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James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez spent 200 million dollars and roughly 20 years trying to bring Yukito Kishiro’s beloved cyberpunk manga to life

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Zuriel Babida says:

I’m watching the movie now and I get what you mean XD

Jt Jose says:

You definitely should check out the manga the anime is ok but its really short.

Primarch Rainier of the Starmarks says:

I didn’t even know Alita BA was based on something from Japan.

So… Astroboy x Alita BA crossover when?

Joseph Estepa says:

I originally saw this trailer when i watched Aquaman. First impressions were that: “Hmm.. this looks cool.. She does look cute in that anime looking way.” Still, i havent coughed up the $10.50 to watch it in theaters.

Yap Meng Joe Ho Jun Yon says:

I love this movie

Jason Chaos says:

I actually really liked the movie but that’s probably because it has a great director robert Rodriguez and a great producer/screenplay writer james cameron i know it wasnt the best writing but it was decent and the idea was pretty creative i really liked it this actually makes me want to watch the anime should i?

The action was really good the cgi was FREAKING AMAZING the characters design was amazing and i liked the father figure i honestly cant remeber his name off the top of my head
If and when they make the attack on titan movie i hope that tries as hard as this and ends up good so yay i guess
Oh and i thought that this actress who played alita was like 16 with all that cgi on her you see i liked it but i dont know if i would see it again.

Paul Chien says:

Alita was THE BEST PART. She’s the first & best cyberpunk (soon to be ) Disney princess. 5th viewing tonight! Two decades waiting. Dialogue directly from the manga!

David Mittelsteadt says:

I love it

アニメAnimeIsArt says:

Can somebody tell me why big anime youtubers like AnimeMan and Gigguk didn’t make a video about Alita?

thomas smith says:

i want to see it. apart from my inital turn off from the irl big eyes i wanted to see it. when i found out it was a manga adaptation i was interested

Elli brickzzz says:

I have red the manga

Hok Ta says:

I was actually happy not everything was explained… a lot of stuff we didnt need to know to understand and enjoy the movie.. if we got soo much information the movie would of been boring and slow paced

__ Demjin __ says:

I love attack on titan, but the amount of time, effort, and talent required to pull off a live-action film like that is unimaginable. All we can do is hope.

skinny slim says:

Nice video, I will watch it someday on my phone lol, I’m really busy these days.

zarovv says:

i cant watch the movie because the eyes are too disturbing

TryHardDeadmau5 says:

The movie was really good

Lynn Perretta says:

When I first saw the trailer, I started screaming in the theater. I was so excited because I have wanted to see this for years. It was good and far better than I thought it would be, given previous anime adaptations.

It’s been a couple of decades since I read the Manga, so I don’t remember enough to know how faithful it was. A lot of key points, though, I was like, “oh yeah”. And at the end I was like, “oh … oh no. Oh yeah.”

It really did a good job of reminding me why I loved the Manga and the character of Alita.

I also think that they did a good balance of exposition and world emerson to get the world building done. Not quite your standard level of new world exposition, but not the Riddick levels of absence either.

I'm the captain now says:

At least they didnt cram the whole manga into a single movie. Man that would have been awful. But this… its amazing. When the sequel is out it’ll paint it in a much better picture than people give credit for. I dont recall a manga/anime adaptation being this good since.. ever. Even when its this good people like to bitch about trivial things and im glad people arent paying attention to the noise they are making. The movie is great even if youre only into the action.

House of M says:

Alita cured all Dragon Ball Evolution disease and Anime Live Action(In Hollywood) adaptation
Cause that duology needs to happen

Ethan Yeo says:

Battle Angel was the best sci-fi / anime adaptation movie I’ve seen in the last few years

dash camm says:

Is gakusen toshi asterisk season 3 possible

jeffri says:

I love it and want to see more. Some movies left you satisfied, some left you with wanting to see more. Neither is bad, but Alita is on the latter camp. I think this is the first hollywood movie that is capable to make me feel like this. The last time is with Arrietty from Ghibli, although with Ghibli, there is never a hope with sequel… but Alita has hope and there is so much more to tell.

I want to see Jashugan fight with Alita. I want to see Den fight with Alita (gosh that one will be amazing with this much budget).

NucaCola says:

Don’t know why you’re so quick to say this movie is going to bomb

CraftDoesMine says:

will ther be an attack on titan hollywood movie?

Asip says:

because is stick to the source.. and plus.. the story itself was “UNIVERSAL” theme.. and dont have many JAPAN character..

Silverblade Dagger says:

I watched it. I saw the OVA years ago too. It wasn’t perfect, the dialogue was off, and there wasn’t enough of certain characters, and too much of others, so it didn’t fully flesh out the story, but I really liked it. I will say that, as far as adaptations and representing anime/manga is concerned, this turned turned the corner and represents a good start for movies getting it right. There was plenty of eye candy, but really it comes down to the story and the main character. I think the way she was awkward, and even a little annoying at first, is because we are to experience this world through her amnesiac eyes. If your memory was wiped, how would you act in a world completely alien to you, with alien rules, and alien social norms? You can see things get better as she is adjusting to things, and a building of confidence in herself. In the end, it is her determining what she is and what she does, instead of the world doing that. So you grow as an audience member as she does on the screen, if that makes any sense. I liked the movie a lot, and I’d like to see an even better sequel to it. I never read the manga, that isn’t my thing, but the OVA I saw is essentially the same as the movie, with certain things changed and added here and there. It ended pretty much where the movie ended, and for the last 20 or so years, I wanted to see more to the story. This movie make me want to see more, because I know there is more knowing what little I know of the manga, and what the movie alludes to. 8/10

Binh TC Nguyen says:

am i hearing things?

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