Hunter Killer Angry Movie Review

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Hunter Killer is a surprisingly entertaining submarine action flick that while cliche, manages to be engaging, here is why!

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Gabriel López says:

Yes, Red October is a masterpiece.

Kermit of Rivia says:

Everyone knows that Joe likes other Joe’s submarine tipping his iceberg….

Spectrum says:

Water is wet.

Frank the Ant says:

So when I’m in the tub my submarine has trouble fitting. It’s a BIG SUBMARINE PPL, someone help me…………….

Adam Savage says:

“What is down periscope”. Mkay. Joe needs to view and review some classic TV and Movies. I’d watch it.

Tyler O'Donnell says:

Hunter killer is 100% adrenaline.
Me: where is my lin? I expected more drowning people ans shit. Fuck a submarine is for pussies anyways. Like you reading this fuk off lol jk.

Stardust Duck says:

Other Joe just wait

Absolynth says:


Bryan Von Stase says:

What is OTHER TITAN BIG JOE drinking?

The Surly Gamer says:

After taking my ASVAB the Navy tried to convince me to enlist to go onto a sub. Tin can, claustrophobic, underwater. No thanks, I wanted something safer so I went Army Infantry…

AntiCheatBot says:

6:31 LOL

tominfhl says:

Man I like the upbeat nature of this review … and the way the gang is getting along … idk I really like this

Garrett Rodgers says:

These guys didn’t like Halloween but think this shit film is good LMFAOOOOOOO

Josh Perry says:

Let me spell it out for you. We don’t go to the movies to be be “entertained.” I’d stay home and play video games if that were the case. We want movies with substance, story, character development, and a good plot. 5/10 review.

Brer Rabbit says:

You all should do a review on Operation Petticoat. 🙂

Free Flow says:

I love your channel! You always put a smile in my face. Thank you! Mucho amor desde España 🙂

Trevor Sluder says:

At the start of the spoiler section joe cut off the other guy just to finish saying exactly what he was saying

Bj says:

rdr2 make the goddanm reveiw already nobody likes these trash movie reveiws if we want that we go to someone else fucking bitch joe

Brian Burdan says:

Why don’t submarines just carry a large supply of Flex Tape to fix leaks in the pipes? That’s all I could think about when the torpedo room started flooding.

mystry1773 says:

So you guys like submarine movies… would you consider “the incredible mr. Limpet” a submarine movie? Have you heard of it? Or seen it?

Navy FanMan says:

Yay sub movie 🙂 last one I saw and liked was crimson tide

Know Never says:

ThroneBreaker: The Witcher` Tales is out! Hit that shit, Joe!

Sam Anderson says:

If RDR2 review is like this? The Angry Army will lose their minds! And rightfully so.

Crinis Mentula says:

Watch Down Periscope, Joe!

Fitnesstrainerka says:

You guys trashed Halloween, only to love this gigantic piece of shit. You guys let me down. Halloween is a far better movie than this Gerard Butler film where he’s over acting yelling all the time being a bitch. For real Joe!!??

Chas Dehvul says:

Was gonna ask about where I can get a t-shirt but I see you provided a link to the merch. Thanks!

Daniel Tham says:

One of Swedish actor Michael Nyqvist’s final performances before he passed away last year.

You might recall him from the first John Wick movie.

“He’s the one that you send to kill the bogeyman.” – Viggo Tarasov

harrybrown261 says:

Alex is drunk lol, the only possible explanation

Abraham Ban says:

I love the setup but you guys need to zoom out

Serana _ says:

Hunter killer drone inbound

TheDreReichDude says:

This movie sucks and this style of reviewing sucks. Shame on you Joe!

tofton1977 says:

Texans love films with big ass guns… how surprising! ^^

Tony Quigley says:

As soon as you see Gerard Butlers name on anything at ALL, run the other way, he’s a C List Celeb, because of a camp movie he did about 10 years ago when he was already to old to be being a lead for a film, ut he was in good shape. Avoid at all costs

Anthony Key says:

Red dead 2’s out!!!

Federico Aguirre says:

Alex began hating every movie he reviews, and now he loves everything. What happened?

Noe Torres says:

I cracked open a Stone arrogant bastard ale, put on AJS, and Alex has his Stone brewing shirt on. Right on bro!!!

CJH says:

Just realized that the camera is so close to the faces and will cut away to Joe’s guests/movie buddies is to control the flow of the conversation, since last time Joe’s commentary drowns out the others, now he can’t due the power of editing (I guess), well done haha

Brolobo says:

Alex is starting to like more and more movies y’all review

ShawN shawN says:

Interesting take on the 2nd act putting you to sleep. I do think there is a major disconnect going from the sub to the special forces entrance. Overall, the film goes fairly fast. Acting could have been better here and there. Check my review if you get a chance!

Jake O Connor says:

Joe you need to check out The Night Comes for Us on Netflix please and review it.

Shane Starrette says:

Did joe get a new camera? The frame rate seems higher then his normal videos.

My Name is Lee says:

Really liked the movie, but damn the title for this movie is baaaaad

MrChisleblast says:

I loved submarine movies until I was on one…

Mercy Wolff says:


Capion says:

Do a Das Boot review!

Tyler Gerhardt says:

rrd2 review will never come out.

CloisForever29 says:

Does Zane Holtz character Martinellie die?

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