Bleach Live Action Movie Review

#BleachMovie #BleachLiveAction #BleachLiveActionMovie I’ve been waiting for this one for a while! The trailer had me curious and hopeful, and now that it hit Netflix, it’s my time to review it!


Asakura Samuel says:

It’s a confirmed trilogy

goose boy says:

give us rukias rescue, fuck the bounts , give us the arancar arc raiding los noches and give us the saving karakura town and end with aizen fight and ill be a very happy bunny. Oh and Tite Kubo be a lamb and do us the 1000 year blood war in anime to. Its a big ask i know but humanity needs this i need this. If i was a multi millionaire id give you the sequals budget its unfortunate im not.

Huxgaming Pcxbox says:

I felt that Byakuya and Renji actors not really fitted their roles. I was so exited to see him and ended up in.. wait.. what?

MarcusDigital says:

Great Review breh. I loved it too

goose boy says:

i have to say in most reviews i watch imagine what they could do with a beefy buget where the movie can be longer. I get the over expressioned cringe moments but that been said the character portrayal and choice of cast was excellent . My gripe was give bayakuya a turquoise scarf and give us some of the original wierd bleach music and sounds maybe modernised and spiced up a bit. Over all they did an incredible job with the budget can clearly see not a penny was wasted so efficient give em more money i hope this does awsome on netflix. Yes change rukia hair to give her that signature head shape in the next movie.

goose boy says:

If they had a bigger budget the things i would have changed are these. I would have removed the rukia ichigo montage and replaced it with uryu’s hollow bait going crazy and have ichis training be the fighting of the horde of hollows followed by the menos coming through the sky rip. I would also swap out bayakuyas white scarf with a turquoise one give rukia her signature hair cut, have a red headed large chested white girl play orihime made tatski more protective/agressive give chad, ori, tatski, and uryu more lime light character build em little bit more. That been said we still got a great movie and more importantly a foundation that will no longer be riddled and rocking with scepticism I would bet money on a sequal to this doing really well at the box office now that people can see that there is a team who can actually pull off a live action adaptation that does not suck ass.

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