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Bradly Salcido says:


DeVon Tucker says:

Glad to see my boy back man. I know it probably won’t be consistent uploads but good to see my boy

C.G Lazer crush says:

Were back,good work the captains pillars design was ausome.

commando61961 says:

Missed u bro. I really hope maybe in the future u can get around to the novels

Jeremy Mejia says:

Lol what a throwback. Been years, nostalgic being here again.

Yailin Munoz says:


Flyest Nihilist says:

I feel the film adaptation should be a loyal as possible to the source material. Somethings wouldn’t transition very well from anime to live action move, like Rukia’s pre-timeskip hairstyle

Kazoku NP says:

It good to see u again eliteace Real Live bleach movie it going to be good

Fastest Nigga Alive says:

THIS MOTIVATOR RIGHT HERE BOI! Welcome back my brother back in time for the broly movie AND smash bros!!!

Yassin Mohamed says:

Long time no see my brotha! I been watching since them sword unboxings.

shawn simon says:

great to see you back on youtube bin way to long to seeing one of your vids

Sham Stu says:

Welcome back Ace

Mr Skits says:

I think they should’ve not made the movie and continued the damn Anime.

Frost says:

Back my bleach guy my favorite bleach guy love you elite

mj-rim says:

Demn miss those bleach days

Super Savage Spirit says:

Just noticed the lizard on your shoulder lol

Grayson Phillips says:

Good to see ya again captain

GeekAssault says:

We live action…lol what’s good my dude.
– SupremeGURU

ThugNinja91 says:

We live action!!!!!!!

JC Evans says:

Great to see you back in live action lol

ATrainGame says:

All of Ichigo’s friends are present except mitsuiro and Kon.

CrowPiper says:

great to finally have you back man its been a long time coming

Random Account says:

Good to see another video from you, been awhile since the series ended. Brings me back

Chrono King says:


1216Rockman says:

When I comes to the Bleach live action movie I treat it like the Marvel Cinematic Universe it’s a new universe with the same core characters but there will be differences and you know what the differences are fine as long as it doesn’t take away from what I like about the character.

The Bleach live action movie didn’t do this whatsoever did it change plots yes but did the change the characters that I remember much not really if differences are there it’s alright I don’t need to see the exact same thing over again but I don’t want it too be too far removed from the series and I gotta say this is not.

Jeremy Briggs says:

Holy s*** long time no see Captain!

Vega G says:

Good to see you uploading videos again.

Ally says:

Elite dropping heat again! It’s been a while Captain

Princess Scarlet 2 says:

YES!!! So good to see you again! Hope to see more from now on! WE LIVE ACTION


Finally I can watch ur video without it getting block, also welcome back man

James Hampton says:

The Elite is Back 😀

ATrainGame says:

In the movie Byakuya tells Rukia that if she takes her power back from Ichigo she can come back to soul society without punishment…that’s pretty much the whole plot line of the rescue arc because they go to soul society to rescue her from execution. I’m not sure how they can go about a second film honestly. Nice video though Ace!

Ron Nichols says:

Welcome back welcome back

Danieru says:

It’s great to see you back Ace! Yes I agree that the movie was good. There were a few changes to the adaptation. I feel like the ending to it was more of a “what if” to this Cinematic Universe. I try to explain this to people who watch it. I take it with a grain of salt as the movie is. Idk if the director plans to make a sequel or a trilogy with this series, but I will say that Kubo did tell the director to keep most elements of the series the way they are. As hard as that is. It still worked out most definitely.

Prince Revolver says:

The captain is back.

Tirus12 says:

dam what a surprise, unexpected

EdoSaiyan says:


Drex says:

its late but i was always wondering when ace would make a review on the live action. i was a little surprised how great it was personally. hopefully with it being really good it can give them the ability to finish the anime. one thing i would like to add is how loyal they were to the source material… that’s something other live action animes fail to flesh out. this one completely fell behind the source material and did all of the character gimmicks faithfully and it worked to a tee.

deku uchiha says:

Good Shit man

mexgiova says:

Are you still my captain?

MishimaMist says:

I thought you died nigga

Lhiannon says:

low end cosplay prop – no it looked like a bad BDSM blindfold – my biggest disappointment but I get his HUD would have been cgi out of budget after what they did with the Hollows – but of all the actors it was clear he KNEW Renji and I think his was the best performance of the film

FallBackSquadUp says:


Jyuubi Wolf says:

I never unsubscribed, best decision ever! WE LIVE ACTION

maattthhhh says:

if they’re gonna make this a trilogy, and the other two would cover Soul Society arc, does that mean Aizen will be defeated in part three instead?

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