Darc (2018) Action Film Review

Darc (2018)

To bring down a global human trafficking ring, an Interpol agent recruits the help of a brutal criminal with inside knowledge of the yakuza.

My review for the new action movie Darc.

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Alfashiion Creary says:

Watching it tonight

Michael Atkins says:

I just watched the movie it’s great

42k 41k says:

Really sad that blonde girl died, i wished they had a happy end together. Imo we need a second movie, there are too many questions left. Whats up with the girl he had to rescue? Who is she? What happend to him after he killed the boss…?

Marko Milo says:

thank you for the excellent review! love the video and just found your channel dude! solid

Harry Thomas Pictures says:

Awesome review this movie sure sounds decent!

wezlydog says:

I just watched this film. I enjoyed it!

Misty Foster says:

I enjoyed the movie as well, but it pissed me off when they killed the blond, especially the significance with being in the same position he was as a child, yet still unable to save her…. I agree with another commenter a sequel would be great.

Suraj Sharma says:

WARNING! Spoiler alert in the comments. Don’t read it. If you’re here to know if the movie is worth watching. If you liked John Wick the I’d say you’d love it.

Sarah Ryan says:

Just watched the movie, it had that cool late 80’s early 90’s feel to it. I’m guessing it was made by a team of stunt men, like Bushwick . So yeah ,good movie , good review. Thanks again.

Khalid Fahad says:

Just watched this movie, very realistic… The action and the knife, the samurai, the head cutting, very realistic! I would think it looks real! Amazing!

The Artifact says:

He should of warned his neighbour, thats the only bit I didn’t like.

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