Hunter Killer – Movie Review

Kinda feels like a throwback to those 90s action movies with submarines, special forces, and a president being kidnapped. Here’s my review for HUNTER KILLER!



Luis Garcia says:

Daredevil season 3 review?

Ivan Vojt says:

Jeremy Jahns has 93 minutes of screen time in this movie.

Matt B says:

Russians r Storm troopers, I knew it.

Arisu Cheddar says:

Gerard Butler… yeah well… I figure it’s definitely one of those to watch way after it’s done with its five seconds in theaters. This movie looks like someone already had a terrible plot, and smooshed some Hunt for Red October images in there. Pass.

The Forsworn King says:

Funny you brought up this movie being a rip off Jack Ryan I thought this movie was like a shitty ten cent version of hunt for red October

warystatue33 says:

Funny seeing a spartan as a submarine commander
Spartans can’t navigate a bathtub without drowning.

SimpsoKnight Reviews says:

Yeah this movie….the trailer I thought Michael bay was directing it from the trailer I saw but it was just…ugh. I’ll be reviewing it on my channel someday too haha

Scott's Crib says:

Hey Jeremy.

Will you be reviewing Red Dead Redemption 2?
I loved your review of the first game.
Awesome review by the way.

BenG HD says:

Please review bohemian rhapsody

ottoismy1dog says:

kinda disappointed that it wasn’t a Terminator spin-off.

Sui Meing Wong says:

In 1994 I saw the movie True lies and realized the USA was going to tone down on the Russians and start something special with Muslim countries. Perhaps this movie is a sign for a new narrative for the U.S. government.

Jason Ng says:

Gerard Butler just simplely boring actor…

Justin Clowater says:

Gerard Butler has to be one of the unluckiest actors in Hollywood. He’s not a bad actor at all, but man, he gets some shit roles.

Steveo Rondinelli says:

This was a SyFy original at best.
Great video as always Jeremy

RJ John says:

Thicker does not mean deeper … That’s what she said !

Enid Goldenberg says:

Saw this movie this week at a free movie screening. I thought it was great!

Tommy Ebert says:

As if we live in a world were the US gives too shits if the Russian President is killed

John Smith says:

Thanks fir the review. You made realize I am not interested.

Jet X says:

I thought this was a live action COD move with the name “Hunter killer”

warystatue33 says:

Saw the movie trailer and i thought it was a 90’s throw back.

TheCreepypro says:

I love that when I saw the trailer I immediately thought “oh a shitty knock off of A Hunt for Red October” and sure enough I was right

Andrew Storm says:

The trailer did not look good

MrTelboy says:

Why does Gerard Butler a guy with a really thick Scottish accent, keep getting cast as an American ?

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