Escape Plan 2: Hades (2018) [Action Movie Review]

My review of “Escape Plan 2: Hades”, sequel to the 2013 action thriller, directed by Steven C. Miller, starring Sylvester Stallone, Dave Bautista, Wes Chatman, Xiaoming Huang, and Chen Tang.
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Sam John says:

I only able to watch first 15 minutes then stopped, Sylvester took this film because he has some 2018 bills to payoff , he could have taken expendables but it cost more more high paid characters need, then he could have taken Rambo but that leads more cost also Sylvester needs to act full time in the movie but in his age he cannot pull-off such action movie now, so whats left for a low cost not need to act full time it’s only Escape Plan so thats why he filmed that, after this if he try to take Escape Plan 3 , then I will have to Escape From this Country,

Mark Ryan Lopez says:

Stallone and Batista were just supporting roles here actually, the main actors were the Chinese actors which were unknown globally. Maybe they’re popular in China but this is a hollywood movie. The effects were bad. Like after effects for explosion which made the movie very cheap. Why would Stallone even want to be in this film? So bad.

enu de guise says:

the eurpean guy is straight legit

chris lubuguin says:

Yes, forgettable. It looks like a movie for television that got released in the movie cinema. Glad you pointed out the colors/cinematography. It was awful and distracting. I only watched it becuase Dave Bautista was there.

Ziltex Nation says:

Lol u say it has terrible acting and that the film was bad are you a actor, film producer or writer to say any of those comments.

Timliu92 says:

Seriously, what is with the dislikes on this video? Your thoughts are exactly like mine about this movie. This is one of the worst films I have seen all year as well as in a theatre – I cannot believe that I think Fifty Shades Freed is a little better than this (at least that film does not look cheap although everything else was just terrible). The cinematography was so dull and jarring on the eyes, while the editing was also so sloppy and terrible.

Dan Fors says:

How come you are reviewing a movie that won’t be released until two weeks? Seems you might have downloaded it illegally? I hope you took notes from it so you know how to escape jail;-) You sound a bit like Uri Geller by the way. Maybe you can mentally bend prison bars the same way he bend spoons.

The Green Bastard says:

The first one was no masterpiece but it was watchable but this one was atrocious!

moubear32 says:

This movie for me quickly turned into, monks of the shaolin prison, not where I thought it was going at all.

Rick Meskauskas says:

$137,000,000 plus gross homie, fix your American accent before you try to talk shit about things us Americans are excited for also grow some facial hair before you talk about adult things, stick to talking about shitty superhero movies…..

Aimopotis 80 says:

This is like a cheap film from the 80’s.

Ded Snek says:

The first one was pretty good.

Matt Mørke says:

i liked Bautista badass as fuck hahahahah but the plot was horrible

Tony Benz says:

Can u review the movie insdead of talking about the first one

Mark Mistry says:

O hello check the records bro .. The movie was amazing .. Probably for the smart ones … dah …

Vishnu S says:

first one was pretty good

Mhacxk Strolling says:

uhmm its ur movie review but the 1st one is decent u remember stalone and arnold together bec they almost together all the time in the movie lol but the 2nd one is a bull crap

Check That says:

Fuck you..u stupid

Eduardo B. R. says:

What killed me was the sound of a hard drive from 1980 when that big dude goes see the BUG and that sound keeps playing in the background!!! i wanted to die 🙁
The first movie is bad, but it’s watchable, the only part i dislike from the first movie is that FORCED scene with that stupid TERMINATOR trying to be the TERMINATOR again when he grabs that huge machine gun, like uuuuuurrrgggggg 🙁

Hairy Neck says:

I’m going to watch it tonight. Hay but I agree with you, why.

IncognitoYotta says:

First one was ok but second one oh my god shame shame shame. WTF

knighteclipse says:

total crap compared to the first one :C

FlipTricker HD says:

I enjoyed the first film. but this was one of the worst movies i’ve ever seen. Everything in this film is horrible. Im still in pain after watching it

viper 2.0 says:

they shouldn’t mad this movie lol its nothing like the first one which I love the first one felt real everyone acted they ass off in that movie well done . but this movie it’s a 3 out of 10 the story is all over the place felt nothing like the first movie where you want them to escape this crazy place. this movie you don’t care for nobody in this film smh Stallone just bad in this one he’s trying to be more of a badass in this movie lol Bautista should stay away from Stallone movies he doesn’t put much real work into the writing like he does with the Rocky movies

the syco ART says:

First movie was good then this is just crap. They made it sci-fi crap. And cgi is shittttt

Dark Prince says:

Worst movie of the year..i want my money back..

Mohammad Tashkandi says:

I feel so bad that this movie had great potential but was entirely ruined by its directing and acting. Many scenes throughout the movie follow almost no logical sequence at all!!
Even the escape plan itself wasn’t as good as in the first movie.

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