichi , pff at least for a short time

Team VB says:

you in japan

Scott B says:

I’d have to say Isshin I’m my fav, a secret BAMF is always cool

Frost says:

Hell yeah

Saoud says:

How are the box office results? Thats the most important thing IMO. Glad it’s good tho.

Sonic171000 says:

I knew this movie was going to be great.

William Golden says:

Is Chad still Mexican?

KingAnime Rules says:

I wonder how it’s gonna go when they adapt the Soul Society Arc in the Live Action

Yamcha Haruno says:

this video was so predictable lol

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