Fullmetal Alchemist (Live Action Netflix) – Movie Review

While the live action Fullmetal Alchemist film has been out for a bit in Japan it hasn’t had a US release until now thanks to Netflix. I’ve heard mixed opinions going into watching this but as a fan of the source material I hope it doesn’t let me down so without further ado here’s my movie review of Fullmetal Alchemist.

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PikaLink91 says:

It had its moments, but the intro where Al flies away on a piece of floor like it was the magic carpet from Aladdin, instead of dissolving intro nothing, really left a bad tatse in my mouth early on.

It was okay for a live-action adaptation, but why was Ed a teenager when we see the flashback where he transmutes his brothers soul, when he was clearly a kid in the opening scene where the transmuation of their mother went wrong??

Heza Saitou says:

It’s not a wig. Yamada actually dyed his hair. The braid is the only fake hair. The hair dresser could’ve styled his hair better so it wouldn’t look like a wig.

Bull Session says:

You and I have hit on a lot of the same points in our reviews of this film. I couldn’t quite put my finger on the music in that opening scene, but it was very Pirates of the Caribbean, yea.

Gary Lau says:

If they make a sequel, Sonny Chiba for King Bradley!

very dumb kid says:

Every thing sucks

lagunadmv says:

I just watched it.. The movie is total POOP!
Acting is the only positive out of this shitty movie.
3/10 rating
If you love the anime, dont watch this movie.. This movie ruined FMA for me

Evan AGM says:

Yes let’s make everyone Asian to appease the SJW’S even though it is a story written and made by a Japanese mangaka she set the story in a European (alternate universe germany) country. They decide to make everyone Asian, way to go netflix, trying to appease the Fuckwit’s that haven’t even watched or read the series so much you missed the whole actual culture of the world and fucked it up.
*real spoilers (couldn’t give a shit about what the movie has to say but spoilers for the real story)*
Casting all the actors as asian was really really stupid since if they try to make another movie, they can’t use scar, because one of the biggie plot points……

Is that he kills winery’s parents, and the reason is because after he was attacked, tortured, scarred and saved by his brother, who then died, he was high on emotions and in a fit of rage killed her parents, because of their blonde and and more importantly, their *Blue* eyes. But in this shit they made winery not blonde and because it’s an Asian actress she can’t have blue eyes.

And that’s what’s wrong with this whole shitty movie, it has none of the intelligence and heart, none of the emotion, and what makes the series great.

Mauricio Diaz says:

Great review, i agree with u, but i just want to know if japan have some better actors, because these dont have emotion at all, ed for example. Sometimes the complete silence seems like will kill me. And they could have done one “enemy” each time, like the priest and Scar in one movie, and another enemy on the next …i cant see how they will make a sequence and a alternative ending because they adapted the real final of the anime in this movie! Loved your review, hello from Brazil! 🙂

Ace Red’s Fan edits says:

I thought it was a great Japanese film. Though I love Japanese tokustasu (Tokusatsu is any Japanese film that uses special effects, most are practical effects like Godzilla and power rangers, but this one is definitely high quality) but yeah it isn’t my favorite Japanese film, I still think Godzilla vs king ghidora , super hero taisen, and attack ok titan are the best live action Japanese films,

LaldoFiasco7 says:


very dumb kid says:

About the movie

Johnny B says:

Good review. Think I’ll stick with the anime.

Roxas Riku says:

They get the voice actor from the Anime in to dub it i will watch… but 2 hrs of reading meh

einc70 says:

Going blind wth the series I’ve enjoyed it. And gave me a hint of what the series is about. I might be watching the series since this gave me a direction to where this is going. I feel sorry his brother stuck in that dimension deprived of his body. Hopefully they find a way to get it back. Please no spoilers.

CodeBlue Archives says:


Austin Hammacks Reviews says:

I am watching it tommorow

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