Doctor Strange – Action Review

Doctor Strange is the latest of the Marvel cinematic universe films, but how does it stand up as part of the MCU, and as a mystical, magic-infused action film?

All footage used is taken from official trailers, clips and promo materials.


Кирил Желязков says:

I feel like the closest to Jade Empire film is The Forbiden Kingdom. The story is from the same part of the chinese mithology.

frealms says:

Have to say I disagree with your assessment on the fights and editing. Didn’t think they were rushed or made it choppy, the camera usually pans out to give you the location or the location is established in the previous shot, making it easy to understand who is where.
The action scenes are quite hearty in my eyes as well, showing quite a bit of Strange’s development as a sorcerer.

theantigodoflife says:

“Overall I was let down by the bad guys”

So nothing new for a Marvel movie.

w wyborn says:

the movie was great , my only net pick about it was that i wish it lingered a bit more about the skeptic aspect of him instead of immediately punching his spirit out of his body , in my opinion i think it should have given him a bit more subtle hint that there could actually be magic but he is still speculating whither it really happened or not , the sheer desire of strange wanting his hands back makes him go out of his way to stick and train despite his skepticism still being prevalent , if it had went as long as half of the movie i wouldn’t mind , more character build up and exploring this so called magic over action .

Jason Blalock says:

*SPOILERS!* I totally agree about the rapid/close cutting. It was nearly painful in 3D. However, I think they really dropped the ball during the time-reversing battle. That had SO much potential for awesome setups/payoffs, but instead, it was so chaotic that there was no way to appreciate or even comprehend what was happening. WHAM someone’s closed up in a wall WHAM an aquarium reconstructs, etc. And it could have been one of the most creative action sequences in ages too. 🙁

Roberto Curtu says:

how did you see the movie because I thought it comes out November 4th

Andrew Gwilliam says:

I think you’re a little harsh on the action sequences, although I can see where you’re coming from.

This film did have the potential for greatness, it falls a bit short in numerous ways, but it’s still good.

iamsuperbatman1993 says:

Have you ever considered doing a video on The Dark Knight trilogy?

Taramtatam says:

Like every tv or movie adaptation of the MCU, this film was mediocre.

Stephen Gomez says:

It’s funny I see a lot of critics like yourself go into great detail on several different weak aspects of Marvel movies, whether It’s the color pallete, choppy editing, lacking in character development, uninteresting villains, or lack luster action sequences like you point out, yet somehow most come away with these movies somehow still being “good”. I feel like the emperor has no close here. I’ve long since lost interest in these movies and I’m a fan of Marvel. Dr. Strange was a dull, incoherent, scattered mess.
I suppose people are attracted to the special effects but that seems like an incredibly low standard of judgement to enjoy a movie.

Captain Jakemerica says:

The action wasn’t John Wick or Mad Max Fury Road great but the action isn’t shit by no means

Ly:bInhn DhInhm:Ateidr says:

I liked an amount of the score too. I could remember it, and hum it.

Abe Kane says:

Working my way through your vids. I’m impressed with your ability to articulate your experiences watching them

Stephen Atwood says:

You’re glossing over the fact that Christopher Nolan actually built that hallway set that actually spun 360 degrees.  That was practical effects all the way.  Easier to film longer takes as opposed to the Doctor Strange hallway fights filled with CGI and thusly needing more editing cover any of the scenes weaknesses.

Cornelius Geekdom says:

First time I’ve heard someone asking for a jade empire movie adaptation lol… why not just ask for a new game? I’d prefer that

Luis Ramirez says:

i must say that i was pleasantly surprised

Alexander Angelus says:

Can you imagine how awesome it would be if all other MARVEL properties are acknowledged as existing in different dimensions? Like all Spider-Men are real in their own dimensions? If we ever see Maguire, Garfield and Holland on screen together for even 1 minute, I’ll cry.

Martin Leggett says:

Scott Adkins did the Guyver kick, best part of the movie. I do wish however that they had taken a more LotR approach to the magic powers rather than making everybody martial artists, that seems overdone.

Jamyang Pelsang says:

The intro and final fight scenes with The Ancient One had some nice extended sequences with her character in particular performing fast efficient hand techniques like a real martial artist should. Only catch was the likely use of a stunt double since her back was usually turned towards the camera….

TheAlfsterino says:

Personally the last Marvel film with good fight editing was Captain America. From that point on choppiy edited, hand-held, zoomy in and out, unfocussed camerawork has killed the films for me but that seems to be most films these days. The director/cameramen and editors showing off what new tech can do rather than letting the script and actors breath. I am so glad the Matrix occurred when it did as if it was made these days it woldn’t be the film it was i.e. solidly filmed/directed/edited.

mrbenz19 says:

Your problem with Doctor Strange is similar to mine. I hate how in that small cramped corridor they cut and editing it too quickly.

william says:

Completely agree with your thoughts on the fight scenes. Long lenses and choppy cutting really spoilt it.


Are there any movies where people praise the action but you don’t agree with it?

Marshal Tenner Winter says:

Doctor Strange *sucked*. Yet another marvel film i turned off half-way through. They’re losing it. Unfortunately, marvel’s fans are morons so they haven’t noticed yet.

Takashiari says:

Dormammu, I’ve come to bargain!

Jaimy van der Horst says:

I find most villains underwhelming.
Not necessarily badly portrayed, just… not as iconic as you’d want to,

And…Jade Empire….ooooooohh!!!

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