Death Note Live Action Movie Review

So I watched Netflix’s “movie” adaptation of Death Note. I wish I hadn’t.

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X1299 2209302 says:

Ryuk was cool though…
Should have given him a bigger role.

Mikaela Fox says:

For me it wasn’t bad visually. It had a dark, wet feel to it that reminded me of The Ring (only the first movie). Everything else was a nightmare. Now, if Netflix had done this more in a “20 years after the original events” way, then this would’ve been less of a nightmare. It wouldn’t be perfect, but, for me, it would be easier to forgive certain inaccuracies. Such as burning a page of the note to undo a kill or only the owner can see Ryuk when holding the note could be seen as Ryuk adding on to the book after seeing Light Yagami using it.

At any rate, I think that Deathnote Evolution was a huge fail. Those who enjoyed it have either never seen it and were amused (much like those who love Bay Transformers might never have seen the G1 cartoon), or they have seen the original material and wanted a change of pace.

Rodrigo Forense says:

the best review I’ve seen so far (including judgements and opinions)

(except your opinion in the father son scene at the end… He’s emotionaless because he doesn’t like the monster his son had become… i think that was pretty great)

DELTABOY04 says:

The movie wasnt that bad…the anime isnt that good…

Zeon Ace says:

Did anyone else notice how stupid and pointless Light’s “brilliant” plan was at the end? Why have this whole convoluted plan where he puts himself in a coma and has all of these other people being controlled with the death note in the first place? All that he had to do was write Mia’s name in the Death Note and make her rip out the page with his name written on it and burn it before killing herself. And why was Mia able to use it in the first place, when only the owner could use it in the show? Blaahhh!!

Cheryl Morris says:

They screwed it up.

EnderHeart5911 says:

If you’re going to change something, you should do it with the intent of making it better.

Masaka a says:

I feel sorry for people who watched the movie and not seen the anime before, stupid movie

MrHardCash says:

@5:25 – I Loled so hard! XD

Jacek Adamczyk says:

L’s mannerisms were good? The real L would never grab them candies, spilling most of them on the floor…

Also why do English speakers’ pronounciation of Ryukku, sound like Ree-yook. Why the long ree bit? it’s Ryuk.

Also, agree that the movie was shit. So many plot holes, killing watari withouth his surname? and the characters not being consistent, first Light is dumb as fuck, revealing the death note to a fucking girl… Aah. I can’t be bother anymore.

Spectral Thought says:

What the hell were the writers thinking?!?! First of all I’ll start off by saying this is a decent movie….IFF it were NOT based on an already present phenomenon….but this is not Death Note…. obviously! Second, the guys name is Light Turner, and it is set in Seattle!? Thirdly, this has nothing to do with Death Note lore!! Da Fuuq! If you’re going to rehash the original story, this does not fit in it any capacity! In an alternate universe this is an ok movie….maybe? as a sequel, but don’t call the main character Light if it’s not Light!! His name is fucking Yagami!!! unless you STATE that it’s an alternate timeline…which it’s not. The fuck, assholes?! If you’re going to make an alternate Death Note universe then make that relevant. Your trying to rewrite Death Note?! FUCK YOU! Don’t name your characters the same people from the original story then! You guys fuckin ruined this oportunity! Did you guys just want to make this to throw in cheap sex scenes and montages….what the phuq!?! And don’t even get me started on fucking L… which didn’t do as bad as I thought despite him being a black guy rather than a Japanese guy (don’t start that racist bullshit either. it’s not about that. Be true to the script. The guys Japanese, get a Japanese actor! Simple as that!) GOD you guys fucked this up! This felt way to Western American, and if you’re going to try and adapt this material to a Japanese cultural setting then you have to honor the culture that this is coming from! Jesus Chist people! Haven’t you figured out how to make good film yet?!? The Fuq

alli9513 says:

I agree with most of what you said. They made Light too passive, Ryuk too aggressive, and L was practically irrelevant. The plot was weak, the acting was weaker and like you said, 90 mins of my life I’ll never get back.

darren lane says:

i watched it the other day ,I had to skull fuck my own eyes to unsee the shite I witnessed in that film .

Jack Lleb says:

They didn’t ruin it THEY FIXED ALL OF THE FUCKING PLOT HOLES AND MADE IT MAKE SO MUCH MORE SENSE IN A LOGICAL PERSPECTIVE. I LOVED THIS MOVIE the acting was good and they mixed L with M an N making him have feelings but also looser morals

Wicker _ says:

If you haven’t seen it, the Japanese live actions are actually pretty good (first 2 movies). They made a dub using the anime’s English voice actors as well.

Red Uzumaki says:

Ive seen alot of people give movie reviews on this and your opinion was spot on wit mine. Kept it real, good job man

Jesus Aranda says:

The end scene was so lazy. The writers cheated their asses off. The page with Light’s name is ripped out by Mia as she is dying – that make sense because the Death Note controls PEOPLE as they are dying. However, the instructions written also control the page and where it lands? Bullshit. If you play that out in any other scenario it makes no sense. Also, the Death Note controlled where Light fell? Lazy. The Death Note cannot do that.

Hakuna Matata says:

can someone tell me why they didn’t use the fake lind L. Taylor scene? Why?

megatronic2000 says:

I watch it with my friend who has never saw the anime he said it was ok

God says:

The funny thing is, the “creator/director” is a big fan of the anime/manga. So FUCK HIM for ruin this.

Also, L was not good. Sure, the actor was good, but he didn’t feel like L. Some times he was good, but most of the time, they fucked him up.

Also, you know that there are a Death Note Japanese movie and live-action serie that are actually good right.:

Pixar The Great says:

Anime is 37 episodes long.
Why does everyone get this wrong???
It’s not that hard people.

Nicolas Kaito says:

You really should watch the Japanese live-action trilogy who was better than this.

Lairdom says:

I went in to the movie expecting to hate it, but ended up kinda enjoying the movie. I abandoned the thought of Light Turner being Light Yagami from the moment I see him shreaking like a little girl in the sight of Ryuk. But as a different person that reaction was believeable. He never became the sadistic murderer that Yagami became and Mia was definitely the brutal killer side of Kira. However, I didnt like how Light was both incredibly stupid throughout the movie and geniously clever in the end. I wish they had kept him an idiot to the end and killed them both, but I guess they wanted to keep it open for a sequel. Willem Dafoe as Ryuk is the absolute best thing, holy shit is he good in that role and the visual of Ryuk is absolutely gorgeous.

There are so many plot holes in the movie that its easy to shred it to pieces, but I do have to give it credit for some things. For example, I never liked the “heart-attacks as signature” part of the original death note. Here they actually give the death scenes some visual flair that make them more memorable. And the whole burning the page to undo the name was a neat addition to the rules we never saw in the anime. There were cases where I just facepalmed at the stupidity of the movie, but ultimately it kept me entertained. I definitely didnt feel bad for watching it.

yasmine berrebeh says:

terrible terrible movie :/

Gaston Pereyra says:

I saw the movie trying to forget the anime.. and i found a basic teen movie like Final Destination, but bad written, bad actors, bad direction, bad music and a lot of cliche.. it’s the same teen movie of the last 20 years (or more)..
It’s pointless to compare with the original source, there is only names, nothing more..

Bachar Taleb says:

I didn’t watch the anime but there was a Japanese version of two movies and part two from all the movies was best.beside part two mentioned that there was 7 death notes which open a multiple storyline all over the world, if you take it from there, the American version can be considered as a story of many that death notes has

Nilex1337 says:

im not the biggest fan in the world of the death note anime. it has its moments but its flawed nonetheless. but if you really like this anime its hard to not compare it to the movie. i didnt compare it to the anime, while watching it. i think it was an ok-ish movie. nothing good and nothing bad. i expected something along those lines like the eragon or the ATLA movie. but if some1 asks me if he should watch this movie i would say its a waste of time

MewDenise says:

The sad part is…. this anime can really be done good as live action. It’s harder with something as crazy as dragonball

Lord Giles says:

Next great anime to waste: Attack on Titan, FMA: Brotherhood and One Punch Man

kevin smith says:

Worst chachter was light hated the gay guy who played light ruined the whole movie for me

Dominic Caciappo says:

I think Death Note could be adapted into a good movie…hell good movies are hard to come by these days by itself yet alone adaptions.

TheMouth says:

I agree with Simon on this, I did not like the movie and to be fair I didn’t have that high expectations. I don’t think I’ve seen any good movie that’s based on an anime/manga

Cody Riley says:

This was my first introduction to death note….as a whole, I didn’t mind it…it was a decent movie imo 7/10. It didn’t keep me away from the rest of the death note universe. After watching movie I googled others opinions on the live action movie and lo and behold I came across the Japanese live-action movie, three of them and a live-action Japanese Series 13 episodes I do believe. I watched that live action series and enjoyed that more than the movie that Netflix put out. And now I I’m on episode 35 of the original anime and I am blown away it’s such a great series. My only critique looking back on the Netflix original is that they should have done a continuation where maybe the Shinigami mentions light or as like an Easter egg you see all of the stuff that light had written in the book in the anime or something to that matter.

felaolut says:

Do we bitch when they make changes to stories in comic book movies? Not one Comic Book movie follows a story page for page yet we love them. The Dark Knight Trilogy is praised as one of the best of all time and its far from source material. So why does an anime have to follow the source material?

I Actually liked this movie. Was it the greatest. Not by a long shot. It rushed a lot of the story imo but still doesn’t make it bad. It was its own thing. And we shouldnt just shit on it just because of that. That is why comic book movies are successful because their fans can accept change while weebs of the anime world ruin it for people ok and willing to accept change in a live action adaptation. If you want the same exact story go watch the damn anime. Why are you watching this if all youre going to do is compare it to the anime. Why cant it be its own thing?

MrHardCash says:

The main issue here is not that they were deliberately trying to make an “alternative” story, which was different. It is the lack of creativity in story writing, matching the original *on the same “intellectual” level.*

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