DEADPOOL 2 International Alternate Trailer (2018) Action Movie HD

DEADPOOL 2 International Alternate Trailer (2018) Extended Action Movie HD
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Geo T says:

The frying pan reference hahaha

Basit Boy20 says:

Omg best trailer

Mohd Farhan Tok Nai Din says:


avinash panday says:

This is gona be dope-inder

Raghu Seetharaman says:

This trailer for Deadpool says it’s the second most anticipated film and it’s coming one week prior to Solo A Star Wars Story.

Natural born says:

Wtf? Marvel couldnt change its villan this year , same guy on Avengers..

L.O.F.E says:

Deadpool is no dead.

James Desomma says:

False thumbnail

Stevieland 420 says:

Screw winter, deadpool is coming

EJ Schwa says:

i absolutely hate it when in fight scenes a person with a metal arm, or a shield like in Wonder Woman or Captain America, or whatever it is just holds the thing up to deflect bullets from the minion soldiers that are trying to shoot noone thinks, hey…they are blocking their face, i’ll aim at the torso….i mean come on…If deadpool wants to talk about lazy writing…

Sweetface Iradonia says:

with the forced subtitle BS

Simon Lundquist says:

Haha the DC jab @ 0:27. Love it.

shibster88 says:

8 people have given up on life

Quang Ngai Banh xeo says:

the lady take the gun like be awesome !! lol

genocide amerika says:

Not going to watch it Hollyweird is full of sodomites/pedophiles

Rabi Narayan Hansdah says:

PAUSA. . .

Mike G Solomon says:

Not alternate – just has subtitles. Nothing to see here – move along

AssassinateGamer says:


Hristina Pavlovic says:

I a m s h o o k

Vinxheart says:

Lol a lot of us came for the thumbnail.

Master Jedi says:


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