Brandon’s Cult Movie Reviews: Fist Of The North Star Live Action

Can an anime adaptation be R-rated and still watered down compared to the original? It can if it’s the 1995 version of “Fist Of The North Star”!

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j2 gaming says:


Florsch says:

Oh, I din’t know Dante Basco was in this…
Well, Fist of the North Star is certainly one of my favourites.

Mad Max, Jesus Christ and Bruce Lee in a Blender = Kenshiro
But this adaptation is so weird….. well, I mean weirder than the original, but not in a good way….

Also, why the hell would Shin use a gun?

Doua Yang says:

I remember renting this movie… thinking it would be bad ass………….. Nope. It sucked. The girl was hot though.. but… they switched the races. The heroes were supposed to be Asian… and the girl was supposed to be a white blonde chick.

Vova Syhin says:

Wow, and here i thought Dragon Ball Evolution was the grand whore of all anime exploitation films. Its a wonder why i never knew of this films assistance up until i seen this review. Malcolm McDowell should be given a medal for starring in countless B movie atrocities.

gagnashdiak x says:

4:15 Hey, that’s a scooter from Spacehunter (1983)!

Rugalheid Bernstein says:

Please western countries, some things in japan, stay in japan.

some guy says:

I love fist of the north star anime !

LS Greger says:

That is it. I am gonna imagine Dante Brisco playing any character Rob Schneider plays. Wow, Judge Dredd just got better!

SkySlasher says:

So this moves is bad cause it’s not the anime that’s crap

thi nga pha says:

That look bad really really fucking bad

Abhi Rao says:

This movie is a guilty pleasure for me. It actually gets some of the basic details down unlike Dragonball evolution.

drew6874 says:

@Brandon Tenold @9:29 Roll credits.

teferi456 says:

Meh the anime/manga are just about as bad, it’s just got a nostalgia factor for some people that has kept it well regarded. Also, hearing Kenchirou pronounced Ken-Cheer-oh over and over almost as cringe inducing as this movie 😐

Zachary Hoffman says:

Oo baby

Sky79 says:


Chad Starrr says:

please do water ship down , animal farm, animal farm live aton

Killer Bleach says:

omae wa mo shindeiru

some dude says:

Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone

Where they stole the gatling gun bikes from. Has Peter Strauss, Ernie Hudson, Molly Ringwald and Michael Ironside. It is beyond comedy gold.

Swift Nimblefoot says:

Wait, the actor’s name is… Mandalor??? He is the guy they named the people of Boba Fett after?

Melvinwacko says:

What happened with Clint Howard’s character?

Aadolf says:

This film features pro-wrestlers Big Van Vader and Tony Halme AKA Ludvig Borga(R.I.P.)

arbereshe says:

Love fist of the north star and I love this dumb movie!

DigiMega351 says:

I own the complete Anime DVD set (Which I bought at Otakon 2015.) and the Anime movie on VHS (I got it from a secondhand store.)

CubanPete1990 says:

Hey do a review of the classic Godzilla movies!

Sour Puss says:

You’re already dead.

Asian Man says:

Omae wa wu shindeiru

Jeffrey DeCristofaro says:

“Come on, at this rate I’ll never get an erection!” That one totally killed me!

Malcolm Morton says:

Ok, I really love Enshohma’s opening illustration just for its invocation of Tom Servo! Oh, and OMG, I definitely have that same old Superman comic book with the angry mullet expression!

Dustin Vesnesky says:

More Godzilla

SansBadTime401 says:

Do Godzilla final wars

Manda1771 says:

Speaking of Clint Howard, you should totally do a review of the 1993 movie Ticks (a.k.a. Infested).

Leslie Ellis says:

The director didnt. Even read the damn book for its plot, just picking. Stuff out of it

Sando-Metal says:

Does farting burn calories?

Jason Case says:

Why the hell does the badass hero in this feature movie not have pointy shoulder pads the same as the original animated version?
Using leather I imagine those wouldn’t be out of their budget to make.

john simpson says:

triangle tits is better than pancake nipples

Hex Nstuff says:

All of my friends who have seen the show have basically described it as Mad Max +martial arts

xeno cyde says:

“oh a baby” omg at that line….. I am a terrible person but I died laughing just how it was delevered

Smugly Otaku says:

Jackal’ s head mask thing you prevent his head from bursting is actually in the anime suppose to be Jagi, and the reason it didn’t explode is because Kenshiro let Jagi live because he was his adopted older brother, andJagi only wore that cage to help prevent pain, they obviously didn’t translate that well

E Berrygamer101 says:

Review Sharktopus

Slightly less irritator says:

Brandon can you review The angry red planet

Richard Watt says:

Chaos rules?

It’s London on a Friday night when the Tory party is on a drunken pub crawl and whore hunt.

Swift Nimblefoot says:

Never understood this anime and why it is loved… It is again, another typical anime trope where the hero can kill people with a touch or a sideways glance, and all the villains are rapists and murderers without any redeeming qualities. There is simply no attachment I cna have towards an unbeateable hero whom I know will 100% win all the time.

DW4Ever91 says:

3:21 Looks like Ryugen won’t be going to the Sock-Op. Lol!

AJ the Dragon Slayer says:

How are you able to use Godzilla content without copyright claim on your ass

Matt Evans says:


NeonGenesisX says:

i fking love ur content….u deserve much MUCH MORE SUBs……….i mean come on theres shitloads of clickbaiter on youtube that have 100times more subs then u

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