Bumblebee – Movie Review

A Transformers pre-boot starring everyone’s favorite transformer Bumblebee! Here’s my review for BUMBLEBEE!



Shantanu Manerikar says:

Umm.. how did you watch the movie? I’m probably sure that you’re from the US or Canada, and it’s not out yet. It says it releases on the 21st. So where did you watch the movie?

ErwinSchrodinger64 says:

The part where Bumblebee died had me in tears. When he was resurrected also had me in tears.

I didn’t watch the movie but I’m guessing this happened… YES… NO… ?

Piu John says:

Now AQUAMAN NOW!!!!!!!

Keldon Back says:

Ive never heard such an apt description of Transformers movie action.

Horrormaster13 says:

How to make a good Transformers Movie:
Get rid of *Michael Bay*

Kate Playz! says:

Bumblebee is better than transformers, no offence.

Maximus Areilius says:

This movie looks great. Hailey is a great actress. And the orig transformer line was awesome. !

joshua Barbato says:

If this movie does good theyre gnna do war for Cybertron

Nightjaw says:

from what i know its a reboot with some references to michael bays version, also really love the film

manav bhalla says:

Saw some of the action scenes online (they are amazing)

outlawstars100 says:

Let’s face it, you didn’t actually want to watch this movie

Maniesh Ramanayake says:

Herbie fully loaded?

vvvortic's cousin says:

wheres my aquaman review

Tho Nguyen says:

Angry joe play games for criticism and watch movies for fun, the opposite goes for jeremy and stuckmann, Done

Captainsting says:

it’s in the same universe but a soft reboot. Exactly like what x men first class was to x men franchise! Same universe but taking it back to start all over.

Coby O'Gilbert says:

You get a thumbs up for touch and power

The Unicorn says:

Being a fan of Laika and loving his involvement with the company, I expected nothing less from Travis Knight with his venture to live-action. Besides seeing the 2007 film, I’ve never been interested in the Transformers series. This film made me excited to go see one and I definitely will support Knight. Haven’t seen it yet, but I’m glad to hear of good reviews as of yet. Looking forward to it!

trycon40 says:

i want a whole movie bassed in the first opine sceen of them on cybertron and i want

Khaleel Ward says:

The colors really pop. You could actually see the transformers. I wish they spent more time on Cybertron though.

Sean Dragonhammer says:

I like the first transformers and Revenge of the fallen a lot. The third one was ok not that great of a film and that last 2 sucked. Didn’t even watch the last knight. I can’t wait to see this in theaters tomorrow!

IamSloth says:

This should become a reboot instead of a prequel. I honestly hope they retcon all the Bay films because it shits on the experience a little bit.

Larry Garcia says:

I’m surprised u didn’t mention how the other transformers look more closely to their 80s cartoon counterparts than Michael Bay’s.

paul gordon says:

To tell you the truth transformers movies I enjoyed them the first one was amazing in my eyes and one of my all time nostalgic movies

TheBraunMachine2011 says:

Jeremy mentioning Blade 2 & The Iron Giant in that same review somehow put a big smile on my face. 🙂 I honestly got an Iron Giant vibe from the trailer too, I know Chris Stuckmann noted it was similar to ET as well, glad to know they both enjoyed it! Can’t wait to check it out myself.

Luke Toolse says:

I loved this movie, it feels like our childhood combined with heart and amazing acting,I love the Iron Giant scenes,and it felt like a live action version of it…Fuck Michael Bay

SneakyAutobot says:

This film is amazing, 9.5/10, this and Into The Spider Verse r my fav films of 2018

Av_cali says:

Fuk U man. That movie deserved. “Awesomestacular”

Nazeem Afsal says:

Do aquaman review

Los Ramos says:

What about Starscream???????

GodMachine says:

Sucks that they killed optimus

e Imi says:

Hailee Steinfeld can make any movie good.

Justin Ramroop says:

I feel like this is the end of an era for Jeremy. A good Transformers movie came out. Jeremy’s career is based on bad Transformers movies

chief hurricane says:

A preboot… lmao !!

watson adrien says:

Its a reebot becaus in the bay film wasn’t bumble bee on earth during ww2

OneTakeBigDog says:

I haven’t seen it yet but if there aren’t deceptacons(God I really hope I spelled that right, too lazy to look it up but not to lazy to write this long ass explanation) killing ppl then transformers 3 will probably remain my favorite.

Scout says:

I grew up with bayformers, I can’t help that I wasn’t born in the 80s. But after discovering transformers 11 years ago from the 2007 film I went back to explore the franchise and loved all of it. But this film is terrible. The G1 fans whine about not getting a movie even though they did in 1984. The bay series is supposed to be a different interpretation of the story. Just like beast wars and all the other series totally different to G1, but that’s not enough apparently, and now I feel the way they did the last few years; that my own childhood has been taken from me, by this plothole filled mess that’s neither a prequel or reboot. The last knight was bad but I still found it somewhat entertaining, even if in a stupid way. This just let me down in ways I can’t begin to describe. I wouldn’t have minded if the last 5 films were like this, but they aren’t, and marketing this a prequel when it wasn’t (idk if it can even be called a reboot either because it’s so all over the place), is just wrong. I’m truly upset. Say what you will and tell me I’m just being over dramatic but it’s just how I feel

Rod_James_Wilson says:

Yo Jeremy. I’d heavily recommend you to watch Roma on Netflix

Tim Walden says:

…but, Jeremy, all of the Transformers films screw with lore established in the first film. This is like Robot X-Men here.

You heard it first: Jeremy confirms Transformers/GI Joe crossover event.

Relanebeis says:

I’ve got the touch, I’ve got the power earned you a MFing Sub

Mad Joker says:

See jeremy has the issue I’m having. It does not come off a prequel. It does not match up to anything bay verse. Yes there is like two things in there like what Jeremy said. This is a call back maybe? You made apoint to do that? The director said he doesn’t call this a reboot. But he said oh we are going a different direction but wanna keep some aspects of the movies bay had. I feel like this is all BS because they don’t wanna offend Bay (LOL) and he is only keeping aspects of the Bumblebee character himself because Bee was the only thing people did like with other movies. I have a long list of why this is a unspoken reboot intended to be a reboot and not connected to the other movies. I cant do that without spoilers. But its clear everyone seen trailers and know allot of characters look G1. And you dont see any other Autobots in the trailer other then Prime and Bee. You see Decpeticons yes. Oh you will see other Autobots. And they dont stop and say whos who by name. And the amazing part about that? THEY DIDNT NEED TOO. IF YOUR A G1 FAN YOU WILL TOTALLY KNOW WHO’S WHO JUST LOOKING AT THEM. That is just one reason. there is other reasons story and plot wise to why this isnt come off a prequel but rather and complete reboot. And i want it to be a reboot. I believe its totally a reboot.

Talent says:

It’s crazy how people can have so many different opinions..angryjoe bashed this movie so hard and I mean hard..he gave it like a 3 or 4 I’ll just have to see it myself

Bobby Johnson says:

Man if bumblebee keep getting good reviews it’s going to hurt Aquaman I wanted Aquaman to get to a billion dollars first Mary poppins now bumblebee smh

SocksOnAThursday? says:

Guess what my ad was about

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