Fullmetal Alchemist (Live-Action) – Movie REVIEW

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Ren reviews the live-action adaptation of the beloved anime Fullmetal Alchemist, directed & written by Fumihiko Sori. Starring Ryôsuke Yamada, Atom Mizuishi, Dean Fujioka, Tsubasa Honda, Ryûta Satô, Misako Renbutsu, Yô Ôizumi, Yasuko Matsuyuki, Shinji Uchiyama, Kanata Hongô and Fumiyo Kohinata


The Serpent Lord says:

They did an excellent job on The Mannequin Army. They looked a lot more eerie and shocking than in the anime.

Heroine Reychelle Moya 537 says:

Is it on Netflix or something

HipHopDance03 says:

I watched it and liked it, dont be a fanboy and ruin it.

alexh4319 says:

“There is a good acting.”

Other than maybe Maes actor everyone else is pretty much godawful. Especially Ed’s pretty boy actor who only had about two facial expressions. To each they’re own, I guess.

richardhalo says:

I’m sorry but I disagree with you totally regarding this movie.
There were too many plot lines inserted in the film that needed to be solved quickly due to time restraints making the climax a pure meh.
None of the cast were believable playing their characters, it looked like they were reading their lines instead of acting them properly, they tried to hard to act anime and made it al cringy af.
The villains… oh boy… I was laughing my ass off every time they appeared on the screen.
So many wigs.
The visual effects were 10%-ish good while the rest looked cheap.
The directing was bad too, even tho they made some filming on location they used too many artificial lighting thus loosing the realism of the scene.
The soundtrack was all over the place and nothing memorable.

Rebuswind says:

looks great but impossible to watch through…I had to stop in the middle and finished it the next day. every one looks like the part but none of them really feels like the character in the tv show. some acting are so cringe that I can not even look at my monitor. only people I don’t have problems with is huge and mustang….As a fan of the TV show….I just can not really enjoy this movie…It is just way to forced and stupid…FMA is a smart show with a lot of undertone, a lot of philosophy depth…this movie feels like a cosplay show with good budget…so sallow that I can not even breath on it…or you would see the bottom of it.

Bu Pias says:

Would you say this is one of the best live action anime adaptations? I ask because everytime there is one it ends up badly haha

Mariana Costa says:

Ooooh I wanna see it now! I’m curious x)


i was hoping it would be based on brotherhood not the original but it was good. i dont like how they handled the 5th laboratory tho, and that they completely left out scar and almost all narrative on ishval

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