Bleach Live Action Movie Review

The Bleach Live Action movie is finally on Netflix. I Was a big fan of the Bleach manga and anime back in the day so I was really looking forward to it. So is this movie as good as the manga or anime or does it drop the ball. Watch my review of the Live Action Bleach Movie to find out.

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Moroni Aguilar says:

Full Metal Alchemist

raymond pouncy says:

i wood love to live action hajime no ipp a boxing anime

goose boy says:

hopefully they make another movie and it gets a bigger budget that allows it to be longer and less compressed. Did an awsome job with the cast and character portrayal if that film had hollywood budget and cgi tech with the same people making it then it would have been a total jaw dropper. I feel like the uhriuh hollow bait and them fending off mass amounts of hollows followed by the gillian coming from the sky rip would have been a much better training scenario than the montage but i know the budget probably would not have allowed for that so i can blind eye it. Loved renji fight roar zabimaru was sick i want another i need to see kenpatchi and bayakuyas senbonzakura scatter. The couple of seconds where we get to see the soul society looks amazing i really want to see some big assed brawls in that place. I will just hope that bleach does exceptional on netflix and baits them to make another. I might even leave bleach repeating all day to pump the view hours you know do my part. Maybe we can get the 1000 year blood war in anime to.

Barefoot and Loving It says:

I liked the movie. At first Rukia’s hair bugged me, but I think all the actors did a great job.

nader Murad Murad says:

Rukia was awesome the actress did a fantastic job i felt like i’m watching rukia herself from the anime

paolo magno says:

ichigo’s mom raincoat looks like a quincy outfit

raymond pouncy says:

awesome review

Digital Pizza says:

Really like this movie, made me nostalgic for the first time I read the manga. What other live action anime adaptions do you think are good? I know there are plenty of bad ones, or would you want to see America try to adapt Bleach? For me I have to say no.

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