Fullmetal Alchemist Live Action movie 2017 REVIEW & REACT

Bust or Blockbuster? Exclusive review of the 2017 live adaptation of the Full Metal Alchemist movie. The Elric brothers Edward and Alphonse to obtain the philosophers stone. We’ll review if this Japanese movie is worth watching.


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๖ۣۜF-๖ۣۜβ♂¥ ²² says:


mkl says:

I think it’s sad that this ever happened – FMA and NGE were the only two animes I ever watched fully (around 15+ years ago), so I actually hoped that a live action thing wouldn’t be.. a thing..

Bheriath says:

Mr Director have ginger fetish… for both genders.

John Alexandropoulos says:

I Believe the best reaction/review for the movie was Cathy’s face after then she saw the movie!

nafis ibrahim says:

sadly, will it be release in Malaysia? :'(

KingsRight says:

sounds like it’s best suited for non-fans.  i’ve only seen a few episodes of the anime.  I never could get into it.. probably because i was too busy with other things.  Warner Brothers has their name on this.. that explains the good cgi.  i generally don’t care much for movies with too much action any more, but i looked at this trailer and it seems like something i might like.  I find a lot of movies today rely too much on special effects/cgi and jumping around with crazy camera angles that i get a little lost.  the transformers movies are a good example…  there is just too much robots flipping around and wrestling and things blowing up that i get bored because i don’t know what i’m looking at… chaos.  for this reason, i prefer movies made before cgi was a thing.. because movies had to get creative with more character development then.  since cgi, i find too many movies are very generic.. like what Fast Food is to the food industry.  If Cat had to cover eyes from cgi a bunch then i might not like it.. maybe yes, maybe no. i’d like to still see out of curiosity.

Ultrasphere says:

Solid review guys! As a huge FMA fan I probably won’t ever going watch this adaptation, but I guess it’s nice way to promote such wonderful series. Even though I wonder how Major Armstrong would have looked on the screen 😀 I can’t get over the fact that the Director-san has been involved in making the original series. So cool!

Melody chachan says:

I watched the Anime a long time ago. But I am not sure whether I want to see the movie. I’ve seen the advertisements at the Cinema…. But…. seeing Al… seeing…. the actors…. It kinda put me off. Can’t imagine it being as good as the brotherhood serious. Thanks for the review anyway, but it didn’t make me wanna watch it.

Maia Jones says:

Why won’t your friend show his face,

Felipe Chaves says:

Oh no you guys walking past shinjuku T_T 日本が恋しすぎる〜 やばいいい

Isabelle Greg says:


*WATCH NOW : **plus.google.com/u/4/collection/UA2mUE*

jpotion says:

really? i have not watched the movie, but just from what i saw in the trailers, i thought the costumes looked quite cosplay-y! :/

KingsRight says:

it’s also neat that the director worked on the anime..  since i saw a few episodes of when this series began then i likely saw his artwork?

Soron Quenta says:

I’m so jealous of all of you right now… T_T

Mecks089 says:

The Cinema is also a Hotel? …Wow. How does that work out?

Maia Jones says:

When is the movie coming to the USA I would love to see it

nick nick says:

Thank you very much for this. It was really interesting hearing Cathy’s comments as someone who didn’t know the manga/anime (neither do I). It’s made me want to keep an eye open for this if it ever comes to the UK

By the way, if anyone is interested here is a trailer for the film with English subtitles:-


p.s. Any reason why the director has a British flag on his cap?

Fina Dikk says:

Thanks for this, Omg. I really want to watch this movie, very excited. although still awaiting announcements aired outside Japan :'(

Doctor Anime says:

“Edward is Handsome…” -Director…

Doctor Anime says:

I was not planning watching because of the Attack on Titan live adaptation. I kinda gave up on them. But I’m going to give this one a try just because Cathy lol. I read that they’re making a Kimi no na wa (your name) live adaptation with J.J. Abrams as director and with the original film producer “Genki Kawamura “. The only live adaptation I’m excited for. What do u think about that? I hope they stay true to the movie with a Japanese cast and based in Tokyo. Hopefully they don’t switch the setting but if they do do u think it would work?

Kurt Valenzuela says:


Maia Jones says:


Someone Else says:

why you hiding Mr Director? We just want to see you smile?

Garthic says:

FMA has been on my play queue forever but I Haven’t watched it yet. NOw I am thinking that perhaps I should watch the Film first, then the anime. That way I am less disappointed in the film and the anime can fill-in and holes or answer any questions after. Hmm. Thoughts? Film First, or anime first?

Jun Jin says:

There was no German in the anime though, in the anime they used Japanese and some english text too.
Because like Attack on titan it’s not really “based on Germany” but influenced by it along with other different countries.

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