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Episode #149: Harrison Ford
Jon kicks off the second annual ACTION MOVIE MONTH by reviewing five of Harrison Ford’s best non-franchise action movies; “Blade Runner” – the sci/fi noir film from 1982, the Amish drama “Witness”, the big-screen adaption of a famous 1960s action TV show, “The Fugitive”, the big-budget action adventure “Air Force One”, and a buddy-cop comedy, “Hollywood Homicide” from 2003.

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Tonight’s Films:
• Blade Runner (1982) — Contains beautifully imagined allegories within a plodding story, 8/10.
• Witness (1985) — Plain presentation, but emotionally captivating, 8/10.
• The Fugitive (1993) — Taut and suspenseful script with excellent performances, 9/10.
• Air Force One (1997) — Unapologetic adventure that boasts unforgettable action, 10/10.
• Hollywood Homicide (2003) — Underrated procedural with silly situations, 6/10.

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• Murder At 1600 (1997) — http://micropoll.com/t/KB75rZVPdh
• U.S. Marshals (1998) — http://micropoll.com/t/KB75rZVPdi

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Mārtiņš Tooms says:

Liked it a lot , because of the intro 

AireTamStormer says:

It’s amazing to see how far this show has come. Great work as always.

NickGreyden says:


Kyle's Channel says:

US Marshalls: The secret villain in the movie is a great reveal and performance from that actor. But the movie as a whole is just so boring most of the way through. (4/10)

abdulmohsen almilli says:

Witness is not an action movie per se.In fact,it’s Ford’s first real attempt at trying something different than the roles he usually takes like Star Wars and Indy Jones.

myles d says:

you are an excellent movie reviewer 

Dustin Krueger says:

the law enforcement tactical vest does make you look like a real U.S. Marshal officer, Jon

BrooksterMax says:

Great intro, nice move to keep the outfit throughout the reviews.

You obviously enjoy putting this content together and I certainly think you put on a great show. Thanks!

rajparmarman says:

Jon is that a real gun? (that’s what she said……..)

TheTechnoisAlive says:

Any chance you seen Field in England?   I really would like to know your thoughts on that film.

bluewolf963 says:

That intro was amazing. I also found your change in attire kinda refreshing. Swapping out the suit once in a while for something related to the movies being reviewed isn’t a bad idea once in a while. It’s amazing how a small change can work well when done right. You still look professional, but it’s new. That’s my thought on it. 

Tony Green: KyleLarsonFTWBradKeselowskiFTL says:

I thought you already reviewed Air Force One, lol. Anyways, great episode Jon, as always.

Dalton Moen says:

I really want to know, does whoever sees this think Harrison Ford is their favorite actor, because he’s mine and no one ever agrees with me. He has one of the best lists of movies credited to him, with 3 giant franchises behind him. Its a damn shame he’s never won an Oscar

SkywalkerAni says:


Sorry, I geeked out.  I love those movies, with Raiders of the Lost Ark being my second favorite movie of all time (losing only Back to the Future), and is my favorite action/adventure movie. 

Gil Carvalho says:

are you gonna do your special review of best picture oscar nominees this year as well?

SkywalkerAni says:

Also, like I mentioned, I might have to go with Indiana Jones as my favorite Harrison Ford character.  I think you said before, it’s like the role he was meant to play.

actionerd101 says:

Indiana Jones!

Mateusz Wojtkiewicz says:

Great intro, Jon. Air Force One is so great!

I find your low score for Blade Runner disturbing 😉

BobaFett99 says:

US marshals: Underrated spin off, fun, action-packed and cleverly written, though falls short of ‘The Fugitive’, 7/10.

Crazy Viewer says:

I may like “Air Force One” more than “Star Wars”. 

Icebears4ever says:

Looking forward to your oscar special episode. 🙂

LahLahLand says:

Do you need permission to use all those movie clips?

MrCarlsenth says:

I just love the intros!! Good job!

williamtheconqueror3 says:

Witness is available on Netflix if you guys want to see it, its very interesting and amazing.

Logan Hamilton says:

The Air Force one plane looks pretty much like the actual AFO plane.

710tech glass says:

Why did you quit the Microwave Show? There are way better channels out there that do movie review/parodies and other bullshit.

You had one fucking job. Microwave shit and get views and you fucked that up

Dyonus says:

My favorite character of his is Indiana Jones.

DudeTheXFilesRules says:

Bahaha you should do a new series where you kind of parody the movies like you did here in the intro but just make them longer. that would be funny.

Sean Patchen says:

That action intro was really 100% awesome and cool!

brother old says:

girl show 18++ https://goo.gl/X8fKHY

BobaFett99 says:

Passenger 57: Pure 90s fun. While not the best written or acted, it is fun and thrilling in parts, 6/10.

Pretty Much Average says:

Lovely review Jon, as always!
Can’t wait to see the rest of action month and I also can’t wait for the Oscar special episode coming little less than a month away.

BalthazarBD says:

Wow! Amazing channel!


SignoftheStar says:

Poll Question: Harrison Ford will always be Han Solo.

JWUniverse says:

Awesome Reviews Jon All great movies. So glad you added Hollywood Homicide to the list that is my most watched HF movie next to Air Force One! 

NewWave Productions says:

PLEASE take a second to check out my short film titled HOMICIDIUM. The film is about a SCHIZOPHRENIC college student who has a MANIC episodes and violent visions of MURDERING his classmates.!

Communicator says:

I’ve never heard of the fugitive. However to me it sounds like Taken 3 is follows the same plot line.

nintendoboy17 says:

My favorite Harrison Ford character? Jack Ryan (if we’re leaving out Star Wars And Indy).

cavv0667 says:

Jogs…. The only Presidential plane w/ an escape-pod that I recognize is in Escape From NewYork!!!! Woot Woot!  Plissken Rules!!! 

cpudude30k says:

Great reviews as always Jon. 

williamtheconqueror3 says:

I love air force one! excellent film, gary oldman did such an excellent job as a Russian terrorist. later, he played the Russian soldier in call of duty world at war then a prisoner and friend of Mason in black ops.

williamtheconqueror3 says:

“get off my plane!” that is the most badass line in movie history!

It's Jake says:

Hey Jon, I think it’s obvious to me and everyone that you really liked Interstellar. So, do you feel like it’s been snubbed at the Oscars by not being nominated for movie of the year? Or do you think that there was a lot of competition this year?

sfighter00 says:

I think it should come as no surprise that my favorite Harrison Ford character is a tie between Hon Solo from Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Both those those characters were Ford as his prime before The Fugitive (which I have yet to see). 

NickGreyden says:

Murder at 1600 –  A completely underrated film complete with both wit and suspense. The dead ends never unnecessarily slow the story. One of the few mystery/suspense that kept me guessing all the way through. 9/10

US Marshals – TLJ is back as the hard nosed agent, and Snipes makes a worthy foe. The breaks in action allow just long enough to catch your breath as it builds up to the next great action sequence. 9/10

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