Disney’s Live Action Aladdin REACTION – Everything We Know So Far Movie REVIEW

Disney’s Live Action Aladdin REACTION – Everything We Know So Far Movie REVIEW
This is my first movie reaction update thing! I’m so excited! in this video i talked all about the new live action aladdin movie by disney! i honestly think this remake is going to be amazing and i can’t wait for it to come out in 2019! jasmine and aladdin are gonna be real y’all! i will be keeping you guys updated on this movie from the poster to the trailer, and a review when it comes out! let me know what you guys think! thank you for watching!

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Sequioa Caulder says:

I love that on Instagram he liked my comment literally saying Yas my dude thanks Timmy

deja ball says:


Marchingmeme says:

You look like a dad in this and I love it

China Dolled says:

YAAAAAS this is such a good idea for a series omg pls pls pls do more!!! SLAAAY

Jeremiah Ortiz says:

I feel Like the YouTuber “Superwoman” Would Of Did A Better Job as Being Jasmine Just Cause She Has The Long Hair And A Little Bit Of Feature Of Her. But That My Opinion.

M Villarreal says:

Loved this. Saves me from having to do all this research lol

Japple says:

Omg I love Beyond The Trailer!

Sofia K. says:

One of the 2 new songs will be Princess Jasmine’s solo called “Speechless”.Alan Menken said that in an interview and also I read somewhere that Sultan will have song too. Jafar sings in the animation “Prince Ali Reprise”.

Caity G says:

Loooveeeee this video! I hope the live action Aladdin is like the broadway show with Jasmine and Jafar’s song and “Proud of Your Boy” cause it was cut from the animated film.

Seishin Inu says:

*they’re filming iN THE REAL DESERT*

Brittany Humphries says:

Already loving this series!! Yaaaas, slay bihh!

M. 123 says:


Reina Arana says:

Keep doing this i loved it
Maybe next try vlogging

JRae Petrocelly says:

i love this series idea… my favorite thing you said is that jasmine needs her own sassy song twerking in the castle. lol

Catherine Clark says:

Loved this timmy! Can’t wait to see more of these type videos. Ly 🙂

abiline 54321 says:

I love you yassssssss you are awesome if anyone tells you to not be you don’t listen to them you are Perfect Just the Way You Are be yourself always so many people love you and I am just one of them love you Timmy and can’t wait for the next video

annab3ll3 says:

I am disappointed about who was chosen for the genie , maybe josh gad would be better for the role he played olaf so well he is got his own movie

Jessica Caraballo says:

This video is so good… I miss Timmy just talking about things he likes… Like his doll reviews… This video took me back in such a great way

Opnion M says:

I really liked this video, hope to see more movie related vids from you Timmy good job!!!

Esmeralda Gomez says:

I feel like Jazmin’s friend should be Jazmin’s cuz she looks exactly like jazmin

Reina Arana says:

I think this live action version is gonna be good

Cindy Duangmala says:

Jafar is hottttttt

Lierin Woods says:

I’m in love with this!!! Timmy, you are gonna slay movie reviews/news/trailer reactions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXO

Hitler Herps says:

what happened to his boyfriend?

JRae Petrocelly says:

i love this movie topic!!!! keep doing it! I’m glad for the change of pace.

Asha Lambert says:

I have no idea why but this just made me think of your doll review videos and I used to love them so much I love when you did the expensive dolls versus the inexpensive dolls

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