FAR CRY 5 INSIDE EDEN’S GATE MOVIE REVIEW – The Double Toasted podcast usually do movie reviews but very rarely touch on short live action films based on video games. With Far Cry 5 coming out with such a great gameplay trailer that everyone has been losing their minds about, it only made sense for Korey Goodwin from The HIgh Score to go in and do a review of Far Cry 5: Inside Eden’s Gate. Our hype for Far Cry 3 and 4 will be tested with this one as we go in and review a hype short that serves one purpose and one purpose only: To get us to want to buy the full experience in getting the Far Cry 5 video game. Did it work? Find out in this funny movie review video!

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Shroom Sorcerer says:

Glyenhall is a Swedish/Scandavdian name

Justin Tittle says:

The blonde girl wasn’t the marine it was the lady who was driving in the beginning. Much love from the ATL.

Jesse Sosa says:

Keep up the hating Gritssss.

Sentai Guy XD says:

Remember when Ubisoft tried to make a watch dogs movie

Colt 1847 says:

A lots of luck for you in the future Girts.
Movies and video games Reviews will never be the same in Double Toasted without you.

The Senate says:

Somebody handcuff Girts to that chair quick so he can’t leave, just feed him three square meals a day.

Cameron Miguel says:


Ziad Obaid says:

Good luck Grits we will miss you thanks for the memories

Andy Kerrigan says:

I’m legit sad that Girts is leaving DT :c

bigvirgotube says:

Z-Nation! Kelitta Smith! Go Warren! What Michonne should be…

Ashton Turner says:

Where the hell is Girtz going!?!?

Kingx Kai117 says:

“Halo Forward unto Dawn”never gonna stop XD

phephemigi says:

I live in montana, i have almost no idea what that guy could have been talking about. There has been a few neo-nazis cropping up, but no cultists…

Maybe is different in eastern montana, but where I live in a place that’s relatively moderate. (Being a red state and all)

GrayWoIf says:

Great now they’re gonna bring back Will

ChaChee Kent says:

All the best, Girts!

Anthony Salazar says:

Press F to pay respects to girts

DazzOne3099 says:

But, I like Girts!!

Julian Styles says:

White guy looks like a hyena

Mr. 2cents. says:

Dan Hay said, there are groups in Montana, if you’re not with them, you don’t eat.

TheRogueMage says:

Cool. You two get to do your own review videos. Other dude was talking too much.

M Huh says:

I didn’t think Prince of Persia was that bad.

Altieriin Buzzkill says:

Wow 9 minutes till you actually talk about what you say you’re going to videos and posters like this are what’s ruining YouTube and then people complain why they’re getting demonetized

Mason Darden says:

Is Tommy getting out of jail

Cinnamon Bunn says:

JeruZalem is fun to watch.

Sine Nomine says:

we’ll miss you blortz

lane877 says:

whats going on in Austin ?

Mariquis Flora says:

Anyone know the song korey played during girts final farewell? The one that almost made him cry.

knoble1985 says:

Legacy of kain movie I want or game at least

An sionnach dearg says:

im willing to bet that no a single director or producer has actually played and finished the game they made a movie about in the last 20 years.

Paul Beatz says:

Yoooooo.. Fuck Montana!.. I thought this shit was a joke about Neo Conservatism.. I had no idea there were real crazy fuckers out there doing this shit… Fucking flyover states man.

xXGhostXx1995 says:

If you watch Preacher from AMC the main villain is in the game is Jesse Custer

ren martin2109 says:

I haven’t been up on DT as of late, but I heard the news of Girts’ departure and I want to wish him the best. Thank you, Girts for your quick wit and good assessments on films and of course your firey rage toward films that deserve to get shitted on, and those qualities brought a lot to the Weekly Roast and Toast and Movie Review Extravaganza.

Mike Warner says:

What makes u guys sisckle and ebert? It was an ad. Take it for what it is! An ad!!

Dirvinator says:

15:27 “Looking forward to the new *Far Cry 4* game”
What year are you living in?

BIGBDABO$$ says:


Jonny Rogers says:

Speaking of Ads, I’m surprised you guys didn’t even look into Kingsglaive. Not only a huge advertisement for FFXV, but also the lowest form of product placement I’ve ever seen.

Nick Mattio says:

It’s prob stuff like sodium penethol that makes u very easily influenced, lead and accepting of w.e is told of u

4Real Bruh says:

We didn’t have a send off for Tommy or Shea & now Girts, smh what happens when Martin leaves the show when he turns 85? I know he isn’t even 50 yet but you know what i’m saying.


Fuck No! I rather watch the new Tomb Raider than ASSassin’s Creed.

Prodigy Lives On says:

Is Z Nation scarier than TWD? TWD isn’t scary, but a more horrifying zombie show would be cool to see.

HotPocketsBoy says:

Damn. Glad to see you guys safe with all those bombs going off.

M Huh says:

15:27 what a screw up.

sonicsnake44 says:

I agree Z Nation is awesome.

Austin Clement says:

My dad used to watch Z Nation it looked like fun

Niko Lara says:


SgtHydra says:

If Jake Gyllenhaal can’t play ‘Prince of Persia’, then maybe you should speak up when Idris Elba plays Heimdall.
Or maybe you should shut up in both cases.

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