Bleach Netflix Review

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To Hot For TV says:

Best live action movie ever

JLCodes says:

This movie felt so flat! Better than most live action (very good cinematography) but overall disappointing.

Jose Guardado says:

They only thing I didn’t like is that they didn’t use the music from the anime other then that they did a great job real life from anime OR a game NEVER works out but this one did

Garrett P says:

I miss Bleach as a anime, I finished reading the manga 2 years ago and I will say it’s good to hear its a decent from a non fan of the anime. Looks like i’m watching this one tonight. Great review!

roe kharkrang says:

I was pretty impressed with Sota as Ichigo. I didn’t have much expectation from him but he did a really good job.

crimson dust says:

Big Bleach fan, didn’t like it. Just because it may not be an unmitigated disaster like most other live action adaptions, that doesn’t make it good.

TheDBZSquirrel says:

The movie was really awesome and good I am glad bleach got a good live action movie

whilz Nuas says:

You should watch “Rurouni Kenshin” live action. Also based on Manga and Anime, but wad made befor this. A lot less complicated mythology than Bleach since it is set on a fictional but based on real life events during the Bakumatsu era of feudal japan.

justin says:

Dude watch the anime it’s dope. Plus I wish they woulda put Kon in this movie real bad and you’ll know what I mean if you watch it. In fact there’s so much I wish they coulda put in the movie…

TitaNetwork says:

Is anyone going to point out this guy’s format is exactly Jeremy Jahns? I get you can only be SO original with film/show reviews but come on the editing and timing is identical.

normalguy293p fagt says:

Im sorry but i just hated that movie so much its just so stupid they didnt even show zangestu or senbonzakura man its so cringy ezpecially the part where ichigo trained man just awful ANIME SHOULD NEVER GO TO LIVE ACTION dont get me wrong i wanted it to be good but its just came out so shitty its my opinion

ShAdOwMaN says:

OH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

King Cobra says:

I know this is obvious but they explain a lot more thing in the anime ( thank you cpt obvious )

bigwhiteshogun says:

better than original for me 🙂

Tyler Thomas says:

Watch the series

anjum mustafa says:

Hey Austin there is another super Japanese anime live action movie called gintama
Whichis also a awesome movie please see the movie in this website
And please give a review


It was dope I need a part 2 ASAP!

Mitheledh says:

The should have kept the original music from the anime. I think I heard hints of it, but not enough. The original music is so much better.

FPrimee says:

Karen rider fourze cast did great in acting in this movie

Tony Cooper says:

I understand they only had an hour and 45 minutes or so to cram everything in but too much was changed or missing for me. They set up the hollow hunting contest and then abandoned it immediately.Kon was nowhere to be found. the thing that stuck out the most for me was the actor playing Renji. He was so cringy lol

greg samarael says:

i agree wirh you. The movie ain’t bad, cgi ain’t bad, actings ain’t bad. And yes, that arrow guy is cool, you should see the anime, coz he’s as tall as the main character, which makes him more cooler.

aron Guillen says:

Wtf your talking about one punch man

Asip says:

this BLEACH movie basically based on the first ARC.. in the first arc never explain.. in the SOUL SOCIETY ARC all were explained..
the crew also the team that make LIVE ACTION GANTZ.. should review that too…

smoker g says:

Very nice review. Enjoyed hearing your perspective on the film as someone who never read or watched Bleach. Loved the film as a Bleach fan myself. Nice to know that it is enjoyable as a film on its own!

Tineyi Chapisa says:

This was a great adaptation with changes that served the format without destroying the spirit of the original! I hope it builds enough momentum for a sequel. And yeah, that last fight… soul society would be amazing!

krazytaxicabbie says:

Never watched the anime and i thought this movie was great! I had to suspend belief with the sheathing and unsheathing of that big sword but i did like this movie. Two thumbs up from me!

Juan Perez says:

Better than dragonball evolution

LoliMaster 69 says:

There’s a live action for bleach?……. WHY

MaxNova5575 says:

There will be a bleach sequel that ending cannot be true!

FistMyHead says:

All you gotta do is drink all your milk

J Garrett says:

I don’t understand why there isn’t English dub, but it has German , French and Spanish… and Italian

darkslifer #27 says:

As a bleach fan who watched the movie. I liked it except for byakuya.

†Leonic 458 says:

The Spanish audio was epic af i want a sequel for at least a getsuga tensho! WHAT?! YOU DIDN’T WATCH THE ANINE. Man you may be crying alot if you know bleach very well. I heard a remix song from the anime in the main theme opening of the movie “on the precipice of defeat” Listen to that and the movie.

ilovemunk says:

Bleach is awesome.

Gragon Original one says:

For people complaning about orihime and chad character development. What would you want? a 5 hour movie to develop them? They took the main plot and it is good, for some plot hole the fan from the manga/anime would know and about orihime cast she is good, movie didn’t have to look for a bimbo with big oppai who wouldn’t act well. For me the movie was well made

Prince Seilestial says:

The creators of King Arthur Legend of the Sword was 99% close to an anime please check Excalibur

Sotnas says:

One Punch Man basically makes fun of anime series like Bleach. That’s why it’s so cool.

Daniel Sparks says:

Best Live action anime I’ve ever seen. And your review is the only one I could find on youtube as of this moment. Great review!!

Nori Ndungu says:

i feel like you can respect this movie so much more if you’ve watched the anime or read the manga.

Purple Raider says:

Uchu Kita!!!!! Reply if you know what I’m talking about

Code of Ethos says:

The memory loss was an effect of rukias spell. I cant remember what the spells where called but soul reapers use the memory one to ensure they arent discovered by humans

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