Fullmetal Alchemist Live Action Movie Review

The watchable Fullmetal Alchemist does little to reverse the trend of disappointing movie adaptations of manga series.

Fullmetal Alchemist Live Action Trailer (Netflix)

Attack on Titan: Live Action Trailer

Tokyo Ghoul: The Movie – Live Action Trailer

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jake peralta says:

wish holywood would make a fma movie but not mess it up with their bs and change the story

Shmacked Muffins says:

One adaptation that i wouldn’t have mind white washing.

IamKnucks says:

Anime is already so terrible, live action just has nowhere to go. Over acting, lame stories targeting teens who want to feel special, and cinematography that can’t decide if its a movie or video game.

Clever Puppy Studios says:

6.5??!! That movie was absolute garbage!

Jose Rojas says:

Terrible adaptation! But if you forget all you know about FMA…. 5/10 movie.

lagunadmv says:

The movie is total POOP!!!!! THis movie ruined FMA for me
The acting throughout the actors/actresses are the only positive.
3/10 rating
if you love the anime of brotherhood, DO NOT WATCH this movie, it ruined FMA for me..

Randall Adkins says:

It was, at least, better (and more faithful to the original story), then Deathnote

Ryan Sumayo says:

Zack Snyder would make a cool anime movie

Kevin McBride says:

Excuse you Tokyo ghoul live action was amazing

ucuz12 says:

That hair doesn’t fit at all

pleurat kaciku says:

Fma bh is one of my favorite animes but this was crap, trash, i dont know how to explain this work and why they made a live action of fma. I know it. Nothing remember to fma. The story isnt the same, so many open questions. Its terrible. 0/10. Music bad, scenes bad, characters bad. EXEPTED hughes. He was the only who gives me that feeling of fma.

Travel&Joy says:

Its a good movie.
I prefer 100 times this kind of history that actually make the effort to meet the sourse materiel in many occasions then a Attack on Titans/ DragonballZ kind of life action adptqtion.
I even would watch again.
too many judging eyes over this one because it comes from a such loved manga.
but fans need to be awere that is very hard to make life actions from mangas, sacrufice needs to be done… just watch every movie based on books and you will know what I am talking about.
the movie is what it is and deserves a higher score. it got smart CGI, and the history is very close from sourse material…a surprise coming fro WBrother

DevilSegami says:

It was boring. Flat out. I’m a fan and have been since the manga was running, but this movie dragged from the first second. It was unwatchable.

Bill Anderson says:

It’s a garbage heap. The ending alone ruined an ok movie.


Still better then Dragonball Evolution….

Fransico Benitez says:

Winry and lust need more oppai not enough oppai

Saxofonias says:

It was really good.  Highly recommended.  Probably one of the best anime/movie adaptations.  It is not perfect, but it was good.  Deserves 7.5 out of 10.

Michael Mcclain says:

It was about the same as any Japanese live action adaptation of a Manga. If you like one, chances are, you’ll like all of them. Same goes for the opposite.

NOCTO says:

Ed was really damn good in this film, the actor did a fantastic job. His facial expressions were halirious in the funny scenes and he’s cute as hell.

Mykiea Mcafee says:

I am not a fan of this movie , it’s lame

Obsequey says:

I’ve seen far worse, at least they tried capturing what made the anime great, but the plot was put together rather poorly and the acting from most of the cast ranged from uninspired to pretty damn awful. The woman who played Winry easily pulled off the worst acting I’ve seen this year so far.


I’m not watching it too much cgi

Crushing It says:

Yellow washed is a thing now

Daves GoldenDuck says:

This film was BRILLIANT

chirag krishna says:

Whattttttttt there is Tokyo ghoul live action adaptation?????????????

kohrean says:

Please stop adapting anime into live action. There’s a reason why they’re made as anime. Just go rewatch FMA: Brotherhood. Still totally holds up.

Leon Martin says:

just watch the movie..it ruined all my memory for both manga and anime..why envy not turn into monster???why mustang so weak??no epic fighting scene..why….

avp251 says:

Haven’t trusted an IGN movie review since Dragonball Evolution and this is why.

Joshua Parris says:

In my opinion the characters shouldn’t be Asian cuz like the anime obviously took place in Europe and the amestrians were obviously like Germans blonde hair and blue eyes? Just saying. I know it’s not cool to white wash films but it just seems more realistic to cast characters as seemed in the source material and his last name is Elric I’m pretty sure that’s like European like German or polish or sum. Like I wouldn’t mind some characters being Asian like mustang or gluttony it would be cool if the whole seven deadly sins where like different races or sum idk. But they could’ve done a better job of portraying one of the best anime

M Doz says:

its the best anime to live action movie to date loved t yeah the storyline was abit meh but overall brilliant

John B says:

How are you just gonna have a guy cast that looks to be in his mid 30s as a kid and not acknowledge that is the reason the portrayal of Edward doesn’t feel right. He’s a grown man trying to portray a teen it just looks creepy

nerdgen314 says:

Yo Griffin!

Adrian Hurtado says:

The setting of the anime is taken place in Germany early 1900’s, the main characters are represented as white Germans. I get that its a Japanese anime but this anime is great in English dubbed. Watching this from an American director with an English version like they did with ‘Death Note’ would have made this movie more interesting and enjoyable to watch. This is just my opinion, I’m just stating what people don’t ever talk about.

Paul P says:

Edward cried more in this movie than Peter did in Spider-Man . In fact he cried more than he used alchemy. Should’ve been titled crybaby alchemist. Now I want to cry.

Gary Madafaka-Oak says:

This movie expected you to have seen Brotherhood, because it constantly did that “hey, we did thid thing from that series, did you get it” and it was too condensed like every movie based on series ever. Feature length film is just bad format for this kind of adaptation. But at the same time it clearly was made also to attract new viewers, who most likely got most confusing 2 hours of their lives. And as said in the video, the movie completely lacked the action-packed tone the series had and lead actors replaced all the expressions with few loud screams.

Also, the movie was way too silent. OST was like 85% of the reasons I watched some otherwise terrible series like SAO and Fairy Tail and while FMA was great series even without soundtrack, it wouldn’t have been complete without it. And that’s exactly how I felt during those silent moments. The silence rarely conveyed anything, it was there just because nobody bothered to replace it with anything. If I heard something that even resembled main theme of FMA Brotherhood, I would have liked the movie way more than I currently did

Santiago Rodriguez Guillen says:

Was bad, I needed to skip 30 minutes of the movie to make it eatable. Actors are very bad, or the script is horrible, I do not recommend it

N Olesen says:

Wat the FUDGE is wrong with Netflix, sure we get Spanish German and French but English? NOOOOO is so messed up.

Gordon Shumway says:

Maybe anime was never meant to be made into live action movies.

rkkrqqqqrssss says:

Lol…” The movie relies a bit too heavy on CG[I]” Err…last time I checked it’s kind of hard to simulate Alchemy

Nick Pastorino says:

Just watched it. It was probably the most mediocre film I’ve ever seen. It’s basically an extremely watered down, much shorter version of Brotherhood with an altered story. None of the edge-of-your seat excitement of FMAB or the deep and dramatic characterizations of FMA ’03. I’d give it a 6/10, not a terrible movie but it failed to represent it’s anime. I felt like I was watching a commercial for a resort in Italy…

Luis Sanchez says:

I liked it!!!

Donatello I says:

To be fair it isn’t that bad for a live action anime movie from Netflix all people the movie manages to condense the gigantic series in a couple of hours plus it mostly feels like the anime but I do agree it does have its flaws

patrice louis says:

Trash movie


6.5 ? an american guy reviews a japanese movie = Lol !!

darwyn palencia says:

Better cgi then BLACK PANTHER

Luis T07 says:

The only actual Asian characters in the story are Ling, Lan Fan, Fu, and Mei. Everyone else in the story is suppose to be somewhat Western or European. And yet the entire cast for this film is Asians trying to be what are obvious White characters. All I’m saying is that, if this was a movie of white actors playing Asian characters, there would be a huge uproar.

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