Bleach The Live Action Movie Review


Homeslice Heroes says:

Anime characters look ridiculous in real life and their poses and mannerisms are corny/hard to watch in real life to because they weren’t made to imitate life but to escape and exaggerate it.

But folks always get hyped for some reason.

I never in my life have for any anime or manga got excited to see a live action version of a series because i already know it’ll look like shit in comparison and won’t be anywhere near as good as the source. Whether the source was good to begin with or not.

Yes, there are some characters with more “realistic” designs than others but those aren’t as common and look bland compared to the more popular characters people like.

But the majority of cosplayers cosplay as the characters who look terrible in real life. That’s why it’s rare for the cosplay to look good or even decent.

Why is it always a shock and rarity when someone actually manages to look good as the character they cosplay as?

And obviously these companies aren’t gonna give them the budget they need to properly represent the powers, abilities and worlds they’re adapting.

Even if they do somebody on that team will screw it up.

The director won’t give a shit or the writer(s) won’t give a shit.

And honestly the movie will either be forgotten because it’s bland or remembered because it’s terrible.

M3rtyville says:

sounds like the writers of Super were in charge and nobody read the script and every scene was done by somebody else.

I haven’t seen it yet so I can’t give my opinion yet. I don’t know how much of a pass I can give. Characters acting not like their anime or manga counterpart, I think it depends whether I give it a pass. Since Byakuya is probably the main bad guy, I think he has something to live up to.
Coward Renji sounds like something I can tolerate since we won’t see him develop much unless this gets a sequel.
Glad they didn’t try to move the movie till the Soul Society Arc just to show Ichigo going Bankai. I was actually more worried about them trying to go that far.

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