DEADPOOL 2 “In Bed with Wolverine” Trailer (NEW 2018) Action Movie HD

DEADPOOL 2 “In Bed with Wolverine” Trailer (NEW 2018) Action Movie HD
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OrganicChemistry2 says:

Thanos gets all the stones. All the Avengers die. Youre welcome.

Freddy Guerra says:

isn’t cable playing thanos???

Knight Volt the Hedgehog says:

Peter is going to be the best hero with DP. He should have his own spin off movie

Juan Carlos Vargas says:

Peter is my favorite one

Crow says:


yaum bali says:

infinity what? this will better

Austin Wilburn says:

So he’s gonna be in a fucking future fucking movie again right?? Like the time stone gets re forged. DP, Dr. Weird, and maybe Trash Panda for good banter.. Maybe Logan continuously chops Groot down as he keeps re generating…. These are just fucking ideas. You cock and claw teasers you!!!

Esai Gomez says:

Wolverine and deadpool about time

dja1200fm says:

Peter’s stealing the show on this one

Shervin Molavi says:

xD epic

laurentiu iliescu says:

that black woman dosent have “lucky power” every woman in every film has luck in some way

Ebenezer Bhaskaran says:

Wolverine cameo confirmed

Azhar Khan says:

Please please return in wolverine roll

joshtor29 says:

ryan reynolds IS deadpool. born for it

Fei Li says:

Actually, and I don’t think even most DC fans know it, Josh Brolin did play a DC title (anti)hero in a film “Jonah Hex” from 2010 !
It wasn’t part of any extended DC universe tho…

Wobbly Yapper says:

He’s coming back

Panther1 says:

“Pump the hate brakes, Thanos!”

strikeslifer says:

We miss you as Wolverine Jackman

LULU J says:

Amazing XD

Killmonger 509 says:

That is funny can’t fucking wait

Nagi Tan says:

Fuck yes.

Slaken Minotaur says:

Cant wait for this

Adam Martens says:

cut plastic itself past purchase crash saving day island conscious stop negotiate truly.

jeremy smith says:

Would love for jackman to be wolverine for 1 full movie with deadpool!


This time thano’s will go down

TheJohnmuniz says:

Oh man walverine and Deadpool there is going to be a big custody battle over this one.

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