Death Note (Netflix 2017) | Live Action Movie Review/RANT!!

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Mandarin General says:

This Live Action Movie of Death Note is simply the definition of a JOKE….the movie’s content is drastically changed OMG! It’s not worth watching tbh

Daniel Witz says:

Professor they should of done another season of the anime death note cause this was just was terrible.

Derek Reynolds says:

I have came across a death note movie lover. He said the movie was better than the anime

goran stojanovic says:

i think movie was purposly done that way

Danielle Martin says:

Lol thats why im not watching it :D. As previous movies like live action Dragonball and Avatar the last airbender crushed my soul, there was no way I was being “opened minded” about this. The anime and manga were amazingggg and I knew they’d screw it up

Dream High Animation says:

everything was TRASH ………… the end

A 7 says:

I haven’t watched this but I liked death note : light up the new World live action that came last year

Jenderbo says:

Most of your points is just stating that the movie was different from the original which isn’t an argument. Why does the movie has be exactly the same as the anime/manga? If you want the same shit all over again just rewatch the anime. I liked their changes from the source and overall the movie was really good.

7299chia says:

For me, no oe can portray Light Yagami correctly so far in any live adaption. He is such a complex charactor to portray.

ApexGamer says:

the movie triggered me I hate it hate it hate it I decided to watch it I thought I would have a open mind to it I get it’s different but they ruined the movie

DFishFan says:

Thank you man, I’ll probably give in and watch it out of curiosity in the eventual future.

josé jr says:

i liked the acting, it is not like some movies and animes that teens are little adults, he actually acts like a teen

Ocean Tofu says:

Ye the movie sucked ass.
Even the japanese tv series is better…

I feel bad for people who watch this movie first and don’t even know that it was a manga at first and miss on an amazing story that is ×200 better than this american version of it xD

Sibayan2 says:

Just finished the movie myself. Yep, it was painful. The JP versions where better. I would say, even if you aren’t a fan of Death Note, it’s still not that great. Ryuk was the only decent character in the movie, even though I hate how they changed him, he was by far the best. L was okay… at first.

tribopower says:

Omg this was the best movie ever , not even Dragonball Evolution was as good as this , this is quality movie material it will be remembered as classic for years to come for sure!

Griffiths Bankai says:

RYUK was the best portion of the movie, hands down!

Amethyst says:

Of course those of you that have seen the original death note are skeptical and concerned on how much it isn’t similar to the original. But you have to understand that the fact that they took an interesting anime storyline and played with it to make it as modern yet original as possible is pretty respectful and thoughtful. I mean how often do you see originals like this made into modern American cinema? It may not have exceeded its expectations based on the original take on death note but for a modern twist to an interesting anime series such as this one, they did a pretty decent job. They took this show and made their own moves on it so that it can reach out to other viewers who are not familiar with the anime version of it. This movie wasn’t made for just the known fans, it was made for everyone and attempted to stay true to the original as well as grab attention from the non anime fans

The Amazing Lucas says:

This movie was utter garbage. I asked for a refund

s3lfFish says:

this movie is an aberration

Nathan Graham says:

I feel like this could have been good if they just made an entire new story with new characters and a new god of death. After all, Light wasn’t the first human holder and not likely to be the last. And there are many more gods of death. Missed opportunity.

Number 15 Burger King foot lettuce says:

All I have to say is………potato chips

Quen-Quen Potter says:

Dude, great video! But you ruined the film for me lol Still gonna watch, but now I’m more prepared to what’s it’s coming Lol

Waifu Pancakes says:

Death Note is just about my favorite anime, and I really don’t feel that the movie did it justice…

NOCTO says:

This film makes the Japanese films and the Drama look like masterpieces.

mic eatah says:

i be honest i couldnt make it past the first few episodes of the manga i just found it boring wich is ok not everyone has to like it right?
but the fukin movie man i cant even tell how bad this piece of shit is every fukin character (except the father and ofc dafoeeeeee!!) is a stupid weird pussy ( 1 of them literally hehe ) the plot is garbage like i could tell what happens at the end after a few minutes into this trash

Amanda Alcott says:

Has anyone brought up the fact that this movie pretty much ripped of the script of the first episode of the Japanese TV drama almost to the T? Dead mom, him screaming and hiding under the desk when he first sees Ryuk, killing the bully, Light being more friendly with Misa etc.? The sad thing is, the TV drama did a MUCH better job! And that’s saying something!

xiomzorua dkdjdjdj says:

.-. director of the movie should be brutaly murderd via stabing. he litrally butcherd death note as a work of art thus i suggest he be butcherd.

IronicaNomura Hope says:

im just go watch the anime for the 10th time to soothe my eyes from watching that horrible film.

Sloan The Female Otaku says:

Lolz that intro XD

Aaron du Bourg says:

I Feel like all these ppl hating on the Death Note Movie are putting the Manga and Anime on a pedestal. Do you know that movies do sometimes put bloopers in the CREDITS, you make it seem like they were part of the movie. And L did not break character, Watari is pretty much a father figure for L and he is very childish in both the movie and the Anime. Oh and speaking of “Convenient Plot,” The Death Note you and I watched must have been VERY different because Death Note is filled with it. It sure is Convenient that the DN can control events to perfection like the Bus Jacking. And the Light in the Movie has Morals i.e only kill the guilty (Remember he said he only wanted to kill those who are proven to be guilty and not ppl who could just be other people just want dead) whereas Light from the anime throws his morals out the window in favor of God – Complex. This is why I watch / read Reviews uploaded after some time has passed since then it shows that the Reviewers sat down and thought about their review.

sillyredsheep says:

I personally didn’t like L all that much in the movie. The mannerisms were there, however the personality I didn’t find captivating like L in the anime. L in the anime was just weird in every way, but in the movie he was only weird in the way he sat and always ate candy. I didn’t feel like Lakeith Stanfield really connected with the character. And that’s the main thing a movie like this needs, a deep connection between actor and character.

xzenitramx666 says:

Timmy turner is in this movie?

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